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What’s The Secret To BIG Publicity Success? Be A Good Client!

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What’s the secret to Annie’s big publicity success for her clients?

People are always asking us how we achieve so much publicity success for our clients. I think there is a secret to our achievements that our most successful clients instinctively know.

What’s that? it is to BE A GOOD CLIENT – one that respects the publicity process, respects the experience of professionals who know how the media works and is on board to do what they need to do to rise to the top of the mountain.

Publicity in the top media in the nation

Recently (3/8/17), our client, Brian Fielkow, earned his spot in a big WSJ spread that featured his experience. His rise to the top of his industry is that he said YES to working with our firm and next, the simple fact that he is a really good client. He works hard. He respects my publicists. He responds quickly to our requests. In turn, he lands big media bookings. He “EARNS” the big media bookings.

We have other good clients and they share the same traits and they achieve tremendous results working in partnership with us. That, is the secret to success. Be a good client!

Do you have the potential to be a really good publicity client for us?

Don’t worry. We will show you how. Contact Annie to get going on your next steps to success and get ready for lots of fun, action and success!

Contact Annie on her site at and/or fill out our interest and we will be in touch quickly.

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