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What They’re Saying About Annie’s Showcase of Elite Experts

“I absolutely loved my experience with Annie’s Showcase of Elite Experts podcasts. The process was super easy, Stacy is a lot of fun to chat with, and having this interview really helps to bolster my profile as a podcast producer and consultant. It was worth every second of my time and I was thrilled with how the final product turned out! Thanks again!”

– Mathew Passy, Former Producer WSJ Radio Network
Podcast Producer, Head Of Content For PodToPod


“Working with Annie and her team on my very first podcast was so much fun. It was so smooth and way easier than I ever anticipated. Not only did I get to talk about my business, but I have a great marketing tool to use on all my social media tools and even my business website. Annie and her team are true professionals who made me feel like a queen working with them! Thanks to you all!”

– Kim Brechka, CEO/Founder Redgirl Productions
Former Producer, Ricki Lake and Montel Williams Show


“Being on Annie’s Showcase of Elite Experts provided me with a great opportunity to talk about my books and writing in general. The process was easy, and the finished podcast is very professional. I’ve received great feedback from those who listened to the podcast, and highly recommend Annie and her team!”

– Nancy Christie, Author, “Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories” and “The Gifts of Change”