TV publicity helps build up a strong media platform. #Annie Jennings PR books clients on TV shows in major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Washington DC, NYC, Boston and more. Getting booked on TV shows is excellent for your platform growth and development strategy. #Publicity #RadioPublicity #BookPromotion #BestPRFirm #AuthorPR #Selfpublished #BookMarketing #RadioTalk Shows #AnnieJenningsPR

#Publicity strategy for book promotion, expert status and top level media exposure. Annie’s firm has booked over 25,000+ media placements in one-half the time she has been in business by continually evolving PR strategy as the media evolves. What #AnnieJenningsPR knows about publicity can BE the difference for you. #Publicity #Selfpub #Selfpublished #AuthorPR #Authormarketing #Authorpromotion #Marketing #Publicist   

Publicity booking tip! Go where the market wants you to be rather than where you want to be. If you are asking for media where you do not match the profile of the outlet you will waste time, money & opportunity. Why miss what is available to you waiting for what will probably never be? Invest wisely in yourself & in the publicity professionals you hire. 

Get best radio publicity for high impact exposure with Annie’s guaranteed radio campaign!  Our client Marina was booked on a National Morning Show reaching over 250 radio stations coast to coast, top talk in Philadelphia, Houston, Denver, Seattle, Miami, Vegas. Get your best radio publicity with top PR firm, #AnnieJenningsPR. #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirm #selfpublishedpublicity #AnnieJenningsPR, #selfpublishedmarketing, get booked on radio shows as a guest, best publicist for authors.

Get top media booking firm with best publicity strategies. Did you know that Annie Jennings PR has booked over 25,000 media interviews in less than half the time we have been in business? That’s a lot of media! We have established professional publicists with outstanding reputations with the media. #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors Author PR, Book Marketing, Self-Published Book Promotion

Publicity strategy for self-published books and self-published author for success! Annie Jennings is a national PR & marketing expert that offers publicity to authors, experts, speakers & professionals to build up their credibility, influence and clout. Services include bookings on major radio talks shows, TV shows & online media. #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirm #selfpublishedpublicity #AnnieJenningsPR, #selfpublishedmarketing, get booked on radio shows as a guest, best publicist for authors.  

I researched for the best publicity firm for me. I found the Annie Jennings PR firm. ONE DAY I came across the Annie Jennings PR website and was completely blown away by the performance guarantee.  I was impressed by the professionalism of her clients and the website itself was professional. I was impressed. Self-publicity author publicity strategy, publicity for self-publishers authors, get book promotion for on demand book, #AnnieJenningsPR

Self-published books are in the millions, according to Best strategy to get publicity for self published authors.  Build up strategy is designed by PR authorities with tremendous experience in publicity. What is ‘build up’ publicity strategy, why does it work? #AnnieJenningsPR successfully uses this strategy for their authors who go on to great success. Media is an asset for you. #buildup #builduppublicity #prstrategy #publicitystrategy #AnnieJenningsPR

Radio publicity for book promotion and brand building. Radio publicity helps build strong brands. Our client Brandon was booked on 640+ stations will in just his first three shows. This is the power of getting booked on the syndicated radio shows. Major media brands SiriusXM and Westwood One. #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirm #selfpublishedpublicity #AnnieJenningsPR, #selfpublishedmarketing, get booked on radio shows as a guest, best publicist for authors.  

It’s true, you have to power to make your Publicist amazing for you. A client has to get into our process & let our build up process unfold. Clients allow their publicist to get to know them & combine this knowledge with their experience. This gives #AnnieJenningsPR the power to go ALL BRILLIANT on them. Book promotion, publicity, #builduppublicity, GOBRILLIANT, marketing, branding, platform building with Annie Jennings PR!

Author strategy for book promotion, brand marketing and big publicity. Do you want to go big or go home in 2020? Learn the ‘whale’ business growth strategy. You can start right where you are. There’s no need to worry about competition. With ‘whale’ strategy, you only compete to be your optimized best. Self-published author publicity, performance media, guaranteed deliverables, guaranteed PR, free media training radio publicity, #AnnieJenningsPR.

Radio publicity for self-published author marketing, the best! Self-published authors and books can do very well with radio publicity In her first four radio talk show publicity bookings with our PR firm, our client Teresa G. could be heard on over 1700 stations! Talk about a fast start. Congratulations Teresa! #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirm #selfpublishedpublicity #AnnieJenningsPR, #selfpublishedmarketing, get booked on radio shows as a guest, best publicist for authors.

Self-published book marketing tips & publicity strategies revealed Over 1.6 million self published books published in 2019 (Link to Bowker here). It’s easy to count up to 5 million self published books published over the last few years. Professional publicist with lots of experience shares tips to self published authors for success. #AnnieJenningsPR for publicity, marketing & book promotion Annie has booked thousands of media for self published books. 

Publicity, Promotion, Marketing Strategy Want the secret to mega-marketing without overwhelming stress? Annie reveals the magic of her marketing & promotion Optimization Wheel in her series on how to create, manage and optimize your media wheel. Best publicity, PR and book promotion tips reveals on Annie’s publicity blog and promotion tip series. #AnnieJenningsPR #Publicity, Book promotion, publicity, marketing, branding, platform building with Annie Jennings PR!

Do you know what national publicist Annie does? She helps you share your publicity message with the world & to BE HEARD in the world. Annie’s publicity is the best in PR. Get guaranteed deliverables, performance guarantees, talented experienced team of top professionals determined for your success! Get your radio publicity with one of the best publicists in the biz, #AnnieJenningsPR!

Book marketing, book promotion and publicity for the New Year! Our client Emeka booked on 260 stations with coast to coast exposure via THREE National Shows. Plus top stations in big cities – Philadelphia, Houston, Denver, Seattle, Miami, Detroit, Atlanta and more! Major media brands such as SiriusXM, iHeart Media, Fox News Radio, Entercom. Self-publicity author publicity strategy, publicity for self-publishers authors, get book promotion for on demand book, #AnnieJenningsPR

Book promotion and book marketing with radio publicity talk shows. Dr. Judith booked on 340 stations promoting book to big cities Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Houston, Portland, Denver, Seattle, Miami, San Diego, Detroit, Vegas and coast to coast via three National Shows. Major media brands NPR, SiriusXM, iHeart Media, celebrity hosts like Dr. Drew Pinsky. Best book marketing, best book promotion, best PR strategy for book publicity.

Hire a top publicist for self-published book marketing success. At a certain point, it’s time to hire a top self-published book and author publicist to help you achieve your highest levels of success and the ultimate goals for your book!

Radio publicity campaign for self-published authors for book PR! Author Teru C. booked on 2,300+ stations w radio campaign #AnnieJenningsPR. Shows included National Radio Shows with big hosts such as Dr. Drew Pinsky, Jim Bohannon, Lars Larson & media brands big cities Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, San Diego. Self-publicity author publicity strategy, publicity for self-publishers authors, get radio publicity for book marketing, #AnnieJenningsPR

Radio publicity is a powerful marketing and book promotion strategy.  Congrats to Amas on his radio publicity book marketing. He was heard on 160+ stations in top cities Houston, Minneapolis, Denver, San Diego, Sacramento, Atlanta, Cincinnati and  THREE Nationally Syndicated Shows. Booked on SiriusXM, FOX News Radio, iHeart Media and Entercom & more! #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors Author PR, Book Marketing, Self-Published Book Promotion

RADIO TESTIMONIAL: “My man Jason at Annie Jennings really is the best. He has taken the time to understand what we do and supply the appropriate people. Response is instant and the details are always correct. I trust him.”   — Bradley J, Boston

TV publicity. Get booked on TV shows in your city. Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, Washington DC TV, Boston TV shows and more! Publicist for booking TV shows in major cities for book promotion, book marketing, branding & author PR. Work with top booking publicist for TV shows. Get the best publicist for getting booked on TV. TV publicity. Get best publicist for TV Annie Jennings PR. 

Best TV publicist for TV media bookings in major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC and more! Get booked on TV shows in your local city to help promote your book and your business. Local TV gets your message out into the world building a strong brand and presence. Author love getting booked on TV. #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #TVpublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors Author PR, Book Marketing, Self-Published Book Promotion

Annie Jennings is an author advocate who opens doors to the media for authors. NO brick wall barriers of high monthly retainers that keep authors OUT of publicity. “I stand for authors”, says Annie. “I want your message to be heard.”

Radio publicity for book promotion and marketing. Self-published book selling strategy included in PR campaign. Radio publicity ‘phoner’ campaign has unlimited media training to help you be a savvy, prepared, confident guest. Promote your book in the radio show. Award-winning news producer finds socially relevant messages for radio shows. Radio publicity, self-publicity author publicity strategy, publicity for self-publishers authors, book promotion for on demand book, #AnnieJenningsPR

Radio publicity is the gift of experiencing your book’s message in motion. Authors love radio publicity. You can showcase your personality, content & talent with a loyal listenership. Radio talk show publicity is author & book friendly. Mention your book on the show. Great self-published book publicity. Radio talk show publicity, best radio publicity for authors, #self-pub, self-published best publicity firm.

Sign up with Annie today. Do not hesitate. It’s amazing. Just enjoy the ride. I am so happy I made the decision to work with Annie Jennings PR!

Annie Jennings is going to have an impact on your bottom line. If you are looking for a legitimate PR campaign that is going to give you above and beyond the goals and objectives that you are going to set for yourself, as far as PR is concerned this is the team to go with. I would absolutely 100% refer you and recommend you work with Annie Jennings PR!

Self-published books get book promotion strategy What is the best book promotion strategy for a self-published author? Radio publicity is the best. You reach tens of thousands or more listeners with the name of your book in each show. Excellent book PR strategy. Best book marketing strategy for self-published author promotion, Annie Jennings PR firm for marketing and promotions, get booked in the media for publicity.

RADIO PUBLICITY FOR BOOK PROMOTION Congrats to real client Amas! He was heard on 160+ stations in his 8 radio talk show interview campaign. PR in Houston, Minneapolis, Denver, San Diego, Sacramento, Atlanta, Cincinnati and 3 National Shows. Major media brands  SiriusXM, FOX News Radio, iHeart Media and Entercom. #Self-published #AuthorPR #Bookmarketing #Bookpromotion, Annie Jennings PR firm, Top PR firm for radio publicity, best publicist for marketing 

Annie herself I think is probably the best publicist. She is so confident that she can get you want and it’s true. I have found that in the past, working with other publicists that they may offer to deliver quite a bit but in reality they haven’t. Annie is very clear with her intention setting and she has absolutely delivered.

Get Self-Published Author Publicity With Radio Publicity Our self-published author was heard on 2,300+ radio stations during her radio publicity. Booked on several National Shows and major media brands – Westwood One, SiriusXM, and in big cities like Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Fran Boston Dallas and many more. #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors Author PR, Book Marketing, Self-Published Book Promotion

#RadioPublicity We asked our client Teru, heard on 2,300+ radio shows on her 18 radio show publicity campaign, why she said YES to Annie Jennings PR publicity. Teru says, “Annie herself I think is probably the best publicist. She is so confident.” Radio publicity from top radio show booker Annie Jennings PR

Is radio publicity a good marketing strategy for you? Yes, if you want work on new theories and ideas to find out if they are relevant. Radio hosts give  valuable feedback by the direction of the show &  questions they ask so you can create a new book based on the feedback from the shows. Work with top radio booking firm for authors and self-published book Annie Jennings PR!

Radio publicity creates lots of value for your author bio. Create a powerful & influential author media bio. Be sure the media knows about your radio publicity bookings. This adds credibility to your pitch &  helps you get booked on shows. Media likes to book the ‘real deal’. A current established media bio creates certainty about who you are in the world today.  #radiopublicity #AnnieJenningsPR #bookpromotion #bookmarketing

Radio publicity as the best marketing strategy.  It’s easy to promote a book by getting booked on a radio show as a guest. Radio publicity is guest friendly. You can mention your book on the show (your free media training that comes with the campaign teaches you to promote your book). #radiopublicity #publicity #self-pub #self-published authors, #AnnieJenningsPR, best publicity firm for book marketing 

Get booked on TV shows or in major online media.  Media offers prestigious third party endorsement of your expertise. According our top level clients, prestigious and big brand media assets on their bio allows them to present themselves as an expert authentically. This national expert persona allows for higher speaking & consulting fees. Get booked on CNBC, FOX Business, Bloomberg TV, MSNBC, CNN with Annie Jennings PR

Self-published publicity for authors. Best publicist for self-published books. “Annie Jennings PR had a performance guarantee. Every deliverable was met and was exceeded. Working w Annie Jennings PR was hands down, the most zero stress in marketing I have ever dealt with period. Self-published publicist, book marketing for self-published puthors, promote my self-published book.

Calling All Experts For Major Performance-Based PR! Annie Jennings PR is a performance publicity firm. Are you a qualified expert who want to get booked on major TV shows & big online media that helps you get in front of the top CEO’s and C-Suites? Our publicists have impressive experience working with the media successfully booking hundreds of clients on TV. Performance Publicity, Publicity For Experts On TV, Expert PR […]

What are some good marketing strategies and form me to promote my self published book?  This is a question newly self-published authors ask Annie. What PR strategy works best? How does the self-published book marketing strategies work? Annie Jennings PR specializes in promote books even if they are self-published. #self-publishedpublicity, publicist for self-published authors, get PR for a self-published book, #AnnieJenningsPR.

Get booked on TV publicity with NYC public relations firm. Annie Jennings PR firm specializes in booking major TV media – FOX News, CNN TV, CNBC, Bloomberg TV and local TV media. Getting booked on TV helps you create a competitive advantage, create expert status and earn credibility. Publicity for self-published books. #TVPublicity #PublicRelationsFirm #AnnieJenningsPR Get booked on TV shows in NYC.

Get radio publicity fast for your new book for promotion & marketing.  Want radio publicity that reaches millions of potential readers? Our firm’s radio bookings today were 2,100+ stations of outreach for our authors.  Book PR exposure via National Radio Shows. Radio is a fast get your book marketing jump-started. Radio publicity for authors, top booking firm for radio talk show interviews – self-published publicity, Annie Jennings PR Firm.

Our client Ben (attorney) says, “There are a lot of people who can promise PR but if you want someone who has done it, can promise and will make sure that the job is done, I am 100% convinced that Annie Jennings PR is the way to go.”

Successful client, who started with Annie Jennings PR and is now a TV contributor says, “in the consultancy world, it’s very important to have your reputation enhanced by your media presence. Annie has a great team of PR professionals who can get the job done”.

Self-published authors welcome to Annie Jennings PR Get self-published publicity for authors. According to Bowker’s annual survey, 1.6 million self-published books were published in 2018, over 40% more than previous year. Get book promotion for your self-published book on radio talk shows, TV and online media. Self-publicity author publicity strategy, publicity for self-publishers authors, get book promotion for on demand book, #AnnieJenningsPR  …

Get radio publicity and media booking in major cities such as LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Boston Congrats to our client who will have his first interview with a top radio talk show station in Los Angeles. At #AnnieJenningsPR you get the  best radio campaign your money can buy. Radio publicity, top book promotion firm, book marketing for authors, who is the best publicist for self-published authors

TV publicity showcases your expert status! Want to be a top expert in your field? It’s important to be seen in the top media outlets as an expert commentator. Get TV publicity with #AnnieJenningsPR. TV Publicity, #Self-published #AuthorPR #Bookmarketing #Bookpromotion, Annie Jennings PR Firm, Top PR Firm For TV Publicity

BIG radio publicity start for our author! In her first four radio talk show campaign bookings our client and author Teresa G. could be heard on over 1700 stations! Talk about a fast start. Are you an author wishing to be heard on radio publicity across the USA? Be sure to work with #AnnieJenningsPR #Self-published #AuthorPR #Bookmarketing #Bookpromotion, Annie Jennings PR Firm, Top PR Firm For Radio Publicity 

Get publicity for self published authors! AnnieJenningsPR is a self-published marketing expert. Many of her clients are self-published. Annie offers publicity strategy for #self-published authors who can now enjoy the same success as traditionally published books. #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors Author PR, Book Marketing, Self-Published Book Promotion

Want Annie To Present Publicity To Your Group Or Association? CONNECT: Annie is available to present on numerous publicity, book promotion strategies in online telephone venues, teleseminars or podcasts for your group or association of authors, experts and speakers. Let Annie know of our interest in booking her (free speaker) for an online event! #bookpromotion #bookmarketing #anniejenningspr #publicrelationsfirm #radiopublicity #bestpublicityfirmforauthors Author PR, Book Marketing, Book Promotion

Now that’s a lot of self-published books that need book marketing and book promotion! Bowker, the US ISBN agency for books published in the United States, reports that 1.6 million books were self-published in 2018, compared with 1.2 million in 2017. 40% growth , which shows no signs of slowing down: between 2013 and last year, it is estimated at 263%. Self-published book promotion, #self-pub, self-published book marketing, #AnnieJenningsPR

Annie Jennings PR is a top media booking firm – one of a kind! MEDIA SAYS: The major media often says that working with our firm is one of the best experiences in PR today. They say our pitching ideas  are “perfect” and they only wish more publicity firms knew how to do what Annie Jennings PR knows how to do. #BookPromotion #PublicRelations #AnnieJenningsPR #Experts #Speakers

There are a lot of flashy PR firms out there that want to send you a lot of graphs and charts and this and that, but Annie was not flashy. She was very matter of fact, this is what we are going to do, this is how we are going to do it, we have the connections. She exuded confidence. She handled it all LIKE A BOSS.

Branding, book promotion, public relations and media bookings can help you! Is your brand just still there collecting dust? Not performing the way you dreamed? Perhaps you started out great – with a big bang – and then overtime the benefits of being a big brand started to dwindle perhaps little by little without you even noticing. #BookPromotion #BookPromo #Marketing #PRFirm #AnnieJenningsPR BestBookMarketing

Author PR firm for book promotion and author marketing a book! Two weeks into booking our client’s radio publicity campaign & she is already scheduled to be heard on over 1,000 radio talk show stations across the US. Including top markets Washington DC, Boston & Phoenix. That’s a great opportunity to share her important message to a massive amount of listeners. #Publicity #BookPromotion #BookMarketing #AnnieJenningsPR #PublicityFirm #AuthorPR

#Publicity You can book Annie and her top professional publicity team for your next online event for your Association, Organization or Group. That’s right! You can ask one of the most success team of professional publicists to headline an online event! #publicityfirms #anniejenningspr #bookpromotion #publicrelations #publicityspeakers

Authors want “do it yourself” publicity strategy. Authors can secure meaningful publicity placements for their book. They can hold book talks, book signings, book parities. Get up close and personal with your potential reader. Showcase your personality, credibility & insight so they can get to know you, like & trust you. Book promotion, publicity, radio talk show publicity, author marketing, Annie Jennings PR top publicity firm for author PR.

Real Client Weldon L. Says: “Annie Jennings PR got me booked on a TV show called MSNBC’s Your Business. And after I did the interview, just that next week, we got a call from a major firm about doing some sales training and speaking for their sales team across the country. That’s just the obvious implication of how media attracts opportunities but how many other indirect business opportunities came from all the exposure is hard to tell but there is a definite relationship between that type of exposure and business opportunities.”

Publicity secrets to promote and market your book on radio talk shows. You’ll get lots of PR practice with our media trainer before you are booked on the radio shows. You’ll learn how to address the host, build rapport with your audience & promote your interests responsibility during the show.  Media training is unlimited & free! #bookpublicity #bookpromotion #radiopublicity #bestpublicistauthors #AnnieJenningsPR #performancePR #guaranteedPR

Real Client Alana Says: “Sara, Annie’s Performance Publicity Specialist, hustles. It’s rare to find a company that hustles. Sara was firing big media placements at us right away. We had to literally tell Sara to slow down as we are selling through so many products that we are spending all of our energy on just keeping our products in stock. I guarantee you all, that working with Annie had a major part in our increase in sales.”

Publicity shares your book’s message with marketing & promotion From memoirs to how to’s to business, fitness, leadership – you name it, you’ll find a book. Each author has a passion that propelled the book to the finish line. #AnnieJenningsPR identify and magnify the underlying theme that can help others and get publicity for the message. #radiopublicity #publicity #bookpromotion, marketing for authors, best publicist for authors

Annie’s radio publicity campaign is tops in the business – big shows in major cities! For five (5)  interview campaign, client Shiroko received seven (7) shows & reached 250+ stations! iHeart Media, SiriusXM & major 50,000 watt stations in big cities – coast to coast national coverage  Radio campaign comes with #FREE UNLIMITED MEDIA TRAINING & PR guarantee. Radio publicity for authors, public relations firm for authors, national publicist, #AnnieJenningsPR

Bookings on nationally syndicated radio talk shows is key to tremendous USA exposure! Congrats to Myra! Her high HIGH FIVE radio boosted her media bio and expanded her branding.  Heard on 400+ radio talk shows. And Myra is not the only one of our clients with outstanding results. Get radio publicity, book promotion and book marketing, author PR, how to market a book, radio campaign, #AnnieJenningsPR

Radio publicity for book promotion & sales is cost effective – lots of exposure for the author. On the radio publicity job for 2 days and 425 stations booked for client Mark D! That’s FOUR National shows as well as top morning drive-time exposure in big cities. There’s more to come! Get radio publicity for author book promotion and marketing. #AnnieJenningsPR offers unlimited media training and a guaranteed publicity deliverable.

That’s a powerful radio publicity marketing strategy! Our author was heard on over 350 stations, including three National Shows reaching coast to coast. iHeart media, SiriusXM, Radio America and Salem Radio are all big media brands that have featured Dr. B as an expert guest and promoted and marketed the book. Top PR firms NYC, radio publicity booking firm, public relations, PR strategies, book promotion, #AnnieJenningsPR

Radio campaign reaches over 250 stations with just five radio show interview bookings! How does that happen? Syndicated shows offer tremendous coverage – coast to coast exposure. Markets can include big cities – Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, San Diego, Denver, Seattle, Miami, Vegas, Sacramento and Cincinnati. Book promotion, book marketing, Get booked on radio campaign, radio publicity, top publicity firm for radio, guaranteed deliverables, performance publicity.

Always the best publicity experience, says author of a new book! “Back to Annie’s PR firm for book promotion,” author says about her new book book. “Annie is so enthusiastic with contagious energy and consistent over time. A true publicity pro. She is exactly what a publicist should be. Helping me share my message to the world.” Book Promotion, Author Publicity, Book Marketing, Online Media Publicist, #AnnieJenningsPR

Media publicity bookings are now more important than ever for experts! Big brand media bookings are essential to your business growth &  development. Now that everyone has everything (everyone has social media & websites), the competitive fields are leveling out. This  makes media a MUST HAVE now because 1) everyone else has it or 2) if they don’t they are falling behind. #Publicity #AnnieJenningsPR #RadioPublicity #TopPRFirmsNYC #PublicRelationsNYC #OnlineMedia

Get unlimited publicity only from Annie Jennings PR Access media with NO monthly retainers with a performance guarantee. Mixed media publicity baskets offer access to big brand &  target media that helps you achieve a higher level of authority, influence, clout and expert status. Ask Annie for the Publicity Basket. Publicity, Book Promotion Expert Status, Top PR Firm For Professional Marketing, Annie Jennings PR, Unlimited Publicity

Radio publicity is a big factor is book marketing and promotion. A BIG radio booking day! SIX National radio talk shows booked for our authors & clients, 800+ radio stations of exposure in top markets such as Miami, Dallas, Houston, Denver, San Diego and many more. Coast to coast publicity coverage of your book’s message and mission. #publicrelations #publicity #marketing #radiopublicity #AnnieJenningsPR

Get Your Publicity Basket! Your Publicity Basket can contain prestigious big brand targeted online media placements that positions you as a top expert. With all eyes online these days, you can get in front of the readers that matter to your brand and to your interests. Publicity on major online and radio show media as an expert. Get booked with Annie Jennings PR Firm. 

Radio publicity campaigns can sell books! I always say that book sales depend on market factors out of my control. When the author is socially relevant, sales!. Sara (an MD) says, “I used Annie for my book some years ago and sold 10,000 copies, and she got me on NPR.  It’s a fun campaign to do!” Radio publicity, author marketing, book promotion, top PR firm for authors Annie Jennings PR

How to sell books with author publicity and book marketing Annie asked self published authors how they sold books. This series of posts will include numerous methods of selling books the authors used. Most of all, the prevailing theme was to keep the pressure out of the book selling but keep the pleasure and passion in! #sellbook #authormarketing #interviewing #publicity #bestpublicist #authorssellingbooks #anniejenningspr

TV Publicity For Author Marketing & Promotion. Annie Jennings PR client on WGN TV in Chicago, Corporate and Professional Life Coach, Jennifer Longmore on the impact of stress on our lives. Discover the warning signs of stress and burnout and what you can do about  Jennifer does an excellent job on the show with her valuable tips and solutions. Great job Jennifer! #TVpublicity #bookpromotion #authorpublicity #bookmarketing #bookPR #AnnieJenningsPR

Publicity on one of the biggest radio talk shows in the USA! A New York minute? How about 60 of ‘em?! Our client Mark was booked in the biggest city in the country for a FULL HOUR on a top rated 50,000 watt radio station – one of the biggest, most influence in the nation. Yes, magic can happen. That, or Annie Jennings. #AnnieJenningsPR #radiopublicity #authorPR #bookpromotion #bookmarketing

What’s the hottest new publicity offer that clients LOVE?  It’s the #AnnieJenningsPR Publicity Basket. Unique offer has performance guarantee & media  just right for you given your level of credentials, expertise and media demand. This PR program secures media placements in area of expertise, to build your media bio, promote your book and create a stronger expert status platform for you. #publicitybasket #bookpromotion #getbooked #authorpublicity #anniejenningspr

Radio publicity for authors – best publicist for radio campaigns! Congrats to our client, Karry G. He received 12 interviews in 8 interview campaign & heard on 145+ stations as the expert guest for MAJOR media brands including iHeart Media, SiriusXM, FOX Radio, Entercom plus National Shows with celebrity branded outlets like Intelligence For Your Life by Tesh Media and The Jim Brickman Show. #Bestradiotalkshow #radiopublicity #anniejenninngspr #toppublicityfirm #CEOpublicity

Big radio shows for author publicity with top booking firm, Annie Jennings PR! New York, Boston, San Diego- a few of the BIG cities we booked today for our client Richard! Throw in National SiriusXM coverage – we’re off to a fast start. Reach people all over the USA with radio shows via phoners! Book promotion with top national PR firm, how to market a book, best book publicity firm!

810 radio stations BOOKED for author radio publicity! That’s a lot of radio listeners to hear about our client Barbara (who signed up for just a starter radio campaign) and her biz. Big media brand exposure – iHeart, Fox, Entercom – strengthens your bio and the National coverage reaches every corner of the country. Barbara can leverage this outstanding PR outcome with #AnnieJenningsPR to her tremendous advantage. Great job! Radio […]

NO RETAINER publicity performance. Authors tell Annie they are sad about their working with another PR firm – so many promises of media placements on the biggest media. They thought they were going to get booked on national morning shows too. But nothing happened, but they had to pay anyway. Guaranteed PR, Radio publicity, author PR, best publicist for authors Annie Jennings PR, market a book

Authors love working with Annie’s top-ranked publicity firm! Authors say that Annie is able to identify their core elements of their book. Annie understands the client’s talents and positions them to secure media interest. Clients love working with Annie Jennings PR as they learn how their expertise fits in with society today. Get book promotion, author PR, publicity, radio publicity, best PR firm author marketing Annie Jennings PR.

Publicity for speakers to create a powerful platform Many speakers ask me how they can compete with other speakers in their area of expertise. Get booked on radio talk shows and major publicity online media so you can add the brand name of the media to their speaker bio. Publicity and promotion add power to your media bio and creates influence. #bookpromotion #speakerpromotion #getbookedinthemedia #radiopublicity #anniejenningspr 

Radio publicity for author book marketing and book promotion offers coast to coast exposure in big cites and on big radio shows. Radio interviews are done via telephone allowing clients to tour the USA with a phone call. This can happen everyday – big day of booking for radio publicity clients! 750 stations booked for authors–national coverage. Get your message out with radio! #radiopublicity #bookpromotion #authormarkeingonradio #gettingbookedonradio    

Get booked on podcasts – Annie Jennings, Top Booker “Your guests are always radio ready, no matter what the lead time. They know how to speak in sound bites. The pitches are interesting. I have done whole shows about them! You are just really great at what you do. Thank you!” Seattle Radio Host, Michelle Mendoza Booked Podcasts, Podcast Booker, Radio Publicity, Podcast Publicity #AnnieJenningsPR

Radio publicity campaign is great for exposure!  Publicity author says this about #AnnieJenningsPR: “The High Five Radio Campaign is a great investment for me. I love radio because it allows me to do interviews during my workday from wherever I am, & to promote whatever is most valuable to my company’s bottom line! Importantly, I have the content for years to come!” #RadioPublicity #BestRadioCampaign #AuthorPublicity #Self-pub #PR

Radio publicity, radio campaign, publicity on radio. With just 8 interviews, our client Mike reached over 1,060 stations! Including major media brands – ABC News Radio, SiriusXM, iHeart Media, as well as targeted business outlets. With FIVE National Shows he was heard coast to coast! Great job. Book promotion, book marketing, radio campaign, radio publicity, Annie Jennings PR.  

Ask about Annie’s Media Baskets for publicity. Your Media Basket is designed to secure publicity & PR media that help you stay active & relevant in today’s society. As the media landscape changes, we can help you discover the right media placements for you so you can continue to build a powerful platform. Get your Media Basket, publicity, platform growth, media for influence, major bookings!

Annie’s Media Baskets take publicity to an all new level! Publicity program designed to secure media to build your media bio & create a stronger platform with online media placements. The program is a 2 month period of pitching with the 3rd month included for responsible follow-up with the media. Great for consistent exposure over time. Media Basket, Publicity, Marketing, Online Media, Annie Jennings PR

 With Annie Jennings PR you get real publicity on top media. Annie Jennings PR stands for the client’s success. There is NO fake media, NO pretend TV shows, NO fake documentaries that cost $29K+. Just high value, important publicity for clients to build their success and add power to your business. Top level publicity on big brand, high credibility media with top PR firm, Annie Jennings PR

Get booked on real PR on highly branded media sites! Our PR firm is a leader in the PR industry and have developed many of the significant advances in PR that are used widely by the industry today. Now, something new is needed to harness the power of the media for your own personal and business acceleration. Business Acceleration Publicity, Get Booked On Major Media, Publicist For CEO Expert Status, Annie Jennings PR.

Get booked on the best radio campaign for authors. Congrats to radio publicity show client, Keith B., for his outstanding radio campaign. He reached 1,300+ radio stations along with Sirius Satellite offering across the national coverage and big publicity in major cities such as Pittsburgh, Chicago & Cincinnati with his radio interviews. Radio publicity, radio campaign, author publicity radio shows, self-published authors, affordable radio show bookings unlimited media training.

Rewards #TVpublicity can bring to your career.  TV publicity builds a stronger media bio. Compete at higher levels of competence. By appearing as a media guest you are offervaluable insight into the issue under discussion, showcase yourself, personality and what it would be like to work with you. Very strong deliverable for authors, experts, speakers or CEOs swishing to increase exposure and recognition, not to mention attracting opportunities! #AnnieJenningsPR #TVPublicity #BestPublicityForAuthorPR

Author marketing publicity with radio talk show campaign A huge campaign so far for our client Theresa! She has been heard on over 1,700 radio stations across the nation. This includes top markets like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston and San Diego as well as Nationally Syndicated shows. Work with top publicity firm for authors. Self-published author welcome. 

Get publicity on TV & get booked on major TV shows.  Annie Jennings PR publicists bring experience both in subject matter mastery and rich, long-term relationships with the media. Get booked on TV shows in major cities Los Angeles, Chicago, DC, NYC, Boston & more. #AnnieJenningsPR has book thousands of media spots for clients under her groundbreaking performance publicity program that her clients LOVE! #Publicity #BookPromotion #TVMarketing #TopNYCPublicityFirm

Annie Jennings PR offers  best radio talk show campaign at the best price. During his radio talk show campaign, our client Keith’s message and coverage for his book reached over 1300 stations including big media brands ABC News Radio, SiriusXM, iHeart Media in top cities  Chicago, Houston, Philly, Miami, and Seattle. Get your powerful radio talk show campaign with Annie Jennings PR for maximum power and exposure!  

TV #publicity can lead to impressive opportunities. Successful client says, “At the end of the day, it’s about buying publicity solutions or outcomes that enhance your business and reputation.” Want to see if you & #AnnieJenningsPR are a good match? TV show publicity, book promotion, author PR, get booked on TV shows

Get impressive publicity on TV and get booked on top national TV as the expert guest! Do you want publicity to showcase your knowledge on TV? You know the competition is fierce. How do you rise above all the other similar experts and get the media booking for yourself? That’s where #AnnieJenningsPR comes into your life. #BookPromotion #BookMarketing #Publicity #BestPRFirmMarketing #AnnieJenningsPR #BestPRFirmAuthor #Self-Publishing #SelfPub #TopPRFirmAuthors

Get Publicity so others get to ‘discover you”! But they feel totally stuck by he sheer number of  competitors. When hundreds of competitors are under your keyword search with you not  at the top, you feel somewhat hopeless. But there are MORE WAYS to get in front of your target client. Talk so Annie! #BookPromotion #BookMarketing #Branding #Publicity #BestPRFirmForMarketing #TopMarketRadioCampaign #AnnieJenningsPR #BestPRFirmAuthor #Self-Publishing #SelfPub #TopPRFirmForAuthors

Watch our client on TV in WGN Chicago. Great for book promotion, book marketing & creating national expert status! TV opens lots of doors & gives you a competitive edge. TV bookings are great for authors & experts as you are in major markets as an expert in your field. High powered! Get #bookpromotion, #bookpublicity, #bookmarketing, #AnniejenningsPR. Work with the best publicity for author book promotion and marketing.   

Get booked on TV shows in major cities including Los Angeles, Chicago & NYC TV. Watch our author on TV shows on KTLA in the top city, Los Angeles. Business Accountant and Attorney, Kohler is the author of “The Tax & Legal Playbook”. Get booked on TV shows for book promotion, marketing and branding. Work with top PR booking firm #AnnieJenningsPR. Book promotion, TV publicity, #AnnieJenningsPR, Marketing, Branding!

TV Publicity For Book Promotion, Branding & Top Business Professionals Work with a major publicity and PR firm to optimize your potential on traditional media that includes radio talk shows, appearances on TV shows and in major online media. TV publicity can be leveraged into powerful marketing assets that has to be part of every business professional’s resume. It’s TV time! #TV Publicity #AnnieJenningsPR #NationalExpert #BookMarketing #BookPromotion #Branding

Publicity question – how to hire the right PR firm for your goals. PR firms specialize on various publicity services. #AnnieJenningsPR books radio talk shows, local TV shows in big cities & the major online media website that may link back to your site. That’s  SEO GOLD that gives you pass through authority. Get book promotion, publicity book PR, get booked on radio talk shows, self-published authors welcome, #AnnieJenningsPR   

Podcast or radio interview for your best publicity strategy? Authors ask Annie questions about their #publicity. If your time is limited, which offers your best ROI regarding your time? If the podcast is targeted to your subject matter, podcasters report excellent results. Radio is usually broader in scope but carries big brand names that add power and influence to you. #BookPromotion #BookMarketing #Branding #BestPRFirmForMarketing #TopMarketRadioCampaign

Radio talk shows offer publicity at a great price! In her first four bookings our client Teresa G. could be heard on over 1700 stations! Talk about a fast start. Congratulations Teresa!  Get a high powered radio campaign with the #1 radio talk show campaign in the publicity industry. Book promotion, marketing, publicity, radio campaigns with unlimited media training!

Book promotion author says this about working with Annie Jennings PR! Real author says “DON’T DELAY! By working with Annie, our publishing firm has seen our branding and marketing CAMPAIGN take shape. If we waited longer and longer to start with Annie we would just be pushing out our success needlessly”. Get publicity, book promotion, marketing and author PR. Self-publisher publicity and book PR.

Publicity, PR & Marketing & ROI I have authors & experts who report getting “discovered”. The results can be a book sale to a significant opportunity. It happens. It has happened and it will continue to happen. I look forward to YOU being next! #Publicity #AnnieJenningsPR. Book promotion, top PR for media getting booked on radio and TV shows, best PR firm Annie Jennings PR.

#Publicity real story for book promotion, marketing and publicity strategy. Real client tells says “working publicity with Annie is a very cost effective way to get your message out there. You get lot of bang for the buck for not a lot of money. I SIGNED UP TWICE!” Best PR firm for author publicity, how to market my book on radio shows and online media, best publicist for book marketing.

“In the consultancy world, it’s very important to have your reputation enhanced by your media presence. Annie has a great team of PR professionals who can get the job done”

Radio campaign for author marketing and book promotion Congrats to author, Richard B.! Outstanding radio talk show booking – nationally syndicated radio show in his radio campaign. Heard on 300+ stations with 1 interview. Get the most powerful radio campaign your money can buy. Book promotion authors, best book marketing publicist, publicity new book on radio, TV & online media, work with top PR firm Annie Jennings PR.

Radio campaign for authors with best PR firm for maximum publicity. Congrats to author Steve S. His radio talk show campaign has 14 bookings. 8 of those radio shows were on the big 50,000 watt stations in Boston, Miami, Minneapolis, Seattle and Cincinnati & National syndicated shows plus via SiriusXM Radio. Also on iHeart Media, Entercom, FOX Radio and Salem Media. Radio campaign, publicity, book promotion, with top PR firm.

Author book promotion secrets – learn how to pitch like the professional publicists.  The most important thing is to research the media outlets that you would like to pitch. This helps you create a personalized pitch. Never just send out your marketing or publicity information without knowing how you are a great match for the media outlet. Book promotion, book marketing, best publicist for authors, top NYC PR firm.

Authors want to know how to get more publicity. Get more publicity by attracting media opportunities. Publicity is great for book promotion, marketing & promotion. And excellent for brand building. Create brand building opportunities so you can excel. Publicity strategies change as market influencers change. The markets are so crowded now it’s tough to be heard. Top publicist, marketing & promotion expert PR firm Annie Jennings PR

#YouShouldBeMyClient Congrats to Jon and Natalia for their amazing success w  online articles in a major media outlet. Jon’s article has 40,000 views & was just posted and Natalia’s article has 63,000+ views as of this morning. NOW, THIS IS PR IN ACTION! Online media, major publicity placements, top publicist for authors, #AnnieJenningsPR, top NYC PR Firm, author PR, self-published authors welcome.  

Get booked on TV publicity Want to build a powerful brand? The secret to branding is big publicity for your expertise in the major media. Get booked on TV shows, in print and online media. Also get booked on radio talk show campaigns to build up lots of credentials quickly. Media for marketing, publicity & book promotion! #TVPublicity #BestPublicist #AuthorPR #Author Publicity #AnnieJenningsPR #TopNYCPRFirm

“Annie pulled out all the stops to get my message out into the world. I trust Annie. She is a known quantity.” – John Ready, Author

Authors say Annie Jennings PR is the best book publicist at a low price.  Real client John R. says “working with Annie is a cost effective & gets your message out. Lots of bang for the buck for NOT a lot of money. She heard passion in my voice & helped me.” Annie has unlimited media training free with radio campaigns. #bestbookpublicist #bestpublicity #AnnieJenningsPR #bestbookmarketing #1publicistforauthors #selfpub #bestradiocampaign


Jennifer’s radio talk show publicity campaign It’s big. The famous Annie Jennings PR radio campaign books the big shows in the top cities plus bookings on the nationally syndicated shows. Take Jennifer for example, she signed up for 16 radio talk show publicity campaign to market her book and was heard on over 1,100 radio stations. #BookPromotion #Marketing #PRfirm #Publicity #AnnieJenningsPR #BestPRFirm

Getting the most out of your publicity and media. Annie says the question she gets most from authors & experts is ‘how do I make the most of my publicity, book promotion and marketing media placements?’ Be sure to visit Annie’s publicity blog on this site to learn all the ways your publicity can attract major opportunities for you. #Publicity #AnnieJenningsPR #Marketing #BookPR, #BestPublicist #PRfirm

Make sure you are ready as Annie Jennings PR will exceed your expectations. They will create a lot of good work for you. – Alana Mitchell,

How to leverage your publicity and media placements. Did you know that each media placement you get can be leveraged into new opportunity? We refer to your publicity as an asset. These assets can work for you in other ways such as being repurposed in your social media posts, on your website, in your bio and blogs. #Publicity #BookPromotion #Publicity #PR #Marketing #AnnieJenningsPR #BestPublicistAuthors

Radio campaign for author book promotion. Congrats to our author John R. on his huge exposure radio campaign. John signed up with us for book publicity via a 5 radio interview campaign. With those five shows, he was heard on over 250+ stations including San Diego, Dallas and Cincinnati. Radio publicity offers best author book promotion and marketing. Radio Publicity Book Promotion & Marketing Best Campaigns

Publicity on TV shows for authors and experts. Why get booked on TV media? There is nothing like being up close and personal to create a relationship. The more you listen to someone appearing in the media the more you can be drawn to their work and develop a deeper impression and appreciation of the person. #Publicity #Marketing #PR #PRFirm #AnnieJenningsPR #BookPromotion #PublicRelations

“Annie definitely over delivers. I had so many interviews it was ridiculous. Working with Annie was just great!” – Zelda Hayes

Publicity on TV builds big brands and expert status.  Reach the top of your field quickly by getting booked TV shows. You can appear on the local TV Shows, regional TV and the major national TV shows. The shows like to see media experience on your bio so they know you have the experience on camera to do a great job. #Promotion #Marketing #Publicity #AuthorPR #AnnieJenningsPR #Selfpub

TV publicity for promotion, marketing and brand building. TV publicity creates national expert status. TV bookings also powers up your media bio so you can go to your next level of PR success. Getting booked on these TV shows is a big deal. Guests are carefully selected according to their credentials, point of view & media history. Congrats! #BookPublicity #Promotion #Marketing #AuthorPR #AnnieJenningsPR #Selfpub #BestPR

“After 30 seconds I knew right away I was speaking to the right publicist.” – Author Ben B.

I stand for authors. It is my goal for every author to be heard and get their chance at the brass ring!” – Annie Jennings

TV Publicity! Watch our client on KTLA TV show talking about his area of expertise. TV books segments that match the profile of the show that they feel to interest their audience. It is important for TV guests to have lots of media experience so they can be prepared and confident on the show. Get booked on TV in major cities such as L.A., Chicago, Washington DC and NYC.

How to choose the best publicist for you! Find your best publicity. Ask where they specialize, what media they book, what their clients say about them & your gut feeling. Optimize your PR with the right choice! Find your optimal publicist to get your best publicity, marketing and book promotion. Work with the best publicist for you. How to find the best publicist. Best publicity #AnnieJenningsPR.

“Thinking about working with Annie? I would say 100% DO IT. Hire Annie Jennings. It’s a guaranteed deal!” – Author Weldon Long

Radio campaign for author book marketing and promotion. Heard 130+ stations promoting Who’s in Your Room?, Dr. Ivan Misner has been a guest for Wharton Business Radio, FOX News Radio, SiriusXM, iHeart & Salem Media. This includes national shows and interviews in major markets such as Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC, Seattle, Atlanta, Denver, San Diego, St. Louis & more! #RadioCampaign #AnnieJenningsPR #BestRadioCampaign #Publicity #Best Publicist #BookMarketing  

Publicity helps your business growth strategy and marketing. #Publicity #AnnieJenningsPR Find out  how to be discovered by your target marketing using PR to optimize your potential by reading Annie’s blogs posts on the website. A high-powered, media savvy and experienced publicist driven by success and stops at nothing will be essential to your success. Get publicity #marketing #bookpromotion with top PR firm #AnnieJenningsPR!

Who is the best publicist for authors? Clients rave about Annie JenningsPR Another satisfied author shares their book promotion experience with us. “I have been thoroughly impressed with Annie Jennings PR’s service. First of all, working with Annie gave us the correct perspective. We use the PR ladder strategy for book publicity and marketing. It gave us freedom.” #PRFirm #Marketing #Publicity #AnnieJenningsPR #BestPRFirmForAuthors

Radio for massive exposure for author book promotion! What a day for radio! Our clients were booked on shows reaching over 1350 stations combined – ABC News Radio, NPR, Radio America, iHeart & Salem Media were among the major media brands that scheduled our authors. Not only were the National Shows booking, but top stations in cities such as Boston, Seattle, Portland, Tampa and San Diego. #marketing #bookpromotion #publicity #AnnieJenningsPR

Guaranteed Performance Publicity is all the rage. Authors LOVE IT! #GuaranteedPerformancePR Authors love that Annie puts her money where her mouth is. Annie offers publicity performance guarantees in the Contract. You get what you pay for – Annie promises. Plus you get free unlimited media training with an award-winning former news producer and booker so you can be GREAT on the air!  #Publicity #AnnieJenningsPR #Marketing #BookPromotion #AnnieJenningsPR #LOVEAnnie! 

Real radio campaign success with Annie Jennings PR Ben B. has been heard 250+ radio talk show stations across the country! Major market cities included Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Denver, Minneapolis, San Diego, Cincinnati among those covered by the national shows. Ben is building up a strong media bio to attract more opportunity! Get booked on top radio talk shows for author book promotion, book publicity and book marketing. 

Publicity on TV shows in major cities  Annie’s professional PR team specializes in booking clients on TV shows. You can be booked on TV shows in major cities. Annie can evaluate your media bio & advise you on the next media outreach steps you can take to achieve your next level of success. TV show booker publicist Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Washington DC, NYC, Boston.

Are you an author yearning to tour the nation with your message? Do you want to reach hundreds of thousands of listeners with your book’s message? But have yet to find how to market your book easily, effectively at a low-cost? #AnnieJenningsPR offers NO RETAINER radio campaigns with guaranteed deliverables & free unlimited media training. Get #bookpromotion, #marketing, #publicity #AnnieJenningsPR for the best radio campaign. 

Radio campaign for authors builds platform and sells books. Congrats to Dr. E. on his successful #radiocampaign. We booked 12 interviews in a 10 radio interview campaign, Dr. E was heard 260+ stations! Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Houston, Miami and more plus via the national shows Big name brands SiriusXM, iHeart Media, Fox News Radio. Build an influential media bio with #AnnieJenningsPR #Radio Campaign.

Publicity By Annie Jennings PR Publicity gives you lots of content to share. Post links to your radio and TV interviews, share about an interesting question you were asked that morning on a radio talk show or what you talked about on a TV show. Create a blog post and share on your social properties. Publicity for #success, #socialmedia and creating expert status.

Our PR firm has NO MONTHLY RETAINERS. Our professional publicists perform at the highest level for you by booking secured media with no monthly fees. With Annie Jennings PR you can get a performance guarantee with your campaign plus lots of perks such as free unlimited media training and development of your message Get performance publicity and guaranteed PR with top #AnnieJenningsPR!

Publicity on TV Women’s Wealth Attorney, Natalie Elisha Gold is the author of “The Millennial’s Guide to the Universe: How to Live the New International Dream”. In this TV segment, Natalie shares money tips for millennials. She shares how to start saving today for empowerment and building wealth. Get booked on TV shows, top TV booking publicity firm

Watch our publicity client on national TV show. Getting booked on national TV shows elevates your credibility, influence & expert status.  Annie Jennings PR’s expert building strategy allows clients to rise the media ladder for empowerment. Our strategy has helped build hundreds of experts who rose to their highest levels. Get TV show bookings, top PR firm for booking TV, radio talk show booker Annie Jennings PR  

Radio talk show campaigns – tour the USA via telephone interviews on major radio shows Authors RAVE about #AnnieJenningsPR‘s FIVE STAR radio campaign because of the tremendous value they receive. “Annie offers performance guaranteed publicity. I am very impressed with Annie. Most people don’t keep their world. Annie exceeded my expectations. Best money I have ever spent on PR!”  Book Promotion, Publicity, Marketing, PR Firm, Public Relations, #AnnieJenningsPR

Free Unlimited Media Training, Performance Guaranteed Publicity, Best Radio Talk Show ‘Phoner” Campaign #Publicity Client was heard on over 620 stations w 18 interview campaign our firm getting national exposure reaching coast to coast. Bookings included major media brands such as FOX News Radio, SiriusXM, iHeart Media, Radio America, Salem Media. Get outstanding marketing, promotion and publicity with radio campaign. #AnnieJenningsPR – Performance Guaranteed Publicity, Best Radio Campaign

TV publicity is a valuable marketing asset that professionals can rely on to expand their outreach. Get booked on TV shows to optimize your marketing & publicity strategy. TV is a powerful venue. You stand far above your competitors. You build credibility, influence & clout for yourself & your business. Excellent! Work with a TV booker publicity firm #AnnieJenningsPR to get booked on shows. #Publicity #AnnieJenningsPR #Marketing #TopPRFirm #Promotion

#Bookpromotion #Publicity #Marketing #AnnieJenningsPR Get top book marketing and publicity services with #AnnieJenningsPR, a national public relations firm. Get promotion and radio show interviews in Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, San Diego, Minneapolis and more. Get booked on the nationally syndicated radio talk shows. Get the best radio campaign for authors. Self-published authors welcome. Book Promotion, self-published authors, small publisher publicity, top radio booking firm for authors

Radio campaign for author publicity and book promotion. Annie Jennings PR is a top national radio show booker. Lots of authors get major exposure. One client, Dr. Bev was booked on two major national shows and on major high impact 50,000 watt radio station in top markets. With A handful of interview she was heard on 580+ stations! #RadioCampaign Radio Talk Show Booker, Best Radio Booker For Author Publicity 

#Publicity for authors with a top national best radio campaign!  Our publicity radio campaign author, Dr. Gary got lots of exposure for new book with a nationally syndicated morning radio talk show. The show airs on 250 stations across the USA. Radio interviews let you tour coast to coast via telephone interviews to a standing room only audience! Radio campaign for #marketing, #publicity # promotion, author PR #AnnieJenningsPR