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Publicity: This Happened When She Tried To Save A Few Bucks

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What’s the one publicity mistake you don’t want to make?

It’s hiring the wrong PR firm for what you want to accomplish just because they are cheap. Your choice of publicity firm makes a difference at the end of the day. Did you get the booking? Are you on a big radio talk show? Are you in the media on TV, major print and influential online placements?

One of our new clients says she “just finished interviewing three other PR firms . . . I am so grateful you exist!” Why? She loves the value and peace of mind we offer her. She loves our performance guarantee, our pay for placement publicity program that has no expensive monthly retainers and no price gounging. And most of all, she totally loved that we don’t use the word “try” in our materials. We either get it booked or the client does not pay. There is no forbidden word – trying – ouch, it hurts to even type the word. There is just the intent by professional publicists to land the media opportunity for you.

Publicity creates assets that add value

Here is a fun story to make the point of protecting your assets: A lady wanted to save a few bucks on getting her swimming pool closed for the winter, so instead of using the ‘tried and true’ firm that always took care of her pool with no problems, she asked around.

Who knows someone cheap?

And she got someone. The day before the appointment they called her and left a garbled voice message on all the stuff she had to do just to be ready for the closing. They guy mumbles, “Do this, do that, put a gizmo here (yes he actually told her to put a gizmo somewhere), cause if you don’t – you can bust the pool.”

What’s a gizmo?

“Oh no, what have I done?” She thinks to herself.

She always used an experienced, professional firm. They just came and did everything. And then she realized she did not want to save a few bucks. She wanted to safeguard her asset.

So she called her previous pool closer and asks, “What do I have to do to get it ready?”

“Nothing. We do everything for you,” says her trusted firm.

Annie offers state of the art publicity – Annie is the trusted firm

The PR analogy is that as a professional publicity firm with tremendous media booking experience, we know how to get you booked. Annie Jennings PR mentors you. We teach you. We make it happen for you.

All without you ever having to lift a gizmo.

One of Annie’s real publicity clients says “the main reason I decided to work with Annie was that I trusted her and believed that she believed in me.”

Annie Jennings PR offers the #1 radio talk show publicity campaign with big city bookings and unlimited media training

Annie Jennings PR media booking professionals know you need to learn the skill set of being a great media guest, so we offer unlimited media training for your radio talk show campaign provided by an awarding-winning former news producer and media booker with 25 years of experience.

We know to stack the deck in your favor by putting a radio director in charge of your radio campaign who has long-standing, meaningful connections with the media and 17 years of publicity experience with our PR firm (plus, your radio director is a media contributor to a major radio talk show, a weekly columnist for a big city newspaper and her work is published in a monthly magazine).

Is she good? Yes!

Will her radio talk show booking team get you the radio bookings you could only dream of? Yes!

Will she ever ask you to go get a Gizmo and put it somewhere? Absolutely not.

Annie Jennings PR offers her famous pay for placement publicity model for TV shows, online, and print media

Annie also offers the famous pay for placement publicity model whose lead publicist has been called the ‘best publicist they have ever worked with’ by three of the top media outlets in the country. She books all of the major media using her uncanny skill of knowing who exactly would be interested in what particular client with what point of view. If it is one thing she knows how to do, it’s discovering the exact big media placement that works perfectly for our client’s business growth model.

At our publicity firm all the work is done for you

When you first walk through our doors we know who you are and how to make your media strategy work for you. Many of our clients say that until they met us, they did not have a clue about their media and publicity potential, but they knew one thing, they believed in our PR firm.  Many authors say that Annie has the blink factor – she instantly knows you are good and how you can contribute to our society with your message.

Work with a team of talented publicity bookers and PR pros

This is what some of our clients are saying about our publicity (real publicity stories in full here)

“Annie is a powerhouse of integrity and honesty, I have always wanted to work with her.”

“After talking to Annie for about an hour on the phone, it became clear to me that they were a professional firm that knew what they were doing, had the right contacts, could open doors and get placements where they would serve me the best.”

“There has been a 180 degree turn in terms of working with Annie Jennings PR compared to other firms.”

“Annie Jennings is the one to do it and she definitely over delivers. I had so many interviews it was ridiculous. I attracted a new level of clients just right for me.”

“At the end of the day, it’s about buying publicity solutions or outcomes that enhance your business and reputation.”

“Annie’s firm is the best PR firm I have ever worked with and I have worked with a few. And her personality? I want to be around someone so upbeat and incredible as Annie. Totally LOVE HER!”

Now Annie says, “Success is not about knowing where to put the gizmo. It’s about our professional publicity firm putting all your gizmos in place without you even knowing about it.”

*Listen to all of Annie’s real stories of publicity success at

Anne Jennings PR is a national publicity, author PR, book marketing and promotion firm.

This PR firm works with authors, speakers and experts to land media placements on radio talk shows, TV shows, prestigious online media and in influential print outlets. Annie’s offers a performance guarantee and the pay for placement publicity program business model that allows clients to target specific media that will move their business growth strategy forward. Annie Jennings PR specializes in booking the major media. When working with Annie, you will create valuable media assets that you can leverage into more opportunity for you, your business and your future.


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