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Real Publicity: “Annie Has A Powerful Reputation In The Media, Her Reputation Became My Reputation!”

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Linda Williams Real Story of Publicity Success

Real publicity story of success

In this publicity podcast, we are joined by Behaviorist, Linda Williams MSW, Certified Personal and Professional Life Coach and author of Whose Apple is it, Anyway?

Linda signed on for eight radio interviews, and received 17 during her campaign, appearing on over 70 stations. This includes major media brands such as FOX News Radio, iHeart Media, Radio America and Salem Media in major markets including San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, San Diego, Cincinnati, Sacramento and more.

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Real Publicity: “Annie Has A Powerful Reputation In The Media, Their Reputation Became My Reputation

Why did you sign on with Annie for publicity?

Annie’s tag line ‘all heart’ made all the difference. Plus, having spoken to her directly several times before I took the plunge, there was just a connection there. She is a genuine, authentic individual.

You know when you speak with Annie that she knows what she is talking about. Her personality and her values have permeated her business to the point where she has an excellent reputation with producers.

It was her. It was Annie.

Annie is not out here trying to rack up the money or rack up the clients – that is not the value system that she has based her company on.

Did your publicity campaign exceed expectations?

It has resulted in massive impact not only in my professional life but also in my personal life. This has been an experience of a lifetime. I am indelibly changed by this experience.

How did Annie’s unlimited #FREE media training help you in your publicity?

Wow, I connected with Annie’s media trainer, Jason. It was a heart to heart dynamic when I spoke with Jason. When I met Jason, I saw that Annie’s team reflects the values on which her company is based.

You get professional publicists

Annie is not out there ‘willy nilly’ just hiring a publicist here and a publicist there – her team of professional publicists reflects her all heart dynamic. It is seldom in your life, especially when you get into the professional aspect of dealing with multiple people in marketing, it’s rare that you find people so authentic.

This is what made the difference with me.

Did you feel like you were taken care of while working with Annie’s publicity team?

They provided the support I needed as I went along. I know this is not an experience I will have often in my career. They far exceeded my expectations.

Annie wants you to succeed. She sees between the lines. She felt my heart.

This is what it is like to work with Annie

It was all about the fact that she felt my heart and what is surprising is that permeated throughout her staff members. Her team all work hard and are probably very busy, but when you call up during a busy day, you feel like you are the only person in the world. That tells you something.

Did you feel that you were heard and taken care of almost like a friend?

Yes, almost like a friend is exactly right. I’d say a TRUE FRIEND.

Annie’s publicity team is a true friend who is there for you, who has your best interests at heart and provides you with the guidance you need on a professional level to make sure that you succeed. The media training right off the bat was powerful. It goes beyond friendship. It goes to caring. That person that is side by side with you. Making sure you avoid the roadblocks and that you are well-prepared. You told me about the producers, their personalities, the shows’ backgrounds. You gave me everything I needed.

How are you leveraging these radio show interviews?

Social media is powerful. Someone contacted me on social media. She heard me on the FOX news tour. Also, I couldn’t wait to put everything on LinkedIn.

The more logos you can have on your website or social media profiles just adds to your credibility. It can make a difference whether a client goes with you are does not go with you – if a person knows your name and hears you they can say ‘I remember this one. I remember her. I want to go with this expert.’

What would you say to someone who is thinking of hiring Annie for their publicity?

Position yourself to take advantage of this because #1 it’s cost effective. Plus Annie is the only one who would promise a guarantee. You are not going to find another PR person that is going to give you a genuine guarantee.

Annie knows what she is talking about. She has a powerful reputation. Their reputation is your reputation. I got that with Annie. I got powerful leverage with Annie.

Many publicists want a retainer and they don’t promise you anything. You do not have any guarantees. Annie is going to tell you what she is going to deliver and that she is going to deliver even more than she promises.

Invest in your dream. Invest in your destiny. You can take that to the bank.


Learn more about Behaviorist, Linda Williams MSW, Certified Personal and Professional Life Coach and author of Whose Apple is it, Anyway? at

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