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Real Publisher Story: Why I Refer All My Authors To Annie Jennings PR

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Real Publisher Story - Melissa G. Wilson

#AnniesGotASecret and publishers know it and refer their authors to her for publicity, why? Real publisher tells!

Welcome to the Annie Jennings PR real publicity story podcasts. These podcasts provide you with a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to work with one of the top publicists in our industry.

In this podcast, publisher and bestselling author, Melissa Wilson, founder and CEO of Networlding Publishing, shares her experience in asking Annie to provide the publicity for her clients’ books.

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Real Publicity Story: Why I Refer All My Authors To Annie Jennings PR

You’ve known Annie a long time, what has been your experience working with her in publicity?

What I really like about Annie is that she has integrity. Trust over time. She is the same person I knew 15+ years ago as she is today. As she says, she’s “all heart” and brings that strength that is both a combination of her talent and passion that she has for people to help them get their message out into the world.

You have also referred book promotion, marketing and publicity business to Annie. How did that work out for your authors?

When I connect someone with Annie, it’s a very powerful experience because the results are so strong with her. People come back and they are dazzled by the experience. And so of course, this makes me feel very fulfilled because I was able to provide something to someone who I really wanted to succeed and they did indeed succeed as a result of working with her.

The referrals I send to her tell me that she is wonderful to work with and I’ve also worked with her myself. Annie is the person who got me onto OPRAH, got me on the TODAY show. So, it was wonderful working with her and her team because the continuity rippled through to the relationships I had with others at her firm. There were no hiccups, I did not have a roller coaster ride. She just really gets better and better. She has helped me make my clients better.

What three best adjectives describe Annie, one of the top publicity experts in the business?

Well, there is no question she is creative and she is tenacious. I mean, she is going to deliver. You want someone like that supporting you in whatever you are promoting, whether it’s a product or a book or yourself. Annie and her team are very collaborative. They work with you, they are partners with you. You feel like you are getting somebody who is a full-time PR expert, social media, etc. expert and you are paying them much less because they are not on your staff full-time but they deliver, which is what you want. In this day and age you don’t have to have employees if you can have an outside firm that delivers. Not just giving you ideas but actually delivering on opportunities. That’s what happens with Annie and her PR agency.

To learn more about Melissa Wilson, please visit where you can also get a couple of freebies – the eBook, Lead Me To Success in Publishing or Melissa’s Five Day Book Writing Challenge.

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