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Publicity Second Chances – It’s OK To Give It Another Go!

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Publicity Second Chances
Ok, so you learned about publicity the hard way

It happens.

But the important thing is that you learned.

You learned what a bad publicity strategy looks like, feels like and it’s not  good.

Annie Jennings PR is all about giving authors and experts a second chance with their publicity.

National publicist, Annie Jennings, says that “so many authors come to me very disappointed with the performance of their initial publicity outreach campaign they bought with another PR firm”.

These authors are happy to discover that Annie offers a performance guarantee with her campaigns.  Authors and experts love that Annie steps up and stands behind her word.

Annie has a gift. She seems to instantly “get” you and your message. Some people call it the blink factor. “Just yesterday,” Annie says “I was talking with a new client who said that I was the first person in 30 years who understood who she was, the work that she did and how she could help others.”


But that’s Annie. She can ‘see’ you.

But better yet, her PR firm can book you.

Oh yes, and be sure to note that Annie offers a performance guarantees, great prices and plenty of #free perks.

What is one more thing authors love about Annie’s publicity?

The fact that she does not charge monthly retainers. None. Nada.

Annie says “a couple of days ago a woman called distressed. She told me all of the PR offers from other firms were thousands and thousands of dollars per month. But when she asked them what was the promise of the campaign, they all said ‘no promises, no deliverables, no guarantees’.

Annie promises. Annie delivers. Annie guarantees.

Book Annie for your publicity.

Contact Annie below and let her know you would like a second chance at getting your message out. After all, you wrote your book for a reason and it wasn’t to be all dressed up with nowhere to go.

With Annie you can travel all over the country with your message, via radio talk show phoner interviews.


Annie Jennings PR is a national PR firm the books radio talk show campaigns that include interviews on big shows in top cities. This radio campaign comes with a performance guarantee, unlimited media training and a polished professional booking staff with almost 50 years of combined media experience. Yes, your PR team here knows the markets and the media very well.

See our blog at and review the real publicity stories of success podcasts. You can find out how we work and what it is like for our clients to enjoy the benefits of working with our firm.

Also, our PR firm offers bookings on local, regional and national TV, major print and influential online media.

Again, you get publicity services with NO monthly retainers. As one authors says “run, don’t walk to Annie”.




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