Credentialed experts do very well w our PR firm. The first thing I can say is that they enjoy the authority transfer that comes with getting media. You need credentials and meaningful insight into your area of expertise as it relates to society today. If this is you, be sure to connect with me for next steps. Thanks, Annie! #publicity #publicist #creatingabigbrand #PRfirm #topPRinfluencer

Branding Story: I spoke w a C-Suite professional who works for a major pharmaceutical company who hires consultants & speakers & asked him, he decides whom to hire”? The answer is one the will surprise you but is loaded with ‘read between the lines’ strategy. He said, “I hire the ONE who won’t GET ME FIRED.” How he found them? His answer . . . BRAND! #branding #bestPRfirm #performancemedia

Real client says “when you are pitched to the media by a firm with a trusted reputation and credibility, that transfers to you. You are considered an expert in your field just by working with the national PR firm, Annie Jennings PR.” Jay A, Author

The meaning of achieving your goals with publicity. Publicity is where you reach out to the media to get mentions of your book, your business of yourself. The term “with publicity” means getting booked on radio talk shows, podcasts, TV shows or in online media. Social media is not traditional publicity but it does provide outreach to your target markets. #authorpr #publicity #marketing

How do authors get publicity w Annie, national publicity expert of Annie Jennings PR & creator of ‘Publicity Rising’. Annie says “our firm has created the ideal PR strategy (a science and an art). It’s called ‘publicity rising’ – publicity outreach strategy that works for every author to rise to their highest levels of success.” Create a PR list of outreach platforms. Write marketing materials. #authorpublicity #bookPR

Consultants  attract more business using publicity. Publicity attracts attention that helps build your brand is the goal of business publicity. Experts appearing on radio talk shows or being the quoted expert in an online media outlet build brand. Brand attracts more attention as most professionals want to work with top thriving experts. Media offers pass through authority to you! #authorpr #expertpublicity #buildingabrand

What is an example of publicity for authors? #AnnieJenningsPR is an industry influencer and top publicist selected by numerous independent sources. Publicity for authors is a booking on a radio talk show to talk about their book’s message. Radio is author-friendly. Shows let the author mention their book in the interview reaching tens of thousands. #radiopublicity #authorpr #bestprfirm #bookpr #authorpublicity

“5 Stars Out Of 5!” For Author Publicity: Annie Jennings and her amazing team, are simply the best there is in the book PR business! I’ve been a client for many years, with several of my projects. They have always been a pleasure to work with, more importantly, they get the results you seek, without the risk that comes when working with most PR firms”.  Dr. B Author

Author Publicity Tips And Strategy For Book Promotion #AnnieJenningsPR Author publicity is all about optimization reaching out to your target market. This includes podcasts, radio show and TV show interviews. Also includes book reviews, social media sharing and affiliate marketing. Be sure to work with the right author publicity firm. Ask about their speciality and where they have success #Authorpublicity, #publicity tips #PRstrategy #bookPR

#AnnieJenningsPR says to make sure you are in a personalized publicity strategy that can deliver the media outcomes that help you reach your and professional goals.  Let success knock on your door. If you are competing w strong professionals, being seen & heard in the media is powerful due to authority transfer. Media chooses best experts only. TV shows, radio talk shows, major online media publicity.

Get All Heart Publicity, Marketing, Branding and Media Placements With #AnnieJenningsPR Firm # 1 Radio Talk Show Interview Campaign Radio Includes Unlimited Media Training & Performance Guarantee Influential Big Brand Online Media Bookings Creator of the Famous Performance Publicity Program We price clients “in” w fair & reasonable publicity pricing. Authors, experts, speakers can say YES! to media bookings that can help achieve credibility, influence and clout.

PR, Publicity & Marketing Questions For Authors Experts & Consultants I want to hire the right publicity branding or marketing firm not just a PR person pitching glitz & glamour so I say yes? Where is their proof concept? Why won’t they guarantee their deliverables? Publicity & marketing deliverables w #AnnieJenningsPR – offers guarantee deliverables online media, TV appearances in major cities & performance guaranteed radio publicity.    

Real Client days, “That’s it – I’m addicted! Any time I need a national publicity fix, you’re my contact. Annie Jennings PR leaves you wanting more. THANKS for the effort, the passion, and of course – the results!” Vince C. Author 

Real client says, “Annie’s team of professionals developed for me has opened new doors, leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business. With all my new PR exposure, my book was purchased by a major publisher. I’d say the return on investment was spectacular.”

Publicity as a media guest creates national expert status – rise to the top! BE THE ONE EVERYONE WANTS! Our clients report they attract new opportunities, speaking, coaching, clients & other big influential media placements. Want to be a big deal? Get booked on radio talk shows, in online media even on TV shows. #Publicity #bookpr #mediaexpert #beaguestontvshow

What is an author, speaker or consultant’s biggest challenge? INTENSE COMPETITION. What does #AnnieJenningsPR know about intense competition? Been there, done that, WON that, over & over again for clients. Client Dr. A says, “be careful what you wish for because Annie will get you there.” Annie is included in TOP 10 lists of Publicists, Marketing Bloggers & PR Influencers. #publicity campaigns #performancepublicity #influencerfirm #anniejenningspr

Publicity Client Sells 35,000+ Books With Publicity Publicity client Robin K. emails Annie to ask about marketing her new book. Of course, says Annie, happy to help. Robin says, “you booked a ton of radio shows for me. Sold 35,000+ books”!   Annie books her clients on the most powerful radio shows for outreach & message expansion. Best in the business! #marketabook #nationalPRfirm #booksales #bookpublicity #bookpr,#toptwitterPRinfluencer #bookmarketing  

Big publicity. Have you wondered how someone you know, who happens to be in the same business as you, gets a quote in a big brand dream-worthy media outlet w millions of pages views? W a link back to their site? And did you know THAT COULD HAVE BEEN YOU? This is what #AnnieJennings PR does for credentials experts. #TopPRfirm #branding #marketing #performancePR

Why not today? It’s time to tell your publicist that you appreciate the work they do for you. They think of clever ways to make you stand out in a way that is authentic to your topic and will also interest the media. It’s a skill. It’s an art. It’s experience. #AnnieJenningsPR publicists enjoy stellar reputations whose clients get booked. #publicity #bestpublicity firm #marketabook

Publicity Strategy to be the ‘go to’ expert for TV, print, online media, and radio. Would that be nice! To be the only fish in the sea for the media. It’s not as far off as it seems. Creating expert status w the media is a strategic move. #AnnieJenningsPR uses a strategy to create ‘go to’ media experts. Clients report NEW CLIENTS! #publicity #nationalexpertstatus #toppublicist 

Best book promotion strategy with #AnnieJennings PR Firm.  Top-ranked, highly-acclaimed publicity & marketing firm Annie Jennings PR offers up-to-date, comprehensive PR strategy to market your books.  “It takes a village” of #promotionstrategy ideas to market a book. Always be thinking “how do I reach my reader”. Readers won’t come to you. You have to reach them.  Radio shows, social media, podcasts etc. #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #Bestprfirmforauthors

Promote a new book for creating a big brand, sharing your book’s title and message to your audience.  As an author, your #bookmarketing should include many venues-radio talk show interviews, quoted online, writing articles online &  booked as an expert on a TV show. #AnnieJenningsPR calls this their #OPTIMIZATIONSTRATEGY. #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors #author #PR, #bookmarketing, #self-published #bookpromotion  

Publicity for your new book. If you are interested in getting your book’s message out into the world, we can help. We book the high impact, high listenership radio talk shows in major markets, book promotion & empowering your media bio. Get online media & TV shows in various cities. Reach people, build your brand & provide proof of concept. Get media assets! #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #marketabook #promoteabook

Annie Jennings PR Announced As Top Digital PR Influencer! Annie Jennings PR has broadcast over 500 digital recording & produced hundreds of blogs. Annie’s ‘JenningsWire World Of Success’ online magazine has recorded 500+ podcasts & enjoys of thousands of on-site bloggers. Topics include book marketing, brand building, publicity, book promotion, media bookings and more! Want the best digital #onlinemarketer in #PR today, that’s #AnnieJenningsPR Firm Publicity Best!

Annie Jennings PR is named a Top Ten PR Influencer You Should Follow On Twitter! #AnnieJenningsPR for authors, experts, speaker & consultants. Annie offers performance publicity (no monthly retainers) & books the major online media brands to empower your online reputation. Annie offers a high-impact, high-listenership guaranteed deliverable radio bookings  on the big shows in major cites and regional/nationally syndicated networks. #topteninfluencer #twitterPRinfluencer #

Publicity for authors, experts and leaders. #AnnieJenningsPR books media for people w timely topics & stellar credentials where they can be seen and/or heard as the expert on radio & TV shows & online big brand media. Recent client told us his phone was ringing off the hook after a media placement. It’s the clout that comes w being a media expert. #publicity #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #radiopublicity  

Congrats to Annie Jennings of the national PR firm Annie Jennings PR Annie’s contribution to the PR industry is unparalleled. She improved the standards of practice for all authors. Annie says “I help authors get their message out while helping them become confident, prepared media guests. I offer free #unlimitedmediatraining to clients from an award-winning former news producer and booker. Book promotion, top 10 PR influencer, #1PRFIRM, top publicist for authors

Publicity to leverage yourself to attract new opportunities! Get on a hiring manager’s or CEO’s radar as a top credentialed expert they want. GET MEDIA. Exactly. The media uses a high bar for experts to quote in articles. They use experts w a demonstrated expertise. This is where #AnnieJenningsPR comes in-we know how to showcase you to compete for the top spot-the quoted expert! #branding #marketing #expertstatus

The publicity client is allowed to ask questions & get respectful answers  – don’t make them make you walk on egg shells. The PR firm should act responsibly w integrity. Psychologists say each person processes LIFE based on their own experiences. It’s not you, it’s then. Authors tell me they pay thousands of retainer dollars per month & then their questions are ignored & they are treated badly.

PUBLICITY STRATEGY for brand & marketing acceleration! Join the Annie Jennings PR exclusive CLUB of credentialed experts available to media via our trusted PR firm. You no longer have to stand in line, chase media placements or spend hours competing for media opportunities – perhaps to no avail. Let me know of your interest of getting just the right media exposure for you. #publicity #marketing #bestpublicist #authorpr  

It’s #ANNIEJENNINGSPR or BUST! Where else can you get a talented firm that will work on your behalf & ask for  payment for their services for a high-quality media result has actually occurred? Or are they all charging you a lot per month for ‘trying’? There is too much competition to merely ‘try’. Trying is a good excuse to say “sorry, everyone said no”. #performancepublicity #payforresultspr

Authors call to tell me how they got ripped off by their old PR firm, their words not mine. How they lost their marketing money & did not get a chance to help anyone – from changing lives to saving them. From what I hear, some other PR firms have done a number on honest, hardworking authors and PR firms, like mine, & nobody trusts anyone. #valuedrivenPRforall

Publicity strategy, marketing plan!  Media advances your reputation & gives you the competitive edge. Media doesn’t just select anyone for their articles or programming. They select the best person that matches the profile of their media outlet.  What does the media need to book you? Book a call & I will explain how getting media bookings can help you. #publicity #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #speakerpublicity #radiopublicity

Get PUBLICITY & PROMOTE from your HOME! Publicity from the comfort of your own home. Get tremendous exposure with an #AnnieJenningsPR radio campaign with talk show bookings on big shows in big cities plus national shows. Real client says the success of Annie’s #radiocampaign was amazing. “I would see the book sales happening – counting after the radio show. Boom! Boom! Boom! #publicity #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #radiopublicity

Join the #AnnieJenningsPR exclusive CLUB of credentialed experts available to media via the umbrella of our trusted PR firm. There is no sign up fee. Be “ON” for media placements when you want them. Be “OFF” when you don’t. In The CLUB, you no longer have to stand in line, chase media placements or spend hours competing for media opportunities – perhaps to no avail.

PROMOTE from HOME! The success of the #radiocampaign was amazing. I would see the book sales happening-counting them as they happened. Boom! Boom! Boom! I was amazed. I have to give #AnnieJenningsPR a lot of credit – without them & their sales power,  the new book would not be coming out. – Author Mike S. 

Publicity for book promotion with radio talk show interviews. Radio shows phoners get authors PR, publicity & book promotion. Reach thousands of listeners fast, on demand. Your book title & how to buy it can be heard by listeners who are actually interested. With the attention span down to just a couple of seconds according to various studies, imagine holding their attention for 8-10 minutes! #bookpromotion #bestpublicistforbooks #authorPR  

Dr. A says Annie has a tremendous history of success and once he spoke with her he knew she had mastered the publicity process. Annie fights for you. Dr. Aguila says, “let me tell you, with Annie, be careful what you wish for – she will get you there!”

Andrea first heard of Annie Jennings PR at a publicity event where everyone was talking about Annie.The next day she had Annie on the phone. Annie got her three major media thought leader placements within a month for a fraction of the price that other firms charge who don’t guarantee anything.

Annie’s publicists are professionals with tremendous experience and rich relationships with the media. They know exactly what to do. Annie Jennings PR has created innovative publicity strategies in use throughout the industry that are designed to bring clients a lot more success than the older models of PR.

THE PUBLICITY CLUB by #AnnieJenningsPR Join today, no sign up fee. Be “ON” for media placements when you want them. HUGE FLEXIBILITY. It’s called THE CLUB – A club of credentialed experts available to media via the umbrella of our trusted PR firm. Advantage is that you no longer have to stand in line or chase media. NO RETAINERS, just performance! #publicity #theclub #marketing #branding #bookpromotion  

Radio publicity will power up your media bio quickly building your brand fast! Appearing on radio talk shows in the major cities and on syndicated shows creates big brand momentum. Your ability to compete for the opportunities will increase exponentially. Getting on these big shows in top cities screams ‘top media expert’ in your subject matter. #radiopublicity #anniejenningspr #publicity #radiotalkshowinterviews #branding #bookedinthemedia    

Top ten publicity firm for authors. Work with the best author publicity firm Hire the best publicity firm in the industry. #AnnieJenningsPR is one of the top publicity influencers on Twitter. Authors say this about working with Annie “if you want publicity, you have to be ready because it happens quickly!” Market a book with best author book promotion PR firm. Top NYC PR firm. Get fast media bookings. 

Get booked on TV shows with #AnnieJenningsPR Annie Jennings PR Firm is a national publicity firm that specializes in booking clients on radio talk shows, TV shows and in major online big brand media outlets. Annie Jennings PR is a renowned PR firm that holds accolades of “Top Ten Marketing Blog”, Top 10 PR Twitter Influencer” and listed as a Top 100 Influencer. #AnnieJenningsPR #publicity #getbookedinthemedia #authormarketing #bestprfirmforauthors.

Publicity – Branding Secrets & Marketing Wisdom #AnnieJenningsPR REAL SUCCESS STORY: In this big company world w consultants who are busy engineering your next purchase, how did these two old-world candy makers wind up sending their homemade chocolates to the far corners of the world, all from their little candy shop around the corner? Why? They made their customers fall in love with them! #Publicity #Branding #AnnieJenningsPR

Publicity for authors, experts, speakers and consultants on the #AnnieJenningsPR podcast! Real Story: Thank you so much for the wonderful & very professional experience with my podcast. The preparation information was so detailed & I appreciated being able to send you my specific questions. You did a great job interviewing me & my posting on your site is awesome! Patricia C. PhD #authorexpertwire #bookmarketing #bookPR #authorPR

Radio publicity is critical to book promotion and book marketing strategy. Where else can you get 8 minutes of someone’s attention? The popular opinion is that the attention span for online promotion is just 3 seconds. With radio interviews, you get your audience’s attention for 8-10+ minutes. Best yet, you can promote your book or interests. Authors report huge results! #radiopublicity #bestbookpromotion #authorpublicity

Big publicity brands reflect on you by association. At #AnnieJenningsPR we safeguard our trusted reputation by creating a strategy where our clients are the very best. People say “oh yes, she or he is an Annie Jennings PR client. We know they will be great!” You see, we recognize your talent & optimize you in all your glory. We both win big! #bestPRbrand #trustedPRfirm

REAL PODCAST BOOK CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: “AuthorExpertWire LIGHT UP YOUR BUZZ! Podcast was delightfully fun, easy, I encourage others to add their voices to the conversation. Podcast interviewer is an experienced professional w a keen media eye & ear who knows just how to develop a conversation that fits the author’s style & message, zeroes into what I, as a listener, would want. – John M #authorpodcast #AnnieJenningsPR

Publicity, the major media bookings just keep coming for our clients. #AnnieJenningsPR booked our business consultant, Jay M. in another national newspaper as the quoted expert. Jay tells us his phone is ringing off the hook. Plus, another BIG media outlet saw the story & called him to provide expert commentary for their story. He is getting lots of buzz & exposure! #nationalexpertstatus #majoronlinemediabookings

I am not kidding. #AnnieJenningsPR is the answer to your prayer. This is straight from the heart. Annie will really help you get your book out into the world. – Author, Echo B.

Get your best publicity, fix mistakes, plan for a successful publishing experience.  Why do most people think book success is measured by sales? That’s a tough nut to crack w so many retailers, apps, streaming services all want your potential customers money. At #AnnieJenningsPR we have a strategy for you to get a much bigger return on your investment than NO SALES. #Buildabigbrand #makemoneywithyourbook, #booklaunchstrategy #bestpublicist

Successful publicity strategy has many spokes that lead to a forceful PR outcome. You have a lot of power. You can make choices that benefit you. Ask what you need to know & learn to compete. Research how you can get your best training – a book, teleseminar, webinar? Attend them all. Use what makes sense to you. Change as needed. #bookpromotion #bookpublicity #publicity #publicitystrategy

I had a great return on my investment (ROI). But let me back up just a second because there’s more to it than just getting great sales. With Annie Jennings’s team, everything was just done professionally. Working with Annie Jennings PR’s team was a pleasure. My staff would always comment to me, “Mark, we have a radio spot coming up with Annie Jennings”. We would always get excited about it. Because we knew it would be on time, it would be professional and we would be presented in the best possible light. – Mark S. Author Expert

Publicity strategy to tell the world about your book. #AnnieJenningsPR is a top national publicity firm working with authors on their book launch. Your PR strategy can make a different in the FUN. Do you want to reach people with your own voice? Get radio talk show interviews. Want to build a big brand? Annie’s Ladder Strategy books major media. #bookpromotion #bookpublicity #radiocampaign #radiopublicity #booklaunch  

PUBLICITY MEDIA PLACEMENTS Give You A Strategic Competitive Advantage. Let’s conduct a little quiz: All things being equal, except for this one thing, who would make you more comfortable hiring as a consultant to your firm knowing that your reputation depends on a successful outcome? A highly experienced and credentialed expert who was featured as the contributing expert for a major NATIONAL Business Newspaper and also on the online version […]

Publicity ‘Click Here’ Strategy: A “MUST BOOK” is a media pitch so captivating that it promises to attract attention. The media has to to give their audience what they want. #AnnieJenningsPR gives the media something to talk about with their audience. From fresh perspectives to exciting interviews to unique insight. This is what readers, listeners, and viewers really want. #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors     

Publicity & marketing tips for creating an influential brand with #AnnieJenningsPR Branding using publicity is when you are seen and heard as the quoted or guest expert in major media. This includes the big brand online media and big city radio talk show interviews. Get booked on a local TV show in a major market for a big brand media asset. #Topmediapublicity #bestpublicityfirm #radiocampaignforauthors #authorpr #getbookedonTVshows

Enjoy your lunch knowing you rocked radio! Our radio publicity clients on 2,500+ radio stations in just the first 3 weeks of June. MAJOR media brands Westwood One, NPR, SiriusXM, Wharton Business, Fox Radio, WABC, KCBS, WGN, iHeart Media, Audacy (formerly Entercom/CBS) & more! #Radiopublicity in NYC, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Atlanta, Portland, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Cincinnati & National Shows booked for authors. #radiopublicity #topradiocampaign #AnnieJenningsPR #authorPR

Real publicity story author says this about working with Annie for publicity. Real client gives this advice to anyone considering working with #AnnieJenningsPR: “I WOULD SAY 100% DO IT. HIRE ANNIE JENNINGS. IT’S A GUARANTEED DEAL! I always encourage people in my business to get as much media as they can as it gives us so much credibility.” #publicity #bestpublicityfirm #selfpublishedpublicity #AnnieJenningsPR, #selfpublishedmarketing, booked radio shows, #authorPR  

Radio Publicity Campaign Best Marketing Strategy For Authors Get booked on major radio talk shows. Shows are via telephone to promote your book, build your brand & attract new business easily.  Radio shows reach tens of thousands of real live listeners during interview time. Cities can include Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Diego & National Radio Shows. #Publicity #RadioPublicity #BookPromotion #BestPRFirm #AuthorPR #Selfpublished #BookMarketing #RadioTalk Shows #AnnieJenningsPR  

#Publicity #MediaBookings “I HAVE TO EARN YOUR MONEY”, says Annie. Clients tell us each day how much they appreciate our PURE PERFORMANCE publicity model that allows them to share their message, promote their book and interests while building brand – without spending a ton of money. #AnnieJenningsPR is a performance-only, NO RETAINER PR firm. #publicity #publicrelations #mediabookings #marketabook #authormarketing #radiopublicity #authorPR  

Real author says, “don’t even hesitate to work with AnnieJenningsPR. Annie teaches you how to be successful. Annie offers unlimited media training to learn the skill set of a great guest! I would say to any authors “hire Annie Jennings PR”. She will teach you all you need to know to have a great experience. You deserve it!” #bookpromotion #authormarketing #marketabook

Getting booked on national TV shows is a influential brand builder asset.  Lots of brand-building & previous media appearances are needed to be considered on of the top intellectual thought providers in your industry. As all media, TV shows like to book the most credentialed and acclaimed guests on their shows. Appearing on TV is powerful for your brand. #bookmarketing #bookpromotion #publicity #TVpublicity

NO RETAINER PR. Don’t Spend “TONS OF MONEY IN MONTHLY RETAINERS”! Instead get #AnnieJenningsPR PURE Performance #Publicity, guaranteed deliverables that protect author, expert & speaker PR dollars, UNLIMITED MEDIA TRAINING at no extra cost, and targeted media placements to help build a strong brand. A trusted publicity booking firm that the media loves to work with as “Annie always has the best experts”!

New author tells #AnnieJenningsPR why she chose our PR firm. “There’s nobody good out there but you guys!” New author asked others who was the best #PRFIRM & was told to be sure to speak w #AnnieJenningsPR – she really is the best, they said. Annie says, “work w the publicist who knows how their PR strengths help you reach your book marketing goals.” #performanceguaranteedPR #publicity #bookpromotion

#Publicity success – major media outlet leads to ‘lots of calls”. Congrats to our client, Jay M., – media placement in a top three national newspaper as contributing expert in the online version & print newspaper, reaching over 11+ million readers/viewers. Did he get calls? YES! He said his phone was ‘ringing off the hook’. This is an example of how media placements can work for you.  

Publicity: Things changed for authors, experts, & speakers when #AnnieJenningsPR arrived in the PR industry.  She noticed something right away. Retainer publicity made NO promises. The client would pay a monthly retainer fee (thousands of dollars) for possibly no PR at all. “There must be a better way than retainer PR!” said Annie. Annie invented PURE PERFORMANCE #PUBLICITY. You pay only for secured media! #AuthorPR #Branding  

Radio publicity & online PR media to reach your highest levels of success. So you can take care of those you LOVE & have time for what matters to you most. Here’s how it works. #1: marketing & branding goals. #2: media assets & credentials. #3: Professional publicists CREATE your best plan for success. Congrats to client Jay M. for his 11+ million media placement! #Radiopublicity #AnnieJenningsPR #marketing #bookpromotion #expertstatus.

You get exactly what you pay for & more with #AnnieJenningsPR. #Radiotalk show #publicity campaign with Annie is not just about selling book but creating a brand.  Publicity client says “go w people that you can trust, read reviews, see if they have follow through. If people do not have the time to speak with you, don’t work with them. Annie Jennings PR is amazing. Annie is powerful.  

#AnnieJenningsPR offers NO RETAINER PR to help you access the media without spending “TONS OF MONEY IN MONTHLY RETAINERS”!  PURE performance publicity business model, guaranteed deliverables to protect your PR dollars, UNLIMITED MEDIA TRAINING included so you can learn great guest skills, professional, established PR professionals with stellar reputations who are highly experienced, trusted media booking firm that the media loves. #AnnieJenningsPR, #bookpromotion, #publicity, authorpr

PUBLICITY with NO RETAINERS! PR to access the media without spending “tons of money in high monthly publicity retainers”! Annie offers her PURE performance publicity model. Guaranteed deliverables to protect your PR dollars. UNLIMITED MEDIA TRAINING included learning great guest skills & how to promote in an interview. #AnnieJenningsPR has booked thousands of media placements. #publicity #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #branding #radiopublicity

COAST TO COAST coverage – radio publicity campaign results in author heard on1,100+ radio stations in our typical radio campaign! #AnnieJenningsPR is excellent at booking the nationally syndicated radio shows that go out to numerous stations. Author, Julia D. was on the air in New York City, Dallas, Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, & on four big brand National Shows. #radiopublicity, #bookmarketing #authorPR #AnnieJenningsPR

Radio publicity campaign – coast to coast book marketing.  Author expert was heard on 900+ radio stations! Major media brands interviewed our author – SiriusXM, iHeart Media, Relevant Radio, Audacy Radio & Armed Forces Radio Network. Big city exposure on top stations in Washington DC, Boston, San Diego, Detroit, Philadelphia, Houston, Denver, Seattle, Miami, Phoenix, Tampa, Vegas, Pittsburgh & Cincinnati. Publicity, Author PR, Market A Book, Radio Campaign #AnnieJenningsPR  

THE DAY #ANNIEJENNINGSPR CAME TO TOWN! With her world-changing mission statement & a ‘better mousetrap’  to change the PR industry. You get PURE performance publicity business model, guaranteed deliverables in place to protect author, expert & speaker PR dollars, media that helps you build a strong future, a brand, success, established publicists w stellar reputations, trusted media booking firm that the media loves. #Publicity #Marketing #Branding

Get Publicity: YOU in the media? YES! #AnnieJenningsPR PURE Performance Publicity Program & Guaranteed Deliverable Radio Campaign w UNLIMITED FREE MEDIA TRAINING (big shows in big cities plus nationally syndicated programs) How does it work? Annie books major online media, TV shows in local cities across USA, high-impact radio talk shows in influential big city markets. Get performance publicity & guaranteed deliverables in marketing, publicity, branding & promotion strategies.   

Publicity helps attract new opportunities & create more awareness. Publicity helps build your brand, increase visibility and create media assets. Use these media assets in your marketing outreach to speaker bureaus & other opportunities you might like to pursue. Understand what a PR firm can do for you & what you have to do for yourself or hire others to do for you for best results. #publicitystrategy #branding #marketing  

#Radiopublicity. In just a couple days, our #authors have been heard on over 1,150 stations.  That’s nothing new. It happens week in & week out. Our radio publicity campaign is the best your money can buy! NYC, Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Houston, Denver, Seattle, Miami, Phoenix, San Diego, Tampa, Vegas, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Westwood One, WABC, WGN, SiriusXM, iHeart Media, AudacyNetwork & more. #BookedByAnnieJenningsPR

Publicity for speakers & experts in the media for credibility, influence, clout! Speakers say big brand media is a “must have” to build their career. “You never know who will see you, contact & hire you!” Our clients build up fast to their highest media levels of potential. Get hired for speaking gigs! One client got booked for 5 speaking events w a radio interview. #speakerpublicity #expertpublicity #AnnieJenningsPR

PR formula for success is consistency over time by expert and thought leader status with big brand media. This expert status takes time to develop, but not that much time. #AnnieJenningsPR brings authors, experts & speakers to their highest levels of expert status. We optimize every asset you have to enhance your potential. #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors Author PR, Book Marketing, Self-Published Book Promotion  

RadioPublicity & Author Expert Podcast Marketing Campaign: Radio publicity show ‘phoner’ bookings in big cities can include national radio talk shows that reach across USA. Famous #AnnieJenningsPR radio campaign reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners. We have numbers of actual listeners during the interview time. Get booked on Podcasts too! #Publicity #RadioPublicity #BookPromotion #BestPRFirm #AuthorPR #Selfpublished #BookMarketing #RadioTalk Shows #AnnieJenningsPR  

In the latest round of radio shows, Catherine was heard on more than 690 radio stations! This includes big cities including Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, Miami, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Diego, Tampa, Vegas, and everywhere in between via FIVE National interviews. Big media brands have featured you as an expert! #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors Author PR, Book Marketing, Self-Published Book Promotion  

Wow, Annie was down to earth. She was upfront. She talked to me. She did not have an agenda. It was not a hard sale. It was not a soft sale. It was more of a ‘hey I am Annie Jennings and this who we are and what we do. This is what I can do for you, this is what I can’t do for you’. It just went down the path from there.  She made me feel like I wanted to be involved. I just wanted to say YES, sign me up right there! – Dr. Wayne

Best publicity, marketing, promotion and branding strategy for experts, speakers and consultants.  #AnnieJenningsPR real #publicity client says, “In the consultancy world, it’s very important to have a reputation and your reputation is enhanced by media presence.” Get PURE PERFORMANCE PUBLICITY w #AnnieJennningsPR! Online media, big radio, podcasts, big city TV. #bookpromotion #podcastbooking #podcasts #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors author PR, book marketing, self-published book promotion  

“Promote my book,” say authors who contact Annie Jennings PR about publicity & marketing a new book. #AuthorPR can include appearing as a guest on a #radio talk show & reaching a tremendous amount of listeners. Radio interviews can turn into book sales if the conversation resonates w certain listeners. “Radio is a great way to promote my book,” says Annie’s authors. #promotemybook #noretainerPR #radiopublicity #bookmarketing #AnnieJenningsPR

Podcasts with top podcast and radio publicity firm #Annie JenningsPR Podcasts have a niche audience where authors & experts talk about their book or passions. #AnnieJenningsPR is a top podcast booker. Annie focuses on podcasts that fit your book or message perfectly – preaching to the choir that is! Get special podcast/radio talk show combo package. Comes with unlimited media FREE. #podcast #podcasts #getbookedonpodcasts #guestonpodcast #authorpr

Publicity: Clients LOVE Access To The Major Media! Every #AnnieJenningsPR publicist has 20+ years of experience w our PR firm & has built long-term, meaningful relationships w the media bookers. Our firm enjoys strong relationships w the media as they respect our high-quality, prepared, and credentialed guests that we present to their radio shows, online media venues or TV shows. Work w Annie! #radiopublicity #authorpr #bestmarketing #bestpublicity

PURE #PERFORMANCEPR! #Radio shows, #podcasts, #online media!  #Publicity, marketing & branding strategy to overpower your competitors as fast as you can. Get the exact media to build brand, credibility & influence. #AnnieJenningsPR has booked thousands of media placements. Radio, Podcasts, Online Media, TV Shows. It’s time to BRING IT! #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors Author PR, Book Marketing, Self-Published Book Promotion  

Basically what I understand is that if you are booking through #AnnieJenningsPR, the media knows that you are well-vetted, prepared and media-trained for the radio format. The radio show hosts were very excited, “Oh this is an Annie Jennings PR guest, we don’t have  to worry.” This was the gist I was getting from the radio shows.” Oh Annie’s guest? Excellent! They were genuinely very excited not only about me but about the fact that I was an Annie Jennings PR client.

The success of our radio talk show publicity campaign was more than we expected! We would hang up from the radio interview and just see the book’s sales happening. We were just counting them on our computer. Boom! Boom! Boom! We were amazed!- Mark G. Author

Publicity – watch out for the #AnnieJenningsPR copycats! #AnnieJenningsPR is the creator of the most powerful radio campaign your money can buy & has brought a Performance Publicity to authors, who LOVE IT! Annie offers fair pricing w a guaranteed deliverable -lots of perks. Your money is safe w Annie. You won’t pay or she won’t keep your money unless you get the publicity outcomes specified. HIRE THE ORIGINAL #AnnieJenningsPR.

Publicity Success #AnnieJenningsPR Our publicity programs, Radio & Performance Publicity, are designed for authors, experts, speakers or anyone w a message to share). We offer the strongest radio campaign with a guaranteed deliverable. You get advanced knowledge of the stats of the shows required by Contract. The perks are outrageous – free unlimited media training and our famous performance guarantee. #bestradiointerviewcampaign #publicity #radiobookings #authorPR

#Annie Jennings PR says getting publicity is not easy. We just make it look that way. Publicity is about standing out for all the right reasons. But what are they? A skilled PR expert, who offers performance publicity and guaranteed deliverables, knows the answer. What does #AnnieJenningsPR know that you do not? Just about everything that gets you booked. #AuthorPR #toppublicist #topmarketing #bookPR #marketabook

#AnnieJenningsPR is best at getting the word out to people via authors appearing as the guest (phoners) on big radio shows in major cities.  After publishing, you have to get the word out about your book to various markets that may be interested. At our firm, we call it, being everywhere at all times. #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirm #selfpublishedpublicity #AnnieJenningsPR, #selfpublishedmarketing, radio show guest, best publicist authors.  

Publicity success real client says “I love that people said they heard me on the radio. Also, the radio talk show hosts offered outstanding book promotion for me”. Radio talk shows reach lots of listeners.  BOOK PROMOTION ALLOWED!  The audience will want to know more about the book once they build a relationship via the interview with the author. #Publicity #AuthorPR #Marketing #PRFIRM

“#Publicity tip – WORK WITH THE PROs – avoid working w beginners in the PR profession,” says National PR Expert, #AnnieJenningsPR. It takes time to build the skill to get bookings. It’s okay to be a beginner, the problem is they may be learning on your money & time. You might miss opportunities. At #AnnieJenningsPR, we are top PR professionals, creative w long-established media relationships. #bestpublicist #bestmarketingforauthors #authorPR #PRFirm

Publicity is complex & challenging requiring a highly-skilled publicist. Our ideal client is flexible on the subjects authentic to their expertise & uses their extensive experience on different topics that will appeal to the media. There are numerous authors writing books on the same topic. Creativity in creating material for the media is the key to his success. Stellar credentials work well. #PRfirm #publicity #marketing #bookingexpertsinthemedia #AnnieJenningsPR

Publicity! Who is the perfect PR client for #AnnieJenningsPR? The author expert who is active w their world. They have credentials & they appreciate our performance publicity program & our guaranteed deliverable. They want targeted big publicity media & NOT a ‘hit or miss’ pitching approach. Our ideal client does NOT want the retainer PR pricing model. Why pay for that? #marketing #expertstatus #performance PR #toppublicist #bestPRfirm

Publicity: I Could Have Said That! Picture this . . . you are reading one of your favorite big brand media outlets online &  you see an article that appeals to you. It’s good. Suddenly, you notice someone else is contributing a quote, getting a company mention & link to their website. The thing is, you say to yourself, “I COULD HAVE BEEN THAT EXPERT”. #publicity #mediabookings #AnnieJenningsPR #onlinemediapublicity

There’s a lot to learn to be a top-notch publicist. #AnnieJenningsPR has publicists w 20+ years of experience. A producer says, “Just wanted to thank you. I’ve had unreliable PR people drill holes in my schedule in the last ten days or so, which makes me appreciate you all the more. Grateful for all that you do. Have a great day!” Top-ranked publicity & book marketing promotion firm #AnnieJenningsPR 

#AnnieJenningsPR books major radio talk shows in top markets plus the Syndicated Shows that broadcast to numerous cities across the nation. A recent author report by a monitoring firm says client was heard by 399,000+ radio listeners & hundreds of thousands more. He was booked on four Nationally Shows with each show having its own listeners – tremendous outreach for our clients.” #radiopublicity #toptenPRfirm #publicity #authorPR

#RadioPublicity WOW! Our ‘kids playing sports’ advocate and Medical Doctor was heard on 1900+ #radioshows Each show has its own listeners. Tons of exposure? YES! #AnnieJenningsPR only books the big #radio shows in the top markets as well as the National Radio Shows. #Radiopublicity is on high-impact, high-wattage radio shows. Plus you get free unlimited media training and a guaranteed deliverable. #radiopublicity #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #authorPR 

#AnnieJenningsPR lands big bookings on major big brand media daily. How does this PR firm do it? Annie says “we mastered pitching to the media. We know their interests and the demographics of their readers. We serve 3 elements of PR. The media outlet (high-quality content), the audience (give them valuable socially relevant info), and the client. With Annie, you get performance publicity. NO RETAINERS. Just media.

The success of the radio publicity campaign was more than we expected. Radio publicity interview shows let the guest promote their interests. “We would hang up from the radio interview and just see the book’s sales happening. We were just counting them on our computer. Boom! Boom! Boom! We were amazed!” #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors Author PR, Book Marketing, Self-Published Book Promotion  

Be heard by over 399,000 real people & a couple hundred thousand more! #AnnieJenningsPR radio talk show campaign includes high-impact, high-listenership bookings on radio talk shows in top-ranked cities. Get up close & personal with an incredible amount of real people. Very different from social media scrolling where it’s hard to stand out! #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirm #selfpublishedpublicity #AnnieJenningsPR #selfpublishedmarketing, radio shows as a guest, best publicist for authors.  

Book promotion advantage by hiring a top-ranked publicity firm.  #AnnieJenningsPR has made all of the top lists. From a top 10 publicist to being chosen as one of the best 10 marketing blogs in the USA to being an important Twitter Influencer for authors. Annie is an author advocate. Her contribution to the publicity industry has helped thousands of authors reach millions! #bookpromotion, #bookmarketing #bestpublicist #authorPR

Be on big radio shows when a good socially relevant topic comes up! Many topics hit the news daily that need expert commentary. We have new conversations on topics such as covid, lifestyle, stress, mental health, diet, war and peace, politics, leadership, scandal, crisis communications, benefits of yoga and meditation and the list goes on. YOU! No schedule, just opportunity, and flexibility. #Anniesexperts #Anniesexpertsoncall #radiopublicity #breakingnewsexpert

Real client says, “trust the advice that Annie Jennings gives you. Every piece of advice Annie gave us was excellent. We had an idea of what it would be like to work with Annie Jennings. It was better than we thought. When you go on their site and you look at everything . . . #AnnieJenningsPR is one of the few companies that we have ever dealt with and I mean this sincerely, where they over-delivered on every promise. The promises were pretty good too and yet they over-delivered on every promise. The proof is in the pudding. We are back for more! – Author Mark. G

Radio publicity offers access to hundreds of thousands of real LIVE listeners. Was our Psychologist PhD expert on impulse & stress control heard by 1 million real LIVE listeners yesterday? How about 2 million? Our client was heard by 3 million+ LIVE listeners on THE SLAP. Did he mention his book on anxiety & stress, absolutely! Radio publicity by #AnnieJenningsPR, top national booker! #radiopublicity #authorPR #topnationalpublicist #getbookedonradioshows #branding #marketing

Publicity! Want to be the expert in a big brand media outlet commenting on issues in our society? Publicity get you noticed! Working with a socially relevant publicist is the key. A socially relevant publicist establishes your point of view & applies it authentically to issues trending in society. So many important conversations to be had. So much media demand for YOU. #publicity #radiocampaign #authorpr #prfirm #anniejenningspr

“PR Company, #AnnieJenningsPR promises #publicity outreach & over-delivers,” says real book promotion client.” #PRCompany: Real client says “when I found Annie Jennings #PRcompany I knew I had to work with this #PRAgency. The publicity campaigns run smoothly and are highly effective. YES! I sold books. So many, I am back w #AnnieJenningsPR for another publicity campaign for my new book”. #PRcompany, #PRagency, #PRfirm, #PublicRelations

PR Agency: Publicity & Promotion Strategies With Top Publicists Publicity Q & A: PR agency asks top publicists w 20+ years of media experience valuable marketing & promotion questions to delight, entertain, &  help you to be amazing with the media. What don’t you know? Let’s find out! Watch for this PR Agency series on #AnnieJenningsPR website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and social media sites. #PRagency #publicity #PRcompany #PRtools

Public relations PR strategies for mega promotion. PR Plan: Get booked on socially relevant conversations with you as the expert. Promote your book, business, speaking, & services to hundreds of thousands of people. From big brand online media bookings to radio campaigns to big-city TV shows, the outreach is magnificent! #PublicRelations #Publicity #PR Strategy #RadioCampaign #AnnieJenningsPR

Radio Publicity Expert, Annie Jennings PR says reaching people with on-air radio exposure is excellent PR strategy. These days, PR branding is being everywhere at all times. That’s daunting, but that’s what the big brands are doing. If you want your brand to continuously perform for you, a radio publicity campaign is part of a well-rounded media outreach strategy. #radiopublicity #branding #marketing #authorpr #anniejenningspr 

Branding refresh keeps you at the top of your industry. Branding refresh is essential to ongoing success. Online authority is king. This could mean that your once mega-brand has dwindled. How do you know? You are getting less of everything. Annie says “I have clients who have worked w me for 20 years who say ‘keep me at the top of my industry’. And we do! #branding refresh #marketing #anniejenningspr

Performance Publicity, NO RETAINER, Top Media! #1 National PR firm books top credentialed experts, speakers, authors & professionals on big brand, high-impact media. PERFORMANCE PR. Annie has worked with thousands of clients on a performance basis. Access influential major media under Annie’s famous Performance Publicity Program. NO MONTHLY RETAINERS #bigbrandPR #publicity #promotion #authorPR #anniejenningspr

Radio publicity campaign in the Top 50 Markets reaches hundreds of thousands real listeners! How many listeners can u reach while a typical show in our best radio publicity campaign? We ran the audience statistics for our typical Top 50 Cities radio campaign. The author reached over 399,000 listeners in his time on the air. MORE TOO, syndicated shows reach thousands more! Radio publicity, #AnnieJenningsPR #bestradiopublicist!

Radio Publicity gives the radio shows, the audience, and the guest something they want. The show continues to serve their loyal listenership, listeners enjoy an interview that could have an immediate impact on their lives. The guest gets to share their message across USA to promote their book, message, speaking, & business. At a fraction of the value deliverable of campaign. #radiopublicity #authorPR #anniejenningspr #toptenpublicistlist #marketing #branding

Publicity podcast tip: It’s ok to pay to be a guest on a podcast. It takes resources to produce a quality podcast. There’s marketing, scheduling, getting ready for the interview, purchasing equipment to record and edit. Plus posting. If the podcast host is sharing your podcast w their community that is worth a lot to you as you are reaching their community. #publicitypodcast #branding #marketing #promotion #anniejenningspr

Publicity values skyrocket. Annie books clients on the high-impact, major market radio talk shows. Her TOP 50 Radio Campaign books clients on big shows in top markets that broadcast to the heart of the market. Cities are ranked via population. Listeners increase tremendously the bigger the show, the bigger the city. Syndicated shows offer tremendous outreach & value to authors & experts. #Radiocampaign #toprankedpublicity firm #PRfirm #anniejenningspr 

PUBLICITY SUCCESS! Everybody wants it, but few can have it. What’s that? For their expertise or book to stand out. For national expert status, experts want to be the ‘go to’ expert in their area. For authors, they want their book to reach out to people, attract opportunities and sell books. #AnnieJenningsPR has an impressive track record of success in helping create these outcomes. #marketing, #nationalexpertstatus, #publicity, #authorPR #AnnieJenningsPR

Publicity strategy to compete with 100,000 competitors! First, ask yourself how most clients find you. Now, you can see the various PR, marketing & publicity outreach strategies that work for you. Are clients find you online? Are your clients coming to you via referral? Once you know your “sales stats” you can define a perfect marketing outreach plan. Publicitystrategy, book promotion, publicity, marketing, branding, radio campaign.  

Best PR firm for building brand. “Working w#AnnieJenningsPR exceeded my expectations. Look at getting PR not as an expense but as an investment where there ought to be a return. My experience w Annie has been spectacular. I wouldn’t have changed anything! #Publicity Success Story Business CEO. Jim says he had “an exceptional return on his investment” in his podcast.   BEST PR FIRM – LISTEN NOW:

PROFESSIONAL STRATEGY, How The Most Successful Think. Cedric L. says, “in the consultancy world, it’s very important to have your reputation enhanced by your media presence. Annie has a great team of PR professionals who can get the job done”

Publicity media placements for authors exceeded hundreds of thousands of dollars in PR value. Publicity for authors, experts & speakers costs a fraction of AD & PR value of our big city, big show radio campaign. Get booked in major city radio & nationally syndicated radio shows. Reach hundreds of thousands of listeners with your book, website, & contact info for speaking or consulting. Publicity doesn’t get any better than […]

Radio publicity campaign offers tremendous outreach and return on investment (ROI). The famous #Annie JenningsPR radio talk show publicity campaign is the most powerful radio campaign your money can buy. Bookings are on the biggest radio shows in top-ranked markets & syndicated shows. Annie includes unlimited media training and a performance guarantee. You get what you sign up & more w Annie. #radiocampaign #marketing #branding #authorPR #nationalexpertstatus

Radio talk show campaign client heard on hundreds of radio shows! You deserve MEGA OUTREACH! Our media monitoring service calculates our client was heard by 400,000+ listeners w just 19 interviews. He was also heard on 380 more stations via the syndicated shows. #AnnieJenningsPR offers high-value publicity services for book promotion, building expert status & building a high-powered brand w media placements. #radiocampaign #AnnieJenningsPR #bookpromotion #publicity #bestpublicistradiobookings

Authors, experts, & speakers – the best way to get noticed by your target audience. Go where they go. Be seen as the expert where your audience is online. Get in front of readers. Where is your audience? Where are your readers? You have the responsibility to go to your market. #Self-published #AuthorPR #Bookmarketing #Bookpromotion, Annie Jennings PR Firm, Top PR Firm For Radio Publicity  

‘Authors Want To Know Series’ w #AnnieJenningsPR answers your publicity & book marketing questions. Publicity pro, Annie Jennings says “there is a best practice in pitching the media. A pitch or press release share some traits. Include the who, what, where, when of the topic. If pitching a book, include the book’s name, topic, website & author’s short bio.” Book promotion, publicity, marketing, branding, platform building Annie Jennings PR!  

Authors want to know if Facebook Ads help market a book. Publicity expert, Annie Jennings, says in her experience Facebook ads are a part of a marketing campaign but not the entire marketing strategy. The idea is to use the PR book promotion optimization wheel to include numerous ways of getting out to your target market. #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirm #selfpublishedpublicity #AnnieJenningsPR   

Publicity media to accelerate your brand to attract top opportunities.  Working with our firm is a partnership model. We help our clients in ways they would not be able to duplicate on their own, especially in this covid booking environment. Our firm specializes in personal brand acceleration. This can lead to you attracting new opportunities to move your goal set forward. #buildingbrand #brand #brandaccleration #brandspecilaists #AnnieJenningsPR

Get out into the world and help someone. That’s the secret to feeling good in the challenging environment. Helping others by sharing your message creates energy & inspiration for yourself too! Get started by booking a #radiotalkshowcampaign w #AnnieJenningsPR. Jumpstart yourself by helping others. Radio interviews are done via telephone so you can reach across the USA without leaving the kids or home office. #top25publicist #top10marketingblog #topcityradio campaign

Best podcasting tips for optimizing your podcast interview with #AnnieJenningsPR. Avoid using a headset/cell phone. The quality is less than a landline & it shows in the final recording. Get a high quality promotional asset for marketing. Speak directly into the microphone, don’t breathe heavily into phone, choose a clear, reliable location & don’t move! #Self-published #Bookmarketing #Bookpromotion, Annie Jennings PR Firm, Top PR Firm Radio Publicity #Podcasting Tip

Real Client, Kelly, says “Annie Is Amazing. Annie Is Powerful. Annie Changed My Life! Before discovering #AnnieJenningsPR I fell into a trap. New authors don’t understand book promotion & buy services that don’t help them achieve their book promotion goals. I tried almost everything & with almost zero readers.  I had a large PR bill and nothing to show for it. I discovered #AnnieJenningsPR & it changed my life.   

GET THE BEST RADIO TALK SHOW PUBLICITY YOUR MONEY CAN BUY! Congrats Catherine A. PhD who was on  630+ radio stations in USA w her radio talk show publicity campaign. Interviews in top cities New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Denver, Seattle, Miami, San Diego, Vegas, WCBS, SiriusXM, IHeart Media Entercom and more. #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirm #selfpublishedpublicity #AnnieJenningsPR, #selfpublishedmarketing, get booked on radio shows as a guest, best publicist for authors.  

Radio campaigns market a book, message & build brand. #PR strategy for radio talk shows: There is limited interview time so the first thing a guest should do is build rapport w the audience. Gain their trust w rich content that is authentic & sincere.  Now, your book promotion in closing statement can lead to sales. #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirm #selfpublishedpublicity #AnnieJenningsPR, #selfpublishedmarketing, booked on radio shows, best publicist.  

Create major big brand national expert status with #AnnieJenningsPR promotion firm. Be a big brand by consistently appearing in the top media as an expert commentator. Get ready early with a #NORETAINER #PRFIRM so you are ready when a breaking news event occurs. Work w a top 10 national #NORETAINER PR firm, #ANNIEJENNINGSPR #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors Author PR, Book Marketing, Self-Published Book Promotion

I first heard of Annie Jennings PR at a publicity event where everyone was talking about Annie.The next day she had Annie on the phone and she booked three major media thought leader placements within a month for a fraction of the price that other firms charge who don’t guarantee anything. – Andrea S. 

#AnnieJennings PR has a high demand for their publicity services & always have a waiting list.  I was very happy that I was able to get in and work with them. The results really paid off in more ways than one. – Len Garza, Attorney

Learn the skill set of being a great guest or expert media commentator media How does Annie create confident, prepared top media guests & experts? The #AnnieJenningsPR firm offers unlimited media training. Part of the training is to help the author discover their authentic value to their audience. Knowing why you matter creates a strong foundation for media growth as an expert. #bestprfirm #mediatraining #top10publicityfirm

Andrea first heard of Annie Jennings PR at a publicity event where everyone was talking about Annie.The next day she had Annie on the phone. Annie got her three major media thought leader placements within a month for a fraction of the price that other firms charge who don’t guarantee anything. “Working with Annie is just this beautiful relationship. I use my big media placements to get my fees. When I tell my clients my daily rate they expect it. No questions asked. I am suddenly perceived as a star.“

Getting booked in radio talk shows and major online media builds brand. Brand leads to new opportunities, attracts communities along with book sales. A consistent media presence in the respected big brand media creates national expert status leading to brand. And as you know, once you are a brand, you become the selection of choice. Welcome to your success! #bestpublicist #top10marketingblog #topublicist

Big PR Radio Campaign For Author Publicity!  Congrats radio client Mark H – heard on 680 radio talk stations w. brand name nationally syndicated show. He appeared on SiriusXM & in the Top 50 markets Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, Sacramento, Cincinnati and St Louis. Lots of marketing for his book, publicity message and mission. #Bookpromotion #publicity #topprfirmforauthors #top10marketingblog #AnnieJenningsPR

Watch our client on a Tedx Talk for lots of exposure.  Next step in the book writing process is getting booked in big brand, meaningful and valuable media placements. Authors and experts are seen and heard in the big brand media w #AnnieJenningsPR. Major big brand bookings help create expert status, build brand & standout in your industry. #publicity #tedxtalk #AnnieJenningsPR #topPRfirm #bookpromotion #radiocampaign #authorpublicity

Radio talk show interviews offer book publicity and promotion for authors, experts and speakers. Get booked on radio talk show interview. Be heard in major cities on the radio interviews for author publicity. Cities can include Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC radio shows. Plus radio shows in Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego radio shows, Los Angeles radio and San Francisco radios shows. #topradiocampaignfirm #bestradioPRfirm  

As a result of working with Annie Jennings PR, Race & Labor Relations Expert, Jason Greer, has become the “Go To” Diversity Expert in Washington DC and a trusted source in the latest race and labor relations news for media across the country, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and FOX News Radio. “Annie made this happen for me. There is no going back after working with Annie.” – Author Expert, Jason G.

It’s heating up out there! Media demand from authors, experts and speakers is off the charts. Everyone is ready for action. Publicity action including branding, marketing & promotion action. That’s a good thing. It’s time to ramp up your energy, reputation, credibility and influence with current big brand media placements. Get your PR strategy and media outreach going again! #marketing #expertsinthemedia #anniejenningspr #branding #getbookedinthemedia

#AnnieJenningsPR has an expertise in socially relevant message marketing and/or building expert status via big brand media placements for experts with top notch credentials. Being present in the major media provides evidence of expertise that can help you move your business growth and development model. As you know, clients love third party documentation of your skills as an expert. #Creatingbigbrands, #marketingforexperts, bookings on big brand media.   

Be an expert in the media for publicity, marketing, visibility with top big brand media bookings by #Annie Jennings PR. People are offering publicity on their social media shows. Clients are asking  is it better to get bookings on big brand traditional media vs. social media. National publicist recommends how to use all media to help you. #NothingBeatsTheRealThing, Experts In The Media Publicity, Marketing, Visibility #AnnieJenningsPR

Be in expert in the media to be seen on the top big brand national media. Expert status is created by being the quoted expert in a major online news or feature media outlet. Or by providing an article blog post with BIO to a branded media site. #AnnieJenningsPR firms books big brand media-create expert status, credibility and clout. #expertsinthemedia #publicity #mediaexpert #getbookedinthemedia #prfirm