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What The Intermediate Level Author Needs To Know

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Publicity For The Intermediate Author

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Annie Jennings PR has tremendous experience, pioneering new publicity concepts to help others live their dreams and see their mission in motion. Annie has been a featured expert in the national media including Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, US Weekly, and been an invited speaker to NYU’s publishing program, The Harvard Club, ASJA and more.

What The Intermediate Level Author Needs To Know.

We talked in the first part of this series about entry level authors and experts, kick starting your marketing and publicity by defining your message and goals, securing media credibility building radio and positioning your social media communities.

Now the work begins. This is where you get your competitive edge on. At this stage, your book becomes an asset that you leverage for new and lucrative opportunities. You’ll be looking to power up your media bio to have influence, credibility and clout and you start to stand out.

  • What marketing works for you at this level?
  • How do you define your media presence, your style?
  • Why is continued media training important?
  • How does the media change as you get bigger and bigger?
  • What amateur mistakes must you avoid at this stage or else?
  • Why shouldn’t you pitch yourself?
  • When do you start seeing ROI from your publicity?

Think of Annie Jennings as your PR mentors. Everyone you work with at the firm has 10, 15, 20 and even more years of industry experience. We love to see your mission and dreams in motion.

This presentation is brought to you by Annie Jennings PR, the innovative National Publicity Firm that is famous for creating powerful top market radio, TV, print and online media campaigns, all with guaranteed deliverables.

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