#Expertsinthemedia™. Get #performancepublicity™ in major online media sites, on TV shows, in big podcasts. Experts are flocking to #AnnieJenningsPR to get #PerformancePublicity™. First, there are no monthly publicity marketing retainer fees. Next, #expertsinthemedia™ can get media outlets that move their business growth forward. Experts in the media can cap monthly fees from just a little to lots of media. #PerformancePublicity #Expertsinthemedia, best publicist for experts 

#AnnieJenningsPR urges other PR firms NOT to “spray & pray” the media.  Media inboxes are too full for comfort. Good media sources are passed over because of the Spray & Pray PR approach that spams the media to see what sticks. This PR outreach strategy results in overwhelm to the media. #AnnieJenningsPR matches you to the media w a profile that matches your area of expertise. #PRfirm #bestpublicitystrategy #professionalpublicityfirm  

I have already recommended Annie Jennings PR to other authors who have asked for my opinion on PR and radio. I heartily recommend your services to any author who wants to know that their precious PR dollars are well spent.

Public Relations Firm #AnnieJenningsPR Publicity On TV Shows Marketing, branding & publicity need effective public relations to bring awareness to a target market. National PR Expert, Annie Jennings, says a publicity strategy should include the most effective media strategy to reach goals. Appearing on TV allows client to showcase their personalities, knowledge & expertise & is a major factor in a successful PR campaign. #AnnieJenningsPR, #prfirm #publicrelations #tvpublicity #publicitystrategy

TV Publicity For Authors, Building Expert Status, Building Brand The stronger the brand of the TV show, the better for your brand & marketing outreach. Marketing has  changed. Being seen & heard in big brand online media as an expert is a part of a successful business growth and development strategy.  Get new clients by creating national expert status. #AnnieJenningsPR #bookpromotion #branding #mediabookings

Best Publicist Booking Guests On Major City TV Morning Shows Get booked as a guest on TV morning network local TV shows in major cities across the USA. Work with a highly experienced and celebrated publicity firm #AnnieJenningsPR. Being a guest builds brand and gives you more to work with when attracting new clients. TV is a great marketing asset. #bestTVpublicist #getbookedinlosangeles #getbookedinchicago #marketingexpert

Key to PR success is understanding that you have to leverage your media placements. Our PR firm secures media for you but does not pursue speaking events or new clients for you. Getting media helps create credibility, influence & national expert status. Getting media as a socially relevant commentator or “subject matter expert” is part of your overall strategy in achieving your goals/objectives. #branding #nationalexpertstatus #AnnieJenningsPR

Our clients often comment on the excellence, kindness and loving publicists at our firm.  #vaccineangel Many of you know Jason as our radio media trainer & say you LOVE working w him as he is so kind & helpful. Jason was asked to come on NBC TV for his tremendous work helping over 50 seniors get their Covid vaccine appointments. God bless and great work Jason! #bestpublicityfirm #nicepublicists #bestprfirm.

Working with Annie Jennings PR was a pleasant surprise and a breath of fresh air. The firm gave me opportunity to showcase my expertise nationally and validate my positioning as an expert far faster than I could have done on my own. They have access to the top stations in major markets. There was also an ease about working with Annie and her booking team that I was impressed by. – Author Jasmine B.

Performance Publicity For Authors, Experts & Speakers! We also book the major online media sites for outreach, brand building & creating online authority. Plus link backs from major media are excellent for your online reputation and elevate your brand via search. SEO guidelines say these ‘back links’ create authority & rank higher on keywords. That’s very nice for developing a thriving attraction strategy. #bookpromotion #nationalexpertstatus #brandbuilding #publicity

Don’t waste your publicity dollars on media that does not help you achieve your PR goals. I hear similar sad stories from authors & retainer PR firms (we have NO RETAINER PR – just performance-based PR). Author  paid $13,000 retainer for small media that did not help her achieve her goals. #AnnieJenningsPR books major media to move your business forward with a performance guarantee. #bookpromotion #publicity #performance PR

Printed books grew 8.2 percent in 2020, the highest year-on-year increase since 2010. Statista (reports on the largest self-publishing co. in US 2018) reports that Kindle Direct Publishing (formerly Create Space) has over 1.4 million authors in 2018. Next is Lulu Press with 37,000+ authors & then comes Blurb, Inc. with about 17,600 self-published authors in 2012. #bestpublicistforselfpublishedauthors #self-publishedauthors #radiopublicityforselfpublishedauthors #AnnieJennignsPR

Do big brand authors and experts seem to get all the good opportunities?  Brands have proven themselves to be dependable, socially relevant & of value to society. They have a strong media bio that’s filled with appearances on many of the bigger media outlets such as iHeartMedia – WGN Chicago – KGO San Francisco. That’s what you want! #AnnieJenningsPR books these big brands for you. #bookpromotion #nationalexpertstatus #publicity, #prfirm

Get radio talk show publicity bookings in the major cities & syndicated radio networks. #AnnieJenningsPR also books the regional and nationally syndicated radio shows that allow you to reach more than one station, in some cases dozens to hundreds of stations in the syndication. This provides you with impressive expansion of your message with just one interview. #radiopublicity #bookpromotion #bookpublicity #topradiobookingprfirm #radiocampaign  

Deanna B. was booked on 10 radio talk show interviews so far in her campaign. Can you guess how many radio shows heard her message? 1700 radio stations. 8 of the interviews were on National Radio covering the USA with this author’s financial advice. Bookings included SiriusXM, Westwood One and iHeart Media including Jim Bohannon and Jim Brickman Show #radiopublicity #radiocampaign #bookpromotion #publicity

Get booked on big radio radio shows in major cities Some radio talk shows we book in our campaign: KGNW Seattle BizTalkRadio WLW Cincinnati WCBS New York Dave Nemo Weekends Sirius XM KOGO San Diego Get booked on the high-impact, high listenership radio shows. Get unlimited media training w a performance guarantee. #radiopublicity #getbookedonradio #radioguest #AnnieJenningsPR  

It’s time for the best publicity – massive exposure. #AnnieJenningsPR is an author advocate who stands for authors so that they get valuable publicity that helps them promote their book. Annie says, “publicity is the FUN part. Writing a book is hard & publicity is the big pay off – FUN!” We offer performance guaranteed deliverables in your radio campaign. Respect! HUGE EXPOSURE! #publicity #publicrelations #bookpromotion #mediabooker #toppublicistforbooks #PR

Get booked on 755  to 3000+ radio publicity shows w a handful of bookings! #AnnieJenningsPR #1 big exposure radio publicity campaign. Our Twitter notes our recent 8 radio clients were booked on 1700 shows, 775 shows, 3,000, 440, 300,  630, 100 radio shows & still counting! Caution for your own success: Propriety formula is used at all times for the betterment of all. #publicrelations #media bookings #PR #bestPRfirm #radiopublicity

What radio publicity campaign should author buy? Who is the best radio publicity booker? Our radio publicity campaign client, consumer advocate, booked on excellent radio media. Resulted in major brand building and added to his expert status. Booked in BIG cities & Nationals reaching more than 775 stations. Chicago, Seattle, Boston and more nationwide. Fantastic book promotion and expert status. Nice! #mediabook #radiopublicity #pr #publicity #bookpromotion #AnnieJenningsPR

Publicity is the FUN of writing a book! #AnnieJenningsPR, national PR firm, is an author advocate who stands for authors getting their chance to enjoy the book marketing and publicity stage of writing their book. “Enjoy sharing your message with the world,” says Annie. “Get booked on radio talk shows. They have the listenership. Reach a tremendous amount of people with just one interview! #bookpromotion #selfpub #radiocampaign #marketingabook

#AnnieJenningsPR helps determine your best messaging that is authentic to you & is socially relevant for the radio shows. We create more than one publicity message/conversation to match the radio show’s profile to get you booked!  You can have unlimited media training for every topic FREE. No limits! You will be prepared, confident and media savvy for your radio talk show interviews. #publicity #bookpromotion #toppublicityfirm #toptenPRfirms  

I just heard someone refer to their book as ‘free bait’. For what? To lure clients? I am an author advocate. I stand for authors expanding their thoughts, talents & overall contribution to the world. I help them discover their book as their piece of the puzzle offered to the world for the betterment of all. This ‘free bait’ thinking has got to go! #bookpromotion #bookpubicity #messagemarketing #toptenpublicist #AnnieJenningsPR

Becoming a powerful, influential brand. In the crowded book space along with apps & companies marketing, you have to be a big enough brand to compete. Authors are not using their book to enhance their brand power. Brands sell books. The high cost of an author’s time while writing, publishing costs, distribution costs etc encourage the author to seek their money back with sales. #branding #expertstatusbranding

Annie Jennings PR encourages authors to follow the publishing industry Annie says that you never know what you can learn that will help you-from industry trends to how publishing works to how many books you sold”. It helps authors when they understand the big picture. Authors who want a career as a paid author with a major publisher should study the industry. #AnnieJenningsPR #bookmarketing #selfpublishing #topauthorprfirm

Hundreds of radio talk shows consistently booked for our clients.  Want mega exposure with lots of branding building power? Radio shows builds a solid foundation.  Over 430 stations of radio exposure booked in ONE DAY for our authors! They’ll be heard across USA via National Shows & big stations in top markets – celebrity hosts and major media brands to boot! Booking strong at #bookpromotion #radiopublicity #bestradiobookingpublicist  

Brands are built over time. Annie Jennings PR created a brand building strategy of great success. Appearing on radio talk shows is a critical first step. Work with a top radio booking firm such as Annie Jennings PR. Annie is well-known for offering radio talk show interview bookings on big shows in major cities & nationally syndicated radio shows & networks. #brandbuilding #createnationalexpertstatus #AnnieJenningsPR #toppublicist

Radio campaign testimonial from major publisher: “We have experienced a jump in sales of certain titles into the tens of thousands after a radio interview campaign scheduled by Annie Jennings PR. I would not consider launching a campaign without including her services.” – Marjorie Conte, New World Library

Appearing on radio talk shows is a first step to building up a big brand.  Major media that showcases you as an expert creates national expert status. This creates a brand that is stronger and attracts community. This is because in this abundant environment filled with experts, you are standing out via the media. Community attracts opportunity – book sales to speaking events. #Createapowerfulbrand #bookpromotion #AnnieJenningsPR

Want to get booked on the biggest and the best radio shows for your message? A powerful book launch publicity strategy includes bookings on radio shows in the major markets and nationally syndicated shows and networks. Radio offers widespread exposure of your book title, messaging and helps you create a brand around yourself. #radiopublicity #nationalexpertstatus #bestpublicityfirmforradiopublicity #AnnieJenningsPR

A great publicity strategy includes book distribution to book stores, libraries, retailers, independent book stores.  And other distribution venues. What I do is the fun part. Publicity. Publicity is what authors are waiting for – YOU out in the world sharing your message. FUN! Research distribution firms for your book or e-book such as IngramSpark, Ingram, or Smashwords. Publish directly to Amazon KDP. #bestpublicist #bestpublicity #bestbookmarketing

Book publicity & marketing skills for authors. #AnnieJenningsPR is known for their commitment to helping authors & all clients reach their optimal levels of success. Annie helps them build media assets that build brand, that in turn, attracts opportunity. FAST COMPANY says this about Annie Jennings: “Annie Jennings PR is the place to go to learn how to become a best selling author”. #bookpromotion #bestbookmarketingfirm #radiopublicity #authors

Distribution of your book with firms such as IngramSpark. IngramSpark is a global distribution network to major online stores & ebook retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Independent bookstores and, and Libraries. Distribution is key to success. Make it easy for your readers to buy your book. Amazon is a leading source of e-books but there are many more online retailers. #AnnieJenningsPR Self-publishers Book Promotion

Radio publicity for book promotion, publicity, PR & Branding.  We love radio for its ease of reaching readers & building of credibility for the author.  #AnnieJenningsPR offers unlimited media training to authors so they are prepared, media savvy & confident for their radio interviews. Here are some of our favorite shows: WLW Cincinatti KOGO San Diego WCCO Minneapolis WWBX Boston KRWM Seattle KOA Denver WGN Chicago KGO San Franciso  

e-Book distribution online  It’s good to reach as many online book selling outlets with your e-book as possible with aggregators for self-published e-books. Aggregators reach numerous sources including Smashwords, Draft2Digital, IngramSpark, PublishDrive. Once your book is set up for distribution, you can get booked on media knowing your book will be available to millions of readers. #self-published #prfirm #ebookdistribution #bookpromotion #self-pub #AnnieJenningsPR.

Book marketing and book promotion mistakes to avoid. There is no doubt much to learn about publicizing a new book or building up a strong brand. Mistakes are common. #AnnieJenningsPR Book Promotion blog is loaded with lots of PR advice and strategy to help you with your branding, marketing and promotion strategies. Book promotion, book publicity, marketing, branding, creating national expert status

How to get the best media for your PR dollars. #AnnieJenningsPR knows how to build up clients of their optimal advantage. Real client says the ROI from #AnnieJenningsPR created EXPONENTIAL IMPACT. “Once I started this campaign w Annie it is unbelievable what happened in terms of exposure. I cannot even begin to tell you how much it has exceeded my expectations.” #publicity #marketing #branding

Work with a top publicist named in numerous lists of top publicists in the USA! #AnnieJenningsPR is an author, expert, speaker & client advocate. Annie offers NO RETAINER PR. She offers performance #publicity-clients can target media that matches their goals. Her #radio talk show campaigns are stellar. Bookings on major shows in top media markets and on the Nationally Syndicated radio shows with guaranteed deliverables. #bookpromotion #onlinemedia #publicity

Build powerful expert status with the #AnnieJenningsPR publicity strategy.  #AnnieJenningsPR works with numerous clients in many areas of expertise. To be a top national expert your credentials, expertise and media experience are important. Annie has a special media strategy to help you get publicity, branding, marketing & promotion to move your business forward. #publicrelations #publicity #prfirm #mediabookings #publicist# majorbigbrandmedia #TVbookingsforauthors #selfpublished #selfpub #selfpublishedauthor

What’s The ROI on working with Annie? The only word would be EXPONENTIAL IMPACT – my social media, my website traffic. Frankly, when I started these were not the things I paid attention to because I am an attorney. I have a trial practice. I am an author. I am very busy. I am not a marketing person. Once I started this campaign it is unbelievable what happened in terms of exposure. I cannot even begin to tell you how much it has exceeded my expectations.” Richard C. Bell

Radio publicity for author marketing, promotion & branding! Wants to reach 150 radio stations with just 5 radio interviews? If so, you might be the perfect author & client for #AnnieJenningsPR radio campaign. Many authors ask how we consistently out perform other firms. We are a talented PR firm with professional publicists &  know how to engage the media. #radiopublicity #performancepublicity #guaranteedPR #PRFirm #Authormarketing

Create national expert status as it gives you a competitive advantage. Who would you rather hire? An expert who has been in all the major media offering insight, experience & advice on socially relevant topics or someone who has no media presence? Our clients report that as they gain more media exposure they experience a tremendous “exponential” advantage for themselves in ROI. #TVPublicity #RadioPublicity #AnnieJenningsPR #Branding #PRFirm #Marketing

Get the big publicity that can build a big brand, influence and national expert status! GO BIG OR GO HOME! That’s our motto t our PR firm. #AnnieJenningsPR offers a top radio show, major market radio talk show campaign to authors, experts, speakers & CEO’s. GO BIG with radio talk show phone interviews. Our clients are booked on the biggest shows in the biggest cities! #bookpromotion #bookpublicity 

The famous #AnnieJenningsPR #PerformancePublicity Program has NO MONTHLY RETAINERS. Just BIG results. You and your professional publicist select the most beneficial media category to target to enhance your reputation, build a top brand & create national expert status. There are no monthly retainers. You control your investment. It’s not wasted. Your money is invested in your own growth and development. #publicity, best PR firm for authors, speakers & experts  

Get TV Publicity To Promote Your Book! You know you hit the jackpot if you are an author, get booked on a TV segment, the host mentions the name of your book and shows the cover. Great on air book promotion on a national TV network. Be sure to always have a high quality photo of your book cover to send. #AnnieJenningsPR #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #TVpublicity

Get booked on big shows in major cities and on nationally syndicated radio talk shows. Our author featured on 320+ radio stations. Boston, Philly, Houston, Denver, Seattle, & Miami+ BIG cities & more heard him. Radio talk shows in big cities are packed w listeners. If they love you, they might say, “I love this guest, let me get the book!” Who books the best radio campaign? #AnnieJenningsPR!

Annie operates her PR firm based on who she is – Annie is a powerhouse of honor, integrity and always under-promises and over-delivers. It’s about character with her. Her whole firm is like that. They are like a family that always has your back. When I say she over-delivers, she does. She knows she is going to produce. And her firm did. I was with another PR firm once and they took my money and I never heard from them again.” – Andrew Wittman PhD, Author Expert

TV show bookings on big brand publicity creates national expert status. By creating national expert status, your brand becomes much stronger and you build more community. You then attract more opportunities, new clients and growth &development of your business.  #AnnieJenningsPR books qualified experts, CEO’s & authors on big brand TV shows. Annie top level publicists book TV shows in major cities. #GetbookedonTV #BeaguestonTV #TVpublicity, #PRfirmforTV

Get Publicity On TV Shows With Top Publicist For Booking Guests On TV Be a guest on a TV show and enjoy enhanced branding and major outreach for your message and your business expertise. #AnnieJenningsPR books TV in any major city as well as the nationals that have a profile that matches your subject matter. #CreateNationalExpertStatus #PublicityonTV #Branding #Marketing #PRFirm

Most rewarding media outreach publicity strategy – your goals first. No expensive monthly retainers, we target special media categories that fit into your online visibility growth & development and you can CAP your monthly spend. If your outreach & branding PR strategy include TV appearances, you get a media training session to be prepared, confident & media savvy. Annie Jennings PR Performance Publicity, best publicity strategy, no MONTHLY retainer PR

Annie Jennings PR books TV shows in major cities, TV networks & National TV. Creating national expert status with TV shows build your brand. TV appearances showcase your book & expertise. They build media assets for you to move your business model forward. #AnnieJenningsPR offers performance publicity that allows client & publicist to work together to book the best media  for the client. Annie Jennings PR, PR firm, TV bookings, […]

Annie Jennings PR firm clients on TV in major cites and networks. Our clients are creating expert status. Why? Because creating expert status  in the media builds brand. How often have you hear “buy a good brand”.  I have learned “other” brands just don’t hold up. Work with top publicity firm where clients say #AnnieJenningsPR is the best PR firm & “Annie is it. No need to look any further”.

Annie Jennings Books Guests On Top TV Shows In Major Big Cities Someone will be the guest on the TV show so why not let it be you. Being seen and heard all over the media builds outstanding expert status. With media, you can be the top expert in your field earning the respect of your industry. TV bookings, create national expert status publicity strategy, publicity, branding

Annie Jennings PR says “work with a top publicist with the strongest history of media booking success”. The publicists at #AnnieJenningsPR firm have major experience working w high powered, big brand influential media. Our strategy builds authors, business experts & speakers to highest levels of achievement. Avoid retainer PR firms. Use Performance Publicity. best publicity, top PR firm, best branding, Annie Jennings PR media firm.

Build a strong brand by creating national expert status using #AnnieJenningsPR publicity. Create expert status by being in the most influential, big brand, highly respected online media & online major brand network TV. #AnnieJennings PR has a PR strategy to bring you to your highest levels of achievement. Who is the #1 best publicist for authors, experts & speakers. #AnnieJenningsPR. Best publicist, Annie Jennings PR, market into a big brand.

Real publicity client & speaker, Cedric says, “in the consultancy world, it’s very important to have your reputation enhanced by your media presence. Annie has a great team of PR professionals who can get the job done”.

Self published books can get lots of book promotion on radio! Author heard 525 radio stations w five radio talk shows interviews. Radio bookings were in BIG cities Chicago, DC, Minneapolis & BIG media brands – Westwood One, iHeart Radio+. National radio exposure blankets the USA with your book & marketing. Radio shows are phoners easy for your book promotion. #Bookpromotion, #bookpublicity #bookmarketing #bookedonradioshows, #branding #AnnieJenningsPR

National expert status builds brand, brand builds community, community attracts opportunity. Annie’s PR strategy to create national expert status includes securing big brand major media that showcases your expertise. Build up your media bio substantially to outperform others when securing media. The media chooses strong, credentialed and accomplished experts for their articles, quotes and blogs. #AnnieJenningsPR #CreateNationalExpertStatus #Branding #Marketing 

Get booked on the nationally syndicated radio shows – they all the rage! After 10 interviews, our financial expert was heard on 1700+ radio stations! She blanketed the USA with her book PR on big media brands SiriusXM, Westwood One, iHeart Media+. Publicity on radio shows for book publicity &  launches is powerful. Unlimited media training for radio publicity campaign at #AnnieJenningsPR. #unlimitedmediatraining, best radio publicity, best publicist for authors

Want to be happy with your PR firm for your publicity? Authors tell #AnnieJenningsPR their sad stories of working with other PR firms. They tell us they love our hands on approach, that they can reach us quickly and get special attention. They love our performance guarantee and the big perks that come with their radio campaigns. #bookpromotion, #bookmarketing, #PRfirm, #radiopublicity #radio campaign #radioauthorspromotion, #getbookedonradioshows

It’s more important to be seen in the media as an expert than to write a book. Annie Jennings, national publicist, has booked thousands upon thousands of authors & experts in the media. These clients report they attracted new opportunities. “It’s not about a book at all,” says Annie. “Success is about rising to the top of your industry as a valuable leader. BINGO!” #CreateNationalExpertStatus #Publicity #AnnieJenningsPR  

Big city radio talk show bookings for our publicity client. Our publicity expert (psychologist) was booked on radio talk shows across the USA (dealing w stress). #AnnieJenningsPR kicked off their radio campaign with interviews in top markets PLUS National shows too. Radio interviews reaches tens of thousand or more of listeners. Get unlimited media training free! #bookpromotion, #bookmarketing, #PRfirm, #radiopublicity #radio campaign #radioauthorspromotion, #getbookedonradioshows

Millions of reasons why you should NOT write a book. You are giving away your intellectual property for pennies on the dollar – for pennies on the millions you can earn from your knowledge. It’s better for your brand & demand for your services to create national expert status. If you write a book, front load your media so you are OUT FIRST. #Millionsofreasonswhy #AnnieJenningsPR #publicity #bookpromotion #expertstatus    

Get booked on TV shows in local cities, online TV shows, major websites and networks. To get booked on TV shows in any city, the author, expert or guest has to match the profile of the TV show’s demographic. 1st question to ask is if you are a match for the viewers. If not, just rework your pitch authentically. #TVpublicity #TVmedia #TVbookpromotion #GetbookedonTV #AnnieJenningsPR

Best radio publicity campaign for book launch, book promotion and marketing. Authors tell us the our PR firm, #AnnieJenningsPR, is the best for getting booked on top radio shows & nationally syndicated shows. Our stress and lifestyle author booked on 530 radio stations-Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Denver, Seattle, Miami, Vegas, Tampa, plus everywhere in between via five National Shows! #bookpromotion, #bookmarketing, #PRfirm, #radiopublicity #radio campaign #radioauthorspromotion, #getbookedonradioshows

I received a call from the Federal Government that had heard me on the radio. She bought my book and really wanted me to talk to some of her groups that included the Smithsonian, The American Museum of Black History along with a lot of Federal Institutions. It was an esteemed invitation. I was thrilled to get that call. It was unexpected. – Gail F. Author

The #AnnieJenningsPR radio talk show publicity campaigns offer significant exposure. Annie’s political author was booked on one of the major nationally syndicated radio talk shows that reports over 6 million weekly listeners. The syndicated radio show reached 325 stations including major cities & media markets such as Dallas, Boston, Phoenix and more! Big time exposure for his brad and his book. #radiopublicity #radiocampaign #authormarketing #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #topPRfirmforauthors #selfpub  

Be heard across the USA with your marketing and publicity message with a national radio campaign. Significant exposure for our best radio campaign authors and experts. In this case our, election expert was heard on on over 1100 radio stations this week! Plus major National TV to boot. Booking strong at @AnnieJenningsPR #publicrelations #publicity #prfirm #mediabookings #publicist #majorbigbrandmedia #TVbookingsforauthors #selfpublished #selfpub #selfpublishedauthor #radioguest

TV Publicity For Experts, Professionals, Major Authors #AnnieJenningsPR author expert got booked on TV show that aired 107 times on news shows across the USA as well as major online news media. The publicity value and exposure is tremendous. Publicity, branding, marketing and book launches need major national publicity. #marketing #breakingnewsexperts #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #business #publicrelations #prfirm #topprfirm #AnnieJenningsPR #radiocampaign #publicity #1PRfirmforauthors #getbookedinthemedia #onlinemarketing #onlinepublicity #branding

As a first-time published author, I was very unsure of what I needed to do to help promote my book, Defeating Depression: The Calm and Sense Way to Find Happiness and Satisfaction, but I knew I HAD to do SOMETHING! In my search as to how to promote my book, I came across your website. In a “sea” of Public Relations agencies, I found yours and your smile. That initially spoke to me. (The fact that we are both New Jersians was a bonus!). Your smile said to me, “This is a REAL person who cares.” and was I right about that! You responded to me personally and quickly and when we spoke, I immediately felt that I had made the right choice. Your true interest and honesty made my decision to work with you and your staff an easy one! The publicists who work for you were just as friendly and interested, and I quickly felt as if family were working for me. The radio interviews scheduled for me came quickly and carefully. Great stations, great time slots and insightful pitching helped the FIRST RUN OF MY BOOK SELL OUT!That RARELY happens with first-time authors, and I am sure that without Annie Jennings PR, it would not have happened for me. You guys found great news stories for me to discuss on the air, and found the perfect times and audiences for me to speak to. I am more than grateful for all of your personalized care and that is why I decided to continue working with you after my initial contract was well-exceeded! If anyone is REAL about fulfilling their dreams, your agency is the right and only one to go with because you are all real people with real care and dedication! THANK YOU! – Leo B.

Get booked on major media outlet websites as the quoted expert with #Publicity. Authors and experts use media bookings to build their career. Your book showcases your ideas, talent & expertise. Next, get booked in the media as an expert – USA TODAY to to & power your reputation and create media assets. #BookPromotion #BookMarketing #Branding #Publicity #BestPRFirmForMarketing #TopMarketRadioCampaign #AnnieJenningsPR #BestPRFirmAuthor #Self-Publishing #SelfPub #TopPRFirmForAuthors

Genuine is hard to fake. Annie is genuine. Again, you are an author or speaker and you have a first book coming out. You are bombarded with other PR firms making promises about what they can do for you and I have spoken with a few of them. Again, you cannot fake being genuine. That was the sense I got with Annie right away. There was no false promises. She did not say she was going to make me a star. She set up the expectations clearly. Set up the services clearly. We can go here, we can do that, then maybe later we can go here . . . No hard push. I did not feel any hard push such as with other firms who say “if you don’t do this today then I am not going to be able to do this.” None of that. Everything was all very genuine and she listened to me. – Louie Gravance, Author

Get UNLIMITED podcast media training with #AnnieJenningsPR Learn great guest podcaster skill set. Sell more books, attract new clients & opportunities. Award-winning media trainer helps you learn how to be a top podcast guest including how to promote your book, products, services and speaking topics to your podcast listeners. #podcastmediatrainer #podcastmediatraining #BookPromotion #BookMarketing #Branding #Publicity #BestPRFirmForMarketing #TopMarketRadioCampaign #AnnieJenningsPR #BestPRFirmAuthor #Self-Publishing #SelfPub #TopPRFirmForAuthors  

Annie Jennings is the CEO and “Best of the Best” when it comes to public relations for authors at her company Annie Jennings Publicity. Annie has been “in the business” of promoting and publicizing authors for years. I have known Annie for a long time and I have referred previous clients to her over the years. Annie evaluates potential clients based on whether she feels her team can meet the needs of the prospect and only takes on clients whom she feels her team can perform at 100%, whether is for radio interviews, on-camera interviews, and “for performance” publicity. Annie can talk with you more about the different levels of publicity she and her team can provide. One of the best parts about Annie’s services is that whichever level of service you choose to engage with her includes unlimited media training. Her team is there for you for every interview.

Publicity Tip: Be the commentator in a big brand online media outlet. The media vets you as an expert in your field. Their brand passes their credibility through to you. If the site links back to your site, you also get pass through online authority via how SEO works. Annie Jennings PR books online media. Expert commentator publicity, online media bookings, thought leader status, #AnnieJenningsPR

TV show publicity for exposure and thought leader status. Stand out.  Get booked on TV shows in major cities. TV shows are booking via zoom. Authors can now travel across the USA without leaving their homes. TV is a publicity strategy for marketing, branding and creating thought leader status. Book promotion, marketing, TV publicity, best PR firm for authors experts, affordable book PR, Annie Jennings PR

Get lots of publicity for your new book. Enter book festivals. Authors get additional exposure for their book by entering book festivials. During this covid time, the book festivals may change how they are attended. Check how they are moving forward this year. Here are a few book fairs and festivals to get authors started: #AnnieJenningsPR #bookpromotion #majoronlinemedia #publicity #marketing #thoughtleader

Publicity for media assets to be a top expert! Want to be booked on TV shows or in major online media? #AnnieJenningsPR is booking guests. Consultants want to be in the media as an expert to get a competitive edge. Influential consutlants are being hired to help companies land on their feet! Get booked on TV Shows, business publicity, online media marketing, top PR firm

Choose your publicity firm or PR agency based on previous successes.  Put together to team of publicity, marketing, branding professionals that excel in their expertise. They help you excel to your maximum potential. Experts know what to do & don’t have to experiment to see what works. They  know the process that leads to the deliverables you want for yourself. #Publicity #Marketing #Branding #Mediaplacements #AnnieJenningsPR

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As a result of working with Annie Jennings PR, Race & Labor Relations Expert, Jason Greer, has become the “Go To” Diversity Expert for WTOP Radio in Washington DC and a trusted source in the latest race and labor relations news for media across the country, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and FOX News Radio. “Annie made this happen for me. There is no going back after working with Annie.” – Jason Greer

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Authors ask who is the best publicist or best publicity firm for books? Look at the publicist’s area of expertise to see what is best for your goals. Work with Annie for biggest and best exposure. “My book sales soared after just one week of starting Annie’s radio campaign!” –  Author, Don G. Best publicist, best publicity firm for authors, best book marketing PR firm, Annie Jennings PR

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We began a search for PR firms. We realized that we had grown to the point where we wanted to get our name out. Annie kept coming up, kept coming up and kept coming up in our searches. I wanted to go with somebody who had a high visibility and Annie Jennings PR had a high visibility.

That’s right. This is not our first rodeo. #AnnieJenningsPR books the breaking news. Our experts want to be the quoted or interviewed experts in these situations. Why? It make them socially relevant. It builds up their credibility, clout, reputation and influence. They have an opinion that the media finds important – great for the expert’s brand. Publicity, Best publicist for breaking news bookings, National PR firm, Annie Jennings PR […]

Experts on breaking news issues and social impact. From businesses, to wellness & health, to relationships & marriage, to parenting & home-schooling to just about anything to do with day to day life, the impact of Coronavirus would be in demand. Our expert appeared in this mege online media booking. Publicity with top publicity firm Annie Jennings PR. National media in radio shows, TV shows & online media.

“I had PR firms that I had given monthly retainers to & got nothing. With #AnnieJenningsPR in just 24 hours I had 5 national bookings! Annie will be the best thing you ever did for your career.”

Annie Jennings PR books clients in the media in breaking news conditions. An established national publicity firm #AnnieJenningsPR knows how to respond to the media in a fast-past news cycle. Annie Jennings PR is a top national PR firm with tremendous experience and long established relationships with the media. Get booked on radio publicity, TV shows and online media.

“Professional, prompt and pleasant. This is just a few words to describe my experience working with Anne Jennings PR and her team. As a guest I knew exactly what to expect and they over delivered. They follow up after ensuring I was not just another number but a valued guest they appreciated. This is huge and connects to my message of visibility is power. It means a great deal to be able to share my message of being seen and heard and leave the experience feeling empowered like I support my clients. Bravo Anne Jennings and team!”

NO RETAINER Publicity – Just Performance Guarantees #AuthorAdvocateAnnieJennings NO RETAINERS! Real client Dan, says this #AnnieJenningsPR: “I had PR firms on monthly retainers & got nothing. At Annie’s in 24 hours I had 5 national bookings. Annie’s PR team delivers fast.” #Publicity Work with top publicist for authors, books, platform building and brand building with media placements on radio publicity, bookings on TV show and major brand online media.

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#AuthorAdvocateAnnieJennings #NOMonthlyRetainer Top city radio publicity fo authors, experts and speaker promotion. “I was on12 radio talk shows. I had an increase in website traffic-a spike in book sales-more followers. I got calls for speaking events!!! Got new clients!!! WITH ANNIE, the momentum was always on!” Real publicity success story with #AnnieJenningsPR. Get booked on big city radio shows and nationally syndicated shows.

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With Annie Jennings PR, the momentum is always on. That really motivated me. It made me want to prioritize all my projects with Annie Jennings PR!  – Real client, Anita K.

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Get the best radio talk show campaign for your author publicity.   Anita K, was booked on radio talk shows in New York City, Boston, Seattle, St. Louis, Cincinnati & more plus 4 National Shows! Booked on SiriusXM Radio, 1010 WINS, iHeart Media & Entercom. Radio publicity, best radio talk show booker, guaranteed deliverable PR, pay for performance PR, pay for placement publicity, unlimited media training, Annie Jennings PR firm.

Experienced, professional, tried and true media bookers at #AnnieJenningsPR! The high-impact Annie Jennings PR team, who together have 100+ years of media booking segment producing experience, know what to do & when to do it! Tell us of your interest in the major media on Coronavirus related issues. Get booked in the media on coronavirus issues. Economy & finance media bookings, business, family & health media bookings with #AnnieJenningsPR

Are you a Coronavirus experts – from the economy to finance to family to health and more?  There are a media opporutnities if you have qualifying credentials that the media wants you to have. No touch. You appear via skype, radio telephone interviews, online articles or commentary. #AnnieJenningsPR is booking across USA-experts sharing their thoughts, ideas and knowledge. Booked in the media with Annie Jennings PR

Be a guest on radio talk shows, TV shows via skype, online major TV & online media about Coronavirus issues. Our labor industry pro on mass unemployment on Top 50,000 watt Radio Stations big markets – San Francisco, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh & more. Media bookings major cities  coronavirus issues. Best publicity firm for experts getting booked on major media radio publicity, TV shows, national TV shows, major online media sites

Andrea first heard of Annie Jennings PR at a publicity event where everyone was talking about Annie.The next day she had Annie on the phone. Annie got her three major media thought leader placements within a month for a fraction of the price that other firms charge who don’t guarantee anything.

Get the best radio publicity talk show interview campaign. With #AnnieJenningsPR top radio publicity campaign be heard in big cities sharing your book marketing. In her first four radio interview bookings our client Teresa G. was heard on over 1700 stations. Talk about a fast start! Best radio publcity, best talk show interview PR booker, who is the best marketing firm for authors? Annie Jennings PR!

Give expert advice on TV, in influential online media and on radio talk shows. Everyone is clamouring for inspiration and knowledge to get their businesses through to the other side. And when they do, how do they rebuild. Business recovery and rebuilding experts in great demand. Best PR firm for business experts, best PR firm for finance experts. Major local & national media booking. 

Get booked in the media as an expert on socially relevant news issues? Annie Jennings PR firm has booked 25,000+ media in the last 10 years on radio talk shows, in print media, in outstanding online media and local, regional and national TV. Booked on TV news shows, NYC city TV, booked on Los Angeles TV, bookings in any city. Best PR firm for getting booked.

Radio publicity interview for book marketing launch strategy Big cities big radio show telephone interviews on big radio stations for author book marketing.  Author was booked in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Seattle, San Diego and more top market coverage. Great job!  #Publicity #TopPRFirmForAuthors Get booked with Annie Jennings PR guaranteed deliverable radio campaign. Big radio shows in major cities.

Get booked in the media as a guest on radio talks shows, TV shows and in top brand online media.  If you can speak to  issues such as business, investments, finance to online learning, health, parenting and more, this is your time. Radio talk shows allow you to reach across the USA via telephone from your home or office. Media bookings for Coronavirus experts with credentials.

Get booked on TV Publicity! Watch our client on national business TV talking about the strength of the consumer. This expert was booked as a breaking news guest in response to a stock market move. TV publicity offers tremendous exposure and great to build up your brand. TV publicity for experts, get booked on TV, national TV bookings for experts.

Get publicity in major media with #AnnieJenningPR booking experts. Get set up now to share your book or speaker message with America in topic and your expertise. #AnnieJenningsPR is a trusted source of guests. Now can be your time. Topics include lifestyle, feature, finance, investments, stock market analyst, economy, leadership, psychology and more. Publicity firm for top level media guests, get booked on finance media.

How to work with a great publicity firm? Authors, experts and speakers want to know how to hire the best publicity firm. That’s the key. To find the right PR firm with a booking specialty in your topic area. #AnnieJenningsPR offers the top radio campaign with big shows in the major cities. Radio publicity, best PR firm for radio bookings, get booked on radio

How to find podcasts in your area of expertise That’s what a lot of authors, speakers and experts want to know. They ask our firm, #AnnieJenningsPR how to find podcasts for their topic. Podcasts specialize – from news talk, to political to contemporary, pop culture, feature, business, sports etc. Podcast resource for finding the top podcasts in each topic or genre by Annie Jennings PR  

How to be a guest on a podcast? National Publicist #AnnieJenningsPR tells what you need to know to get booked on a podcast. Annie offers valuable insider strategy. Annie is an author advocate, happiest when YOU ARE ON THE AIR sharing your message. See’s Annie’s publicity blog for replay. #AnnieJenningsPR books podcasts for authors, experts & speakers. There are over 800,000 podcasts with 30 million episodes on iTunes.

“You are amazing!!! Seriously, I love booking with you. Never a hassle, always easy, always available. I truly appreciate that. You guys are wonderful! Thanks again for everything.” Network Radio

TV publicity adds power & influence to your media bio. Get powerful TV media assets. Add credibility, influence & clout to your platform. Major TV bookings in Los Angeles, NYC, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington DC & more are very difficult to book. Top TV helps you compete and secure other TV as well. TV Publicity, Get booked on TV shows, Get booked in major cities, #AnnieJenningsPR

TV publicity for marketing, branding and publicity. Watch our client as he appears on Dallas TV talking about how to say “no” to someone without feeling bad about it or having them think less of you. How do you say no? Our guest booked on TV tells us how to say no that makes both feel good. Get TV publicity, booked on TV, TV shows booker, #AnnieJenningsPR

How do you market in a competitive marketplace with millions of competitors? With lots of big brand media. It’s a defining asset.  Bowker recently released their new stats and self-publishing is at an all time high – latest stats show a 40% increase over the year before. With #AnnieJenningsPR you stand out from the crowd and get the media attention. Get performance publicity from top media publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR!

Media placements are a marketing strategy and tool for your business. Media placements are like buying desk for your office or creating a website. Necessary to running a business. So are media hits now. It’s no longer optional to have a media in top media brands. It’s a challenging & crowded book & self-publishing market place. Gone are the days of the expensive monthly retainers. Get performance PR from #AnnieJenningsPR. 

It all started with radio. We began building our media profile with radio and media training. That was awesome. We moved into print, online media and television. It just doesn’t stop with Annie. My media profile is so big now I can’t even keep up with it. It’s just every day something new!”

Sign up for Annie’s successful Performance Publicity Program  Andrew Wittman PhD says “So much high-powered media gives you credibility. When you are on Major TV Networks as the expert or  in TIME magazine or Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, Men’s Journal, it puts you in a position of strength. Impossible to put a monetary value on it. It’s incredible.” Performance Publicity for business professionals, PhD, MBA, Attorneys, Medical Doctors

Watch our clients on National TV Show! Each client – authors to experts to speakers – is pitched to media outlets that have a profile that matches their subject matter. Clients work in Annie’s publicity ladder strategy to helps clients grow to their optimal potential. Radio publicity is a great PR strategy to get valuable guest experience. Radio publicity, TV publicity, get booked on TV Shows, #AnnieJenningsPR

Good publicity strategy for book marketing & promotion tips. Good publicity strategy involves good follow up. A major talk show producer just called us back to say, “I really appreciate the way you pitch & the way you stand up for your clients. We are a very fast-paced show & your pitches are good. You are a true pro!” Booking! Radio publicity, marketing, book promotion, #AnnieJenningsPR

Radio publicity for author marketing is about meaningful conversations. Some authors think being on a radio talk show is advertisement. In reality it is time to have a socially relevant conversation about a subject matter. The topic has to be a fit for the profile of the radio show. These are just the facts on how it works. #Radiopublicity #selfpub #marketing #authors #AnnieJenningsPR

TV booking for publicity for PhD, MBA, JD, M.D. – top PR Firm for professionals.  #PerformancePublicity Dr. Bell signed up for our Performance Publicity Program – NO monthly retainers. Sara, Dr. Bell’s Performance Specialist, spotted a study released perfect for Dr. Bell’s. Sara created a pitch FAST-landed the TV booking. #Publicity #PublicRelations #AnnieJenningsPR #WEGOTYOU! Get booked on TV shows with our Performance Publicity Programs  

Get publicity on TV shows in top cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, Boston and more! Authors getting publicity on TV shows get exposure for their books, brand and messaging. TV bookings by national publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR, can help you be heard and be seen as a top national expert authority. #TVPublicity #GetBookedOn TV #AnnieJenningsPR, national PR firm TV bookings.

Performance publicity by Annie is perfect for top experts.  Be set up with the media in advance. Target the media best to you. This is a great way to always be “in” the market. There are no retainers with our firm. Our PR firm is a performance organization as they can work precisely on securing the media that works for them. We Got You! #PRfortopprofessionals #AnnieJenningsPR #PhDmedia #MBAmedia

Publicity for professionals such as PhD, MBA, Doctorates, Advanced Education Degrees. Annie Jennings PR firm can access the highest levels of media that match your professional credentials. Get top level publicity in prestigious media from radio publicity to TV talk show or TV news/breaking news and major online media outlets including WSJ, NYTimes and more. Publicity for CEO, PhD, MBA, Doctorates, Advanced Education, Business Leaders