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How Authors & Speakers Can Negotiate Better Deals

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How Authors & Speakers Can Negotiate Better DealsGreg Williams is known as The Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert, who delivers insightful negotiation and reading body language tips to assist authors and speakers that wish to enhance their bottom line and leave less on the negotiation table. He’s author of the new book Body Language Secrets To Win More Negotiations: How To Read Any Opponent And Get What You Want.

How Authors & Speakers Can Negotiate Better Deals

  • How do you know what is negotiable when seeking to get the highest fees for your book, presentation or services?
  • How can you test if there’s more to be had and not leave money on the table?
  • What body language signals should you observe to detect when the truth is being told per what might be left on the table?
  • How should you end the negotiation with the other party, regardless of the outcome of the negotiation and what body language might you observe?
  • How would authors or speakers hire you? What services do you provide?

To learn more about Greg Williams please visit and sign up for his free reading body language five minute video and his weekly tips.

Greg’s new book Body Language Secrets To Win More Negotiations: How To Read Any Opponent And Get What You Want available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

This podcast is brought to you by Annie Jennings, of the national publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR and creator of the EliteWire online magazine. EliteWire is designed to create a community of the publishing industry pros where they can talk about who they are, what services they provide and who is their ideal client. EliteWire is your chance to get up close and personal to learn more about the service providers who can help you achieve your goals.

Greg Williams

Greg Williams

Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert, is a TV personality that is frequently called on by the media to analyze the body language and negotiation strategies of those in the news. When he presents, he tantalizes audiences’ intellect with the insightful content he delivers about how anyone can negotiate better and uncover unspoken thoughts and words of the other negotiator, by reading their body language. Being the author of 6 books on the subject of negotiation strategies and reading body language, Greg is a worldwide recognized authority on those subjects.

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