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Publicity – Being A Good Client Pays Off, Here’s Why

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Be A Good Publicity Client
The Big Publicity Opportunities

As a connected and trusted PR firm having placed thousands of experts in the media we are usually in the know about the really big publicity opportunities in their very early stages of development.

And we know we can put certain clients into certain life-changing opportunities.


So we have some clients in mind that immediately get the gig.

But we need a few more. As we go down our list looking over other experts to offer the opportunity to, we notice the drawbacks that, although we can deal with them in our daily publicity efforts as we can make adjustments for these drawbacks, take them out of the running for these life-changing publicity opportunities.

Here are some of the reasons we pass them over:

  • They are too slow to respond. Client would not be able to react quickly and professional. They need more experience working with the media in order to be put in the running for these special opportunities. Remember, the media moves quickly. We can’t control that factor but we can adjust.
  • They can’t be reached quickly. Client cannot be depended on to come through for a fast-paced media. Their cell is off. It’s a holiday. The media never sleeps and serious clients are always reachable for the major opportunities as you never know when they will take place.
  • They may not want to be a big deal. Client does not understand the tremendous value of these rare opportunities and rather than hop on board will become fearful and miss out. They don’t appreciate their own value as we do.
  • They are too hard to work with. There is no way we want to put ourselves further into the problem by offering them a life-changing event that would pay off  for them but their lack of knowing how to work well with others would not work out for them, for us or for the media. My advice to to never be hard to work with as the media is pressured for time and a being a good savvy expert goes a long way.
  • The client has not worked with us long enough. They have the potential to get really big and are a good fit for the opportunity but have not earned our trust yet as they are new or just signing with our firm. Remember, with our firm, time is NOT money as we do not charge retainers. Some clients have been with us for years because it does not cost them anything. But they are in the loop for PR opportunities that advance their interests. They really appreciate this aspect of our PR business.

When working with a publicity firm, be a good client & starting working well with Annie now to build up her trust in you that only happens over time.

Annie Jennings PR would love to know about you if you are interested in publicity on radio talk shows bookings, TV, print and online media.

Please connect with Annie at her site: Http:// or to book an appointment to speak with Annie please feel free to use this form: Http://

Start your publicity with Annie today!

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