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Book Marketing With Online Media And Print Placements

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Book Marketing With Online Media And Print Placements

Book marketing also includes appearing online as an expert and in print newspapers and magazines.

Who hasn’t read a wonderful article that is packed with advice and tips that speak to you as the reader? We all have and then we come interested in how to get more information about the topic. Enter the expert quoted in the online article or in the print article in google and if their book is mentioned in the article or online, readers now are able to go their favorite online store or brick and mortar book store and purchase more of the author’s work.

Appearing as the expert in the media acts as a showcase of your knowledge and experience and introduces you to a whole new population of readers.

Another book marketing strategy and bonus is that can mention that you and your book were mentioned in a top level media outlet or even a well -known population.

How does real life book marketing idea play out? Here’s how:

In fact, here is an example, one of our relationship clients was just mentioned in one of the top women’s magazine in the country along with her credentials, type of expert and the name of her book. Huge, right? Yes, in that she can now do so many things with this placements such as blog about it, post about it, highlight the quote or quotes on her website and add the media placement into her bio. This is very significant as now she qualifies by association with a big brand name media that adds value to her name. This why working with an established PR Firm that specialized in getting you booked on online media and in print media such as magazines and newspapers can help you sure top level media placements that have meaning and value for your positioning.

Plus, as a book marketing tool, previous media can act a catalyst to more and bigger media.

Being mentioned in a prestigious media outlet only increase your credibility with even bigger media outlets. So yes, work with a top notch PR firm and get those media booking going!

Book marketing benefits of getting booked online or in print magazine or newspapers include:

The first benefit is that you get massive publicity exposure all at once that you could just not get any faster. Media is the best way to blanket the country fast. Online and print offer substantial coverage of the nation as does appearing on TV shows and of course, getting booked on radio talk interview shows int the top cities and major markets as well as on the nationally syndicated radio talk shows.

Another book marketing benefit is that you are now and expert and can prove it. Nice!

All media has a responsibility to research their guests and if they choose you it is because you were approved by the media for the subject matter at hand. This is somewhat of third party independent endorsement of your skills and can act as a certainty to other media or others who wish to hire you for consulting or performing others tasks for them.

Book marketing not only markets books but gives you publicity too. 

Be sure to contact national publicity expert, the famous Annie Jennings PR firm, for publicity on radio talk shows, online media, print media and TV shows both in your hometown, or in local markets as well as regional or nationally syndicated radio talk interview shows.

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