Radio campaign sells books.  Want to get your new book publicity? Radio talk show interviews reach across the USA. Congrats to our client Joan Ifland PhD for her great success with just a handful of radio interviews. She was heard on a national show  to 250 stations, major news network radio tour, celebrity syndicated show and major cities such as Chicago, Boston, Cincinnati, San Diego & more!

Book promotion campaign includes unlimited free media training. You’ll learn great guest skills to appear confident, media savvy & prepared for every radio interview. Here’s a tip. Be sure your pets are all taken care of in advance to create a secure & quiet environment for the show. Everyone can hear a dog barking in the background or worse set, barking outside your closed door! Get your book promotion from America’s #1 […]

Book promotion with top PR Firm, Annie Jennings PR is WOW! Here’s why our clients rave about their experience with our PR firm. Yesterday, we booked three clients on a major news radio network heard on 1,000 affiliates. That’s up to 3,000 stations of coverage for our authors and experts. Our goal is to be the best PR firm with the best guarantees, booking the big media brands.

National publicity for expert status. By working w Annie Jennings PR, Race & Labor Relations Expert, Jason Greer, became the “Go To” Diversity Expert for WTOP Radio in Washington DC & a trusted source in race and labor relations news for media, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and FOX News Radio. “Annie made this happen for me. There is no going back after working with Annie.” Get publicity with Annie Jennings PR

Publicity helps build credibility, influence and clout. We know the market is crowed with competitors. That’s ok. Not everyone will stand out. But you can. Annie Jennings PR specializes in career building publicity strategies. These PR strategies designed to let you create national expert status and get your competitive advantage. Get publicity for your business and career growth with Annie Jennings PR.  

Annie Jennings PR offers free media training for radio talk shows & TV! Right? And why wouldn’t we? There’s no additional built in costs to cover these additional #free book promotion service perks. Be fabulous on your radio or TV interview – confident, savvy and prepared. For TV, you’ll get Skype media training for message, image and on-camera techniques. Get unlimited media training for book promotion!  

Get publicity on TV, Book promotion, publicity and marketing a book has many publicity strategies including getting booked on TV shows as the guest. You’ll reach a big new audience and love the exposure. The video of you on TV shows can be shared on your website & social media. Excellent book promotion strategy.

#BookPromotion Dr. Isaac Alexis, booked all over the USA talking about opioid crisis. Dr. Alexis is booked SiriusXM syndicated radio that goes to 43 Radio Stations. Our firm is committed to our authors. Annie is a partner who believes in you. Nice job Dr. Alexis! Get your own publicity and book promotion radio talk show campaign to share your message and promote a book on

Publicity What do Annie’s real clients say about her book promotion strategy? Author says “Annie & her PR team are at the top of their game. They are extraordinary, talented & gifted”. Want more real success and book marketing stories from real authors about #AnnieJenningsPR? Visit real publicity and book promotion strategy success stories on our website.

BookPromotion Campaign for author book promotion. Here’s what can happen. Our new client, Joan Ifland Ph.D. just started her radio campaign. She is already booked on six radio talk interviews and will be heard on  over 270 stations! fast book promotion with a radio talk show campaign. Let’s go!

#Bookpromotion Publicity to increase your credibility, clout and prestige includes getting known as a national expert in your field. Comment on the news in your industry in the media to build up your reputation fast. Showcase your knowledge in a book so you can also use a book promotion strategy to fast track your career growth.

#Publicity Author tells Annie that he researched all the PR firms for book promotion, book marketing an author PR and Annie Jennings PR came on top in everyday. And why not? With Annie you get a performance guarantees, no monthly retainers, free media training, professional, established and connected publicists.

#Publicity Welcome to our new client Rebecca Walser for her radio talk show campaign and book promotion and marketing on TV shows, in print and online media. Rebecca signed up for the #1 publicity campaign in the business. Tremendous success already on the way!

#Publicity Wonderful to welcome aboard Dr. Alitta Kullman for her top radio markets radio talk show campaign . We’ll help her reach millions with her message. Radio for is a top strategy for getting your message out to a large population fast.

#BookPromotion What is a radio campaign? Many authors ask about the benefits of on a radio talk show. Benefits are extensive with widespread touring of USA via ‘phoner’. With our PR firm, you get #FREE unlimited media training, big shows in major cities and a performance guarantee! Radio campaign for book promotion.

#TVPublicity #LosAngeles Publicity Watch our PR client on a major Los Angeles TV show! TV is great for creating lots of buzz, credibility, influence and clout to your business strategy. Want TV? Get booked on TV show for major and impressive PR. Talk to Annie!

#BookPromotion New client tells Annie that “after he evaluated all the #PR firms out there, he came to the conclusion that NO ONE IS BETTER than #AnnieJenningsPR!” Want to find out more about working with Annie? See lots more of what they are saying about Annie’s #PR at #Publicity

#Publicity #Branding #Marketing Create influence in your area of expertise – make the connection you need to bring your business to its next level. Publicity to be seen and heard as a top professional leading to new opportunities & meeting new people. Be heard on radio talk shows, be seen on TV shows & get booked as contributor in print, online & blog media. Add media assets to your site & share on social media!

#BookMarketing #Book PR Discover the best, most powerful methods to market your new book. You can appear on radio show interviews that are done via “phoner” – you can blanket the USA with your book’s message via telephone interviews. Book promotion has never been easier. Share your book on  social media & have a book launch party for friends, associates and family where you give a talk, sign books and sell books!

#Publicity #TV Publicity Annie Jennings PR books authors and experts on the national TV shows. Watch our clients on the local, regional & national TV shows on our Annie Jennings PR YouTube. Get your professional advantage. Major media, top radio talk shows, performance guarantees, unlimited free media training & professional publicists w tremendous experience. Performance programs available for TV, print & online media. Radio campaigns come w a guarantee!

#Publicity #PRFirm Watch our publicity author and expert client on a LIVE TV SHOW out of one of the biggest cities in America, Los Angeles. Can you get booked on TV shows in major cities? Find out at #AnnieJenningsPR, a PR firm that books local TV appearances across the USA for book marketing, promotion and brand building.

#Publicity #PRFirm Get booked on your local TV shows to build up your reputation, credibility & clout. Call #AnnieJenningsPR to get booked on your local city media. Performance guarantees, professional, pinpointed pitching & #free media training to be confident, prepared & savvy on the air. Why not work with the #1 PR firm that thousands of author trust?

#Publicity #BookPromotion Watch our client on a top market #TV. Publicity on TV is a great way to build credibility, credentials and clout to empower your business growth. From Los Angeles to Chicago to Washington DC to NYC to Boston, Annie Jennings PR can book major TV media.

#Publicity, #PRFirm, #BookPromotion Why not work with the best publicist in the PR industry so you too can experience tremendous success. Listen to the real stories you can find on the home page of Annie Jennings and discover how Annie can help you too!

#Radio Campaign, #PRFirm,  What’s the best way to launch a new book that reaches lots of potential readers? It’s a radio talk show campaign. The shows are generally live shows and are done via telephone interview. Nice. It’s an effective publicity strategy to get your book’s title and message out to the masses very quickly.  

#Publicity, #PRFIRM  Congratulations on a wonderful 2017 and here’s to even more success in 2108 where you can increase the spotlight on you and all your accomplishments, credibility and insight on the important and emerging issues in your field. Up-level meaningful publicity on TV shows, in print and online media and radio talk show booking on the major radio shows as well as the regional and national radio shows.

#Publicity #PRFIRM What’s the big publicity secret that successful business people know? It’s to be seen and heard by your target community as one of the top experts in your area. Before you know it, clients will be coming to you as your reputation makes the rounds. Who is the best? YOU ARE!

#PRFirm #Publicity That’s right. Annie Jennings PR national PR firm is the go to firm for booking you on major media as the news breaks that is right for you. Don’t miss your chance at the brass ring. Annie offers performance based PR programs that do NOT include monthly retainer. You get to be out in the media without a high monthly retainer over time. It’s the key!

#Publicity #PRFIRM Want the media coming to you when a story break where you have the credentials, experience and media platform to be the best expert to comment on the story? Come to Annie Jennings PR, a national PR firm that specializes in booking the breaking news media in TV shows, in print and online media and on the biggest radio shows in the USA.

Want one of the best PR and branding strategies that when combined with advertising and other forms of outreach is consider a never-fail? It’s getting publicity, that is mentioned, on major media such as TV shows, in print and online media and being a guest on the top market radio talks shows and regional/nationally syndicated radio networks!

#Publicity Get booked on major TV shows in major USA cities. Contact national publicist, Annie Jennings PR This highly-respected #PRfirm has extensive, impressive history of booking clients on TV shows across the USA. TV publicity in all major cities, morning shows, national TV and local/regional TV media.

TV publicity on shows in major cities. Authors and experts who think that getting booked on the major TV shows in the top cities in the USA will help their business growth model are correct! Contact AnnieJenningsPR to speak with Annie to find out how her national publicity firm with thousands of impressive TV, radio show, online media and print bookings can help you!

#Publicity Annie Jennings PR’s philosophy of her business is “for the betterment of all”.  Annie Jennings had dedicated her life to the pursuit of her clients’ success. Annie uses her knowledge of media to shape a publicity strategy that is designed especially for the author or expert to help share their message and reach their PR goals.

#Publicity #1PRfirm Our clients tell us that the be Holiday gift they can give themselves is the gift of success – tried and true marketing and publicity strategies the that move their business model forward. Ask Annie how her clients optimize their publicity to their advantage from TV shows to radio talk shows to appearing in print and in online media.

#TVPublicity TV appearances can benefit your business growth model using publicity strategy. Being a guest on a TV show is a valuable part of creating national expert status, building credibility & showcasing your expertise. Watch lots of our clients get #publicity on TV! A comprehensive PR strategy is the key to success – radio talk show, print and online media as well as appearing on TV shows.

Many book promotion and publicity clients tell us how unhappy they are with their old or previous PR firm. Nothing happened, they say. But with Annie Jennings PR, our clients report wonderful thing happening to them from being called for services, speaking events and new opportunities!

#Publicity #1PRFirm Get booked on the Top City TV shows to showcase your talent, expertise, credibility and influence, plus add lots of momentum to your growing business model. Nothing succeeds like success and appearing on TV showcases your success and attracts the attention you deserve. Clients tell our PR firm that their media with us attracts new opportunity.

Being a guest on a TV show has the ability to tremendously influence your brand, add to your credibility and national expert status. Many of our clients use a #PR strategy that includes TV shows, radio talk shows, print and online media to move their business model forward much to their success.

Watch our PR client on a TV show! Get booked on TV with national publicity firm Annie Jennings PR. This PR firm has worked with & booked thousands of clients on TV shows, radio shows, in print & online media.

#RadioPublicity Reach across USA as a guest on a radio talk show. Shows are ‘PHONERS’ – you can be anywhere and still be a guest on the show. Our firm is booking lots of big radio shows now. And guess what? Your radio campaign comes with a performance guarantee and unlimited media training. Plus our PR firm guarantees big shows in major cities. There is no other radio campaign like […]

Watch our real publicity client on a TV show talking about a topic that falls within her area of expertise. Now this author has earned a publicity asset that she can repurpose on her social media, on her website and promotional videos about her company and more. Media assets are a valuable marketing and promotion took you can use to build confidence and certainty for your clients.

#BookPR #Publicity tip for marketing a new book: Get booked on a #radiocampaign to reach millions FAST via a telephone call! With radio interviews you get tremendous exposure and a devoted audience listening to your every word.  You can showcase your expertise and promote your book in the interview. No problem. #AnnieJenningsPR offers the #1 most powerful radio campaign your money can buy (you get unlimited #mediatraining #FREE and a performance guarantee).

#MediaTrainingTip Annie’s award-winning media trainer says “be sure you are not disturbed while you are live and on the air.” Get set up in advance so you have a nice quiet environment for the interview. With an #AnnieJenningsPR radio campaign you get #FREE unlimited media training so you learn the skill set to being a great expert on the air – savvy, prepared and confident!

Annie Jennings PR Firm is a top national publicity firm the that many authors and experts call the best PR firm they have ever work with on their professional and promotional goals. Annie is respected for her performance based publicity programs and #1 radio talk show campaign in the major cities in the U.S. that includes unlimited media training FREE!

#BookPromotion Annie’s radio PR & publicity media campaigns book up like hotcakes. Our PR firm books general interest, news & lifestyle topics. Be sure to connect with #AnnieJenningsPR firm to talk about how to optimize your publicity and promotion goals.

#MediaTraining Get unlimited media training w our radio publicity campaigns. here is a simple yet LIFE-SAVING tip – get pets comfy before the show so they are all set to relax during your ‘live and on the air’ radio interview (we don’t want barking at the door because they want to watch their favorite show)!

#Publicity Discover the real way to get publicity by getting booked on a national TV show. Talk with professional publicist, Annie Jennings, who shares what it takes to get this PR job done for you. Annie Jennings PR firm has booked thousands of authors, experts and guests across the board in TV, radio, online and in print. Are you next?  

Ever wonder who is the best choice for you to hire for your book promotion and publicity plans? It’s a great question to ask – ‘who should I hire for my publicity goals?’. The first question to ask anyone you are thinking of working with is about their area of expertise. And the first rule of thumb is to ask “what is in it for you” – that is, what […]

Why is it special to work w Annie Jennings PR? Clients offer us wonderful thank you’s as we begin and work with them on their campaign. They tell me they feel special as if they were the only ones in the world. Listen to this real publicity story to get an idea of what it is like to work with our PR Firm. publicity includes radio talk shows & more.

It’s the fall season and although the season promises lots of beauty and fun, the one thing it means to book authors is that there is more competition for book promotion opportunities. As if it wasn’t hard enough for authors, the season can make it even more challenging to get the media’s attention. But work with Annie Jennings PR for a much better outcome for yourself and your book promotion.

Get the publicity you need to move your business, your career and your brand forward. Many successful experts get booked in the media as an analyst or contributor and soon clients are coming to them. This is one of the best kept secrets and best of all, PR at Annie Jennings PR does not have to be ‘over the top’ expensive. Our radio campaigns are guaranteed.

Annie Jennings PR’s book publicity and book promotion process is about helping the authors build up and brand themselves at their highest levels of achievement. I advise our clients to invest their publicity budge and finances in securing media assets and PR accomplishments they can use to leverage and empower their careers, expert status, brands and businesses.

Authors, experts and speakers can be a podcast guest on either JenningsWire Online Magazine or on Annie’s Showcase Of Elite Experts. Ask Annie how you can broaden you brand and gain lots of social media exposure by being a podcast guest for Annie Jennings PR.

Want to get booked quickly on radio talk shows, TV shows, in print and online media when a breaking news topic comes up? Be signed up with Annie’s guest booking publicity service so you can immediately be pitched to the media outlets that would work best for you given the news cycle. Ask Annie how to get ready in advance.

There are some experts you should know if you are an author, speaker or business leader wishing to go to your next level. Annie Jennings PR books guests on TV shows, radio talks shows, in print media and in online media. The time is now to create a lot more buzz around who you are and what you do. Connect with publicity expert, #AnnieJenningsPR – a top PR firm that […]

Touch the stars with the famous #AnnieJenningsPR publicity ladder strategy. Annie’s professional team of expert publicists will bring you up the ladder of media success. Create national expert status, clout and influence by being a contributing expert or analyst in the major media outlets such as Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, CNBC, Bloomberg TV and lots more

#AnnieJenningsPR landed a feature profile on client, Phil Hellmuth, author of Poker Brat. Let Annie help you get #publicity on the highest levels available to you. Work with at top PR firm with an impressive history of booking the BIG MEDIA. #bookpromotion – #marketing – #branding

#Publicity #AnnieJenningsPR’s radio talk show campaigns come with unlimited media training, bookings on big radio shows in big cities & on the nationally syndicated shows. IMPORTANT – you get a performance guarantee. You get what you sign up for so you know in advance that you can count on this campaign for major exposure. Tour the USA via radio talk show ‘phoners’.

Watch our client on The TODAY SHOW. Getting booked on the major TV shows helps you build up credibility and provides extensive exposure. There are various types of media so be sure to get booked on the media that has a profile that works with your area of expertise. That’s a good PR secret to know!

#MediaTraining Quiz for media guests! What’s 1 of the top 5 things you should know to be able to give a great radio talk show interview? We have a top Award-Winning media training pro who is available (training for radio talk shows is over the phone as it’s your voice, etiquette and content that matters) to be sure you are prepared, savvy and confident for your shows plus create a […]

Congrats Kathy on your big radio talk show booking with our PR firm. Author of Becoming Brilliant, Kathy Hirsh-Pasek was booked on a major national network that broadcasts out to 1000 stations. Her message will be heard across the USA.

#Publicity Lot of summer booking fun happening for our clients from The Today Show to major radio shows in the big cities. Join the fun!

Real publicity PR client tells of how a firm heard him as a guest on a radio talk show and tracked him down. They offered him a lucrative opportunity to lead a one day workshop. They loved his performance on the radio show. Who booked him on the show? Annie Jennings PR! Annie provides the #1 radio talk show campaign your money can buy.

#Publicity We get it. You want to be extremely visible to your target market. We can do that for you. Want high exposure? Our PR campaigns are designed for exactly that! Visit our #PRfirm at to set up a publicity and book promotion call with Annie!

#TVPublicity Want to get booked on a TV to showcase your expertise? #AnnieJenningsPR can get you booked on the TV shows that will forward your credibility, prestige and help you become a star in your area of expertise. Get your publicity, marketing and book promotion with Annie Jennings PR.

Watch our publicity client on his TV appearance. Get more exposure on the high level media be sure to let us know as we can help you get booked. Our firm works with major authors, experts, CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs and more helping them build up their brand, credibility and national expert status. Building a stronger brand is very good for your business as you get your competitive advantage.

#SUMMERmusthave! Now is the time to tour the USA – but how about doing it from the beach – on the telephone. Radio shows offer lots of exposure to get your book’s message out into the world. Get 5 BIG radio show phoner interviews for book promotion at a great summer – leaving you with plenty of Margarita money!

#PR Ask what can your book do for your success. #AnnieJenningsPR does career & business success publicity. Lots of real client stories on how they used their publicity to propel their business forward on our site. Discover how to make PR a part of your business expansion plan.

Publicity for authors. Jim signed up with our PR firm because, as he tells it in this real publicity success story, he knew our firm could deliver the major media outcomes he needed to move his business strategy forward. He loved our performance based business model that is sweeping across the USA. We guarantee performance publicity. Our book PR clients LOVE IT.

#BookMarketing Tip. What’s the difference in PASSIVE vs ACTIVE marketing? Active is you out in the world on radio shows, TV shows in print and online media. Passive is just sending out a press release that might give you impressive stats yet nothing happens. You did not get the chance to talk about your book!

#Publicity Becoming a big brand is NOT something you can pull out of a drawer. It’s about creating trust with community of buyers. What is the role of publicity in creating a billion dollar brand? #AnnieJenningsPR knows and offers branding campaigns that take the best of you and expand it for all to see. It’s nice!

Congrats to client Brian for his outstanding TV show booking. Do you want exposure in certain cities like Brian? We book any city TV  under our performance program. Clients love the way we work – no monthly retainers. You stay in the game for a long time, enjoying lots of media – years if you like. You keep your competitive edge. You can take advantage of all we have to offer […]

#PR Want to make lots of people happy with your new book? Our authors LOVE sharing their message via a radio campaign that includes interviews in the big cities and nationally syndicated shows. Radio is an excellent media venue for touring the USA without ever leaving your home or office. If you want book promotion success, a radio campaign can help you.

One of the top publicity tips for authors for book exposure & platform building is to be booked on major radio talk shows including the nationally syndicated shows that can broadcast the author’s message and conversation across the USA. Authors appreciate that the radio show interviews can be conducted over the telephone saving on the costs of travel and other PR related expenses. Get booked on major radio shows!

#BookPromotion Congrats to our author, Dr. Judith, heard across the USA in top cities & top show #radio campaign via bookings over the phone. Nice! Our PR team books her on the BIG 50,000 watt shows (the city’s flagship stations) in markets w high-impact listenership – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Boston+ Please visit our website for your radio phoner campaign!

#Publicity New client says “I was searching to find just the right book promotion firm that’s perfect for us. We are promoting a highly-acclaimed wellness expert and medical doctor. I needed the ver best in the industry. I found #AnnieJenningsPR – HIGH ENERGY & LIGHT!” Check it out

#AnnieJenningsPR Just a little reminder to make it a great day. It’s ok to sometimes doubt yourself or wonder if you are doing it right. But at the end the day trust yourself to learn something new about what you are trying to accomplish. New discoveries trigger creativity and perhaps your next level or big new idea!

#BookPromotion Authors can make this one mistake – never feeling ready to go out into the world. We know how, we can help you TAKE ACTION! As book promotion experts, our PR team teaches you what you need to know to be successful and then puts you right in the middle of the action. It’s one thing to learn about PR, another to do it. You will find that it’s […]

#BookPromotion Learn all about how to make your author publicity a big success. This resource reveals the inside scoop on how book promotion can work for you.

#BookPromotion Is it time to know more about how publicity works & what you can expect as results? The more you know, the more you can help create the perfect PR strategy for yourself. Tell all at

#HappyClient Ever wonder what it is like to work with Annie? Well, here is what one of our happy clients has to say. “Annie and her amazing team! Annie Jennings is the sharpest shark in the shark tank of publicists!” I love you Annie and thank you for pushing me toward greater success! You have the best team ever! Intelligent, compassionate, professional and patient. Thank you again, Yvette.”

#RadioPR Oops! We got a radio PR talk show blooper below. Well, don’t worry. It won’t happen to you. You get unlimited media training with our professional on-staff media trainer for your book marketing campaign, #FREE when you work with our PR firm. You’ll learn how to be a savvy, confident & prepared guest. (NO shopping while on the air, NO cell phones either:))!

#BookPromotion Lots of authors sign up for 12 radio talk shows in their #radiocampaign but they get heard on over 1000+ stations or more. Wow, that’s #AnnieJenningsPR. Our PR firm is highly established & books BIG shows! With radio you reach a live audience listening to your every word. It’s active PR. You are living your dream of helping others w your message. Radio delivers tremendous access to the USA.

#BookPromotion Here’s how #AnnieJenningsPR does PR. Our author, Eva Rosenberg, signed up for 10 radio talk shows & was heard on 1000+ radio stations! Eva is a professional spokesperson, author and speaker who has worked with many other PR firms and says “Annie’s team is the best I have ever worked with!”

#PR #AnnieJenningsPR offers authors and experts unlimited media training with an award-winning on-staff radio talk show professor and former news producer and booker. Tip: Do not use a cell phone – voice quality is low and the line can sound staticky.

Getting my book promotion has resulted in massive impact not only in my professional life but also in my personal life. This has been an experience of a lifetime. I am indelibly changed by this experience.

#Publicity Discover why #AnnieJenningsPR’s clients always give her a five star review. They LOVE her #FREE unlimited media training, over-delivery and guaranteed deliverables too. And this PR firm use the performance-based publicity model. Lots of real “five star” reviews on our site. Enjoy! A

#BookPublicity Hey Authors, who is in the mood to create a nice BIG BUZZ about you, your book and your message? Visit for top level, experienced book promotion for successful marketing.

#BookPromotion Real publicity client says “Annie’s PR team is a true friend who is there for you, who wants your best interests at heart and provides you with the guidance you need on a professional level to make sure that you succeed”.

#AuthorPR Real client says that “Annie provides the professional guidance you need to succeed. She makes sure you avoid any roadblocks and that you are well-prepared for the radio interviews. Her PR team told me about the hosts, their personalities and the show’s background plus the #free unlimited media training was powerful!”

#OffAgainClient At #AnnieJenningsPR you can be an ‘on-again/OFF-again’ client. And it won’t cost you a dime because at our firm, we do not charge monthly retainers where time is money.  Opposite the retainer model, we do not charge a fee for time passing (pssst, you can also ask us to call you with juicy media opportunities in your hammock. We are good with that too).

“I would say to anyone thinking about working Annie to jump over that fence very quickly. It was worth every single moment that I spent with them”.

#RadioInPajamas Tour the USA with your book and message while still in pajamas. How? The radio shows are ‘phoners’. They call you & BINGO you are on the air! Radio offers outstanding book promotion opportunities to a substantial, ready to listen audience. Don’t miss Annie’s #1 radio talk show campaign. Big #FREE perks – unlimited media training, performance guaranteed, big shows, big markets only, plus national shows.

#PublicityWithAnnie Why is publicity with Annie so heartwarming? She offers so many #FREE perks that just make you feel soooo good!

My main goal was to increase my credibility to increase my speaking fees eventually. But higher fees came much sooner than expected.  The radio campaign has already paid off! – Anna Conrad JD, Author & Speaker

#Publicity Watch our client on major finance TV show – targets his exact business growth market. Could you get on? Contact #AnnieJenningsPR to talk about getting booked on major media to help grow your brand.

Be an expert on Annie’s online magazine, EliteWire. Great opportunity to showcase your talents! Experts include SEO, book promotion, digital marketing, online advertising and more. Sign up here: to speak with a producer and schedule your podcast time.

Watch our client on TV. Appearing TV shows helps create a powerful and influential brand. Work with Annie Jennings for performance guarantees and access to the media just right for your PR strategy.

#POPQUIZ Which PR firm holds the key to your success? Is it #AnniejenningsPR? Lots of real stories of our client’s BIG success on our site! Get performance guarantees, unlimited media training, professional publicists with rich media contacts!

#Branding Publicity Plan: First thing, work with #AnnieJenningsPR to build up powerful media assets and then climb the ladder to success. Annie’s clients do it everyday!

“My main goal was to increase my credibility to increase my speaking fees eventually. But higher fees came much sooner than expected!  The radio campaign has already paid off!” – Leadership Expert, Anna Conrad

Watch our finance client on major TV. Be sure to connect if you are a business, finance, politics, security, world events experts.

#RadioCampaign Just released Neilson reports says radio talk show listenership skyrockets. Want to reach a big audience FAST by being a guest on a radio show? You can get booked FAST at Annie Jennings PR. Radio is great for book promotion, publicity and branding.

#BookPromotion Neilson says radio talk show listenership is breaking out BIG. They report “astounding new growth” in listenership. #AnnieJenningsPR books the big news talk shows in the major markets plus the nationally syndicated shows that reach across the USA. Clients love our radio campaign as it come with a guaranteed deliverable – you must get booked on the shows we promise. UNLIMITED MEDIA TRAINING comes with your campaign #FREE.

Testimonial for Annie Jennings PR: “In 5 minutes, Annie outlined a spot-on PR campaign for my book with an out-of-the-box idea I would never have thought of in a million years — and keep in mind that I am the author of Public Relations for Dummies!” Bob Bly, Author of 70+ Books including The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Direct Marketing

#Publicity PR for business, finance, economy, retirement, legal pros & more. This could be you! Visit our website to connect with Annie and find out how you can get significant media exposure to build a much stronger brand and move your business growth strategy forward.

People are right when the say building a brand is hard work. It takes consistency over time in more than one area. Publicity is one of the elements that helps create a big brand and a strong reputation of influence. Competition is intense right now. Add to your ability to attract new clients who are impressed by your accomplishments.

#TVPublicity Watch our client on the air on a NYC TV show. Publicity on TV can help you create a big brand, establish expert status, credibility and clout. Annie offers a nice selection of PR opportunities that include performance guarantees and lots of free perks such as unlimited media training!

Then, I did the smartest thing I’ve ever done—hired Annie Jennings PR! J.P. Hansen

#IsThisYou? Are you ready to soar to your highest potential? Our book promotion and PR clients tell us that our publicity efforts and all that we helped them with changed their lives. We created confidence in them that helped them go for their dreams! Can it happen to you? We think so. Be sure to connect with Annie Jennings PR – guaranteed deliverables, performance guarantee, unlimited media training with radio […]

#Publicity Success about knowing when to make the right moves. Credentialing yourself as a media expert can give you a tremendous competitive advantage. Discover how to use PR to your advantage. Work with a top NYC area public relations firm with a rich history of success.

Watch our client on The TODAY Show. Want to be a guest on one of the big national TV shows? There is a particular strategy that works well for this outcome. Connect with Annie and let her know of your publicity goals.

Annie has specialized publicity programs for new authors to help them optimize their PR potential. New authors should have a specific strategy that helps them build up in savvy, experienced and professional authors. Annie has a wonderful and effective newly published author strategy for you!  

#Executive PR Hey business pros. Want to work w a publicist who gets how business & finance works? Former Wall Street trader/Finance Advisor and publicity firm CEO, Annie Jennings, understands how the markets work, how investment works and how business works. This is an advantage for any biz/finance clients as our clients can be presented to the media in a way that makes sense for the business cycle.

The thing that made me sign with Annie was her track record, testimonials and simply talking with her. Our team searched the USA for the right PR firm and we unanimously chose Annie Jennings PR!

#Publicity Did you hear about #AnnieJennngsPR? They offer affordable book promotion services w a performance guarantee & NO RETAINERS. Love!

When working with our publicity firm, be a good client & starting working well with Annie now to build up her trust in you that only happens over time. Being a good client can put you in the running for publicity special events that along once in a lifetime it seems and can be important to your career.

Real client, Robin, says that anyone who wants to make a national impression needs to make working with Annie absolutely the very first thing that you do.

#Experts #Authors   Sometimes you need a little help in getting your message out into the world. At that point, it might be time to hire a PR firm the help you with your goals.

Brian Fielkow (just landed big spread in Wall Street Journal) says he signed up with Annie because of her stellar reputation and says he was “not disappointed!”.

People are always asking us how we achieve so much publicity success for our clients. I think there is a secret to our achievements that our most successful clients instinctively know. I reveal the inner workings of a client that makes it to the mountain top of success in this post.

Annie Jennings PR is on the hunt for business & finance experts to add to our roster for major media bookings. What’s the fastest way to build credibility, clout, influence & a tremendous competitive advantage? Appearing in the media as the guest expert for a big brand outlet. Our PR firm books these outlets if the clients are right for the show or media.

Connect with Annie Jennings PR for responsible, highly targeted &  strategic PR by experienced professionals. Brian signed up with us via LinkedIn and now look. He has achieved national expert status that he would not have had without working w our firm (yes, we are performance-based as well & our clients LOVE it). If you have today’s 3/3/17) WSJ print edition, be sure to look him up.

From power to prestige to recognition and appreciation for all of their hard work over the years, CEOs share one ideal, they truly want to help make the world a better place. Using their wisdom, credentials and experience they seek to help others. But how? How can CEOs get the exposure of their thoughts, ideas, analysis and solutions out into the world?

Our clients love that at our PR firm we help them discover their mission, message and passion so they can share their insights throughout the nation with their publicity strategy that includes a big show, big market radio PHONER campaign (you can tour the nation via telephone!).

Watch our publicity and book promotion client on The TODAY SHOW.  Author and expert, Steve McClatchy, did an excellent job on the show and in promoting his expertise, sharing valuable content and promoting his book. Very nice Steve!

Getting booked in the major media helps build a strong and powerful media bio that you can leverage into opportunity. You can grow your business, attract more clients and create credibility with Annie’s high powered publicity and marketing strategy.

Annie teaches our clients how PR works. We show them how their money is working for them and can prove it. We teach them what questions to ask if anyone else approaches them. Our PR clients know too much to be tricked into “I can give you twice as much for the same money”.

Watch our client, Ryan Gilliam, on a TV show promoting his expertise and his book. TV publicity helps build a strong media bio. Work with a national PR firm to get your best results.

 This is a fun post. It’s about what happened when a competitor tried to poach an Annie Jennings PR client. He gave up. Why? Because we educate our clients to know to ask the right question about deliverables and what’s in it for them in terms of results that matter.

Annie has a tremendous outgoing personality and having spoken with her she is definitely a very attractive woman with everything going for her. She is definitely somebody I want to be around.

I used Annie Jennings PR a few years ago I was tremendously pleased w the results. Over the last years I had taken a sabbatical from doing a lot of writing & getting out there. I decided I wanted to kick-start it again. I wrote a few books and thought who better than Annie to really do this properly–with commitment and excellence. I found working with Annie has been absolutely phenomenal.

If at first your publicity strategy does not work out for you, should you try again? “Yes, especially if you want career growth, new client attraction & message awareness. Oh, & not to mention brand building. Getting influential media works for you on so many levels,” says national publicist, Annie Jennings. “BUT THIS TIME TRY SMARTER w Annie Jennings PR, an industry leader in the marketing bringing our clients success.

Listen now to this real story of publicity success. Author says “Annie’s energy sweeps you up and her passion for her authors is evident, but most of all, the thing that clinched it for me was the fact that the placements are guaranteed. No other public relations firm would guarantee me any results. Only Annie Jennings!”

Pssst. Have you heard about the publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR? When you work with this book promotion firm you get lots of valuable perks such as free unlimited media training with your radio talk show campaign. You’ll love her professional PR staff – experienced, professional and friendly!

Our in-house team, both our business manager and our senior advisor, did extensive research nationwide to find PR firms. They interviewed a number of them and then the team unanimously chose Annie Jennings as the publicity firm we had the most confidence in.

Working with Annie’s PR team has given me a high profile media bio and now people call me from all over the world for advice. And that’s how you do it. That’s how you leverage your publicity into new clients.

#PR Don’t try to navigate the PR world by yourself. Let a professional guide you (who has tons of publicity experience & tons of contacts). Great prices, wonderful PR programs, tried and true strategies.

#AuthorPR Sometimes an author needs a little help to get their message out. You can count on Annie Jennings PR for high-impact radio campaigns w performance guarantees & unlimited FREE media training, bookings on TV shows in local and regional market & bookings on influential online media & in traditional print. Reach for Annie Jennings PR for the help you need. Great prices, professional & welcoming publicists.

#PRFIRM Remember the old days when getting new clients was much easier? Now everyone online is your competitor. Annie says publicity gives you a meaningful advantage in achieving your goals.

Watch our Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client Andrew Wittman, PhD Appearing on Good Day Charlotte FOX46

Wouldn’t it be nice if landing influential publicity opportunities was as easy as being a kid in a candy store? At Annie Jennings PR, you can target specific media that serves your interests. Mmmmm, so good!

Ken Mahoney hired Annie Jennings PR to do what no other PR firm had been able to do – get him booked on big NATIONAL TV. Annie did it FAST and now he’s landed a regular spot on a HUGE Financial TV Show. Ken says “work with Annie” if you really want the action

Annie Jennings Publicity Client, Gigi Schweizer On WBCS In NYC. Be sure to connect with Annie Jennings PR to get booked on local TV shows, regional and national shows.

  #AuthorPR Authors love discovering all the #FREE perks that come with our publicity programs. With Annie Jennings PR you get unlimited media training, performance guarantees, professional and experienced staff plus media placements that are meaningful and valuable to your goals and PR objectives.

#PR Getting booked on the major media that links back to your site is very powerful for SEO. Online media should be an integral part of your overall publicity strategy. offers online media and her PR and book marketing campaigns come with performance guarantees and lots of #FREE perks!

Publicity is good for your business. Being seen on TV enriches your reputation, credibility and clout.

Annie Jennings PR helps you create success via media outreach & helps you develop your messages & media commentary.