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All You Need To Know About Book Promotion You Can Learn Now

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All You Need To Know About Book Promotion You Can Learn Now

While you are reading the book promotion story below, keep in mind that Annie Jennings PR offers pay for play publicity.

You either get your media, or you don’t pay.

Oh, and everyone says Annie’s prices are soooooooooo cheap.  Why pay 20 times the amount for possible NO BOOKINGS at all when you can pay a fraction of that price for REAL BOOKINGS on top name brand, influential media?

Authors want effective book promotion campaigns

Authors say they spent a lot of money getting their books published but once published they notice that there are no sales and worse yet, no media bookings to help them get sales.  They feel embarrassed in front of their friends, colleagues and loved ones who “told them so”.

One author told us “I made a fool out of myself, I just kept spending more and more money with absolutely nothing to show for it”.

But what if you could GET BOOKED on the media?  What is you could share your book’s message across the nation and help people live better lives with your message? What if the next voice you hear on a big radio show or the next face you see on TV is yours?

All you really need is book promotion strategist Annie Jennings PR.

Annie says that with her PR firm you get “no theory, just real media bookings”.  She says, “our team walks you through the doors of the high impact media that’s right for your publicity outreach.  No worries!

Industry stats show that about 5 million print on demand books were published over the last 3 years. That’s a lot of books competing for the available media.

What does that tell you about how hard book promotion might be?

It tells you to get up close and personal with your target market, showcase your personality, expertise and message and step in front of your competitors right now because that is what sells books. Giving your audience the chance to hear you talk about the value of your book and what it can mean to them in terms of life enhancement. That’s good book promotion – to be able to answer the question of what’s in it for your reader.

Hiring a PR professional for your book promotion makes sense.

A professional publicity firm that works in your area of expertise will help you:

1.     Identify the key message of your book (Annie’s team does this for you)
2.     Make sure your message makes sense for today’s news cycle (Annie’s team does this for you)
3.     Create high quality press and publicity materials designed to get a YES! (Annie’s team does this for you)
4.     Learn how to be a great radio talk show guest (Annie’s team teaches you how to be a fabulous guest)
5.     Build up a strong media bio so you have top notch media credentials (Annie’s team does this for you)

Effective book promotion does not need to cost a lot of money.

So, let me ask you this question, do you really need to spend thousands learning what Annie Jennings PR just told you and embeds into your book promotion and author marketing campaign?  And since we do it all for you, you don’t even have to know it!

Wouldn’t you rather spend your book marketing money on actual, REAL LIVE MEDIA BOOKINGS?

Remember, while everyone else is learning how to be a successful author, Annie Jennings PR is creating them.  the key to success to get out there, get booked on lots of media and to share your message with people all over the country. Just do it and not worry so much about learning how to do it.  The trick is to work with a PR firm that offers lots of support in helping you identify your message and helping you learn how to be a great guest.

Book promotion and publicity strategies for maximum sales includes securing interviews on Radio and TV shows, getting your titles mentioned in Magazines and Newspaper articles as well on article placement on online on high ranking media sites.

Wouldn’t You Rather Work With The #1 Book Promotion PR Firm, Annie Jennings PR?

Annie Jennings is a national book promotion publicist that works with authors on getting publicity on their books.  Annie Jennings is a publicist to authors who are self published, print on demand or published by traditional publishing houses.

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