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Book Promotion Platform Ideas Publicity Checklist – Tip #13

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Book Promotion Platform Ideas Publicity Checklist - Tip #13

Build A Powerful Book Promotion Platform

Book Promotion Platform Spoke #13: Email Newsletter

Publishers want to know – how influential is your outreach?  The more subscribers you have in your email newsletter, the better. The more people you have in your online communities, the better. But building a big audience can take a lot of time. Be patient. Don’t be in such a hurry to collect names. Just let your market grown naturally.

The challenge now is with the “noise” of too many newsletters and not enough time for the readers to even open your newsletter.  Your best chance of securing a loyal following is to create value for your reader so they know that opening and reading your info will be valuable to them.

Do not fall into the sales trap. You will lose the respect of your readers and that is the beginning of diminishing your brand.

Nowadays with so many people having newsletters, it is important to send your newsletter within more reasonable time periods such as one per month and make it meaningful to your reader. Your newsletter is not the place to go into heavy-duty sales mode but it is the place to share insights and information you feel can really be of service to your target market. I know everyone wants new clients but respect of your target markets trumps the desire to get new clients.

Be mindful of the shift and you will do better with your newsletter and experience fewer people dropping off your newsletter. There is just too much selling in our faces. Be professional. The sales will come based on other forms of outreach including building up a nice big brand.

So be a responsible newsletter provider. Remember, the world moves in cycles, newsletters are losing their power, social media is gaining power.

Annie Jennings PR  provides book promotion campaigns and marketing campaigns for personal and corporate branding power, as well as book marketing in general.  Appearing on major media outlets such as local and national TV shows, online media and in the print media are is critical to build up a strong media bio, create credibility and showcase your expertise.

Book promotion starts with a well-developed PR plan that not only helps you with marketing books but also helps you build up an influential platform

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