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 Annie Jennings PR Publicity Clients Testimonials

Client Publicity & Book Promotion Testimonials:

  • "In 5 minutes, Annie outlined a spot-on PR campaign for my book with an out-of-the-box idea I would never have thought of in a million years -- and keep in mind that I am the author of Public Relations for Dummies!"

    Bob Bly, Author of 70+ Books including The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Direct Marketing
  • "Many people think that if you write a book, you just won the lottery. What they don’t realize is that the odds of winning the lottery are about the same as making it as a published author. After more than 300 rejections, I believed so strongly in my first book that I invested my own money and published “The Bliss List.” Then, I did the smartest thing I’ve ever done—hired Annie Jennings PR!

    The results were astounding, establishing me as a Career Expert with interviews on National TV (FOXNews), Radio, and Print (The L.A. Times,, Fortune, The platform Annie’s team of professionals developed for me has opened new doors, leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business. With an established platform, “The Bliss List” was purchased by a major publisher and instead of one occupation, I currently have four dream jobs. I’d say the return on investment was spectacular. "

    J.P. Hansen, Award-winning, bestselling author of “The Bliss List” and “Pink Slips and Glass Slippers,” Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and CEO of Hansen Executive Search, Inc.
  • "Working with Annie Jennings PR literally changed the course of my career.  After not having much success on my own, I am now the GO TO expert for CNN, FOX News, FOX Business, CNBC and many other networks."

    Dani Babb, PhD
  • "When people are as professional as Stacy and Annie, often the many things they do are easily unnoticed. I’m talking about their professionalism on their site and dealing with people. Stacy and Annie provide a comfortable atmosphere for people to create and do what they do best without having to worry about any of the details involved in getting to that place. I enjoy working with them so much I happily jump at the opportunity to work with them whenever they contact me."

    Bill Farr – Author of “The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationship.”
  • "Annie Jennings is the best publicist there is. Not only does she produce results - she got one of our authors on OPRAH as the sole guest and generated sales of 20,000 books - she creates an affable, professional rapport with her clients that makes working with her truly a pleasure."

    Hal Lockwood, Publisher, Penmarin Book

  • "That's it - I'm addicted! Any time I need a national publicity fix, you're my contact. Annie Jennings PR leaves you wanting more. THANKS for the effort, the passion, and of course - the results!"

    Vince Crew, Author Of Everyday Ethics
  • “It has been an honor and privilege working with my incredible team at Annie Jennings PR. My expectations for my National Media Campaign and my radio campaign have certainly been exceeded. I subsequently signed on for the national media and within a week or so I was booked on the FOX Business Network. A number of Washington DC TV interviews followed along with interviews for incredible print and online media exposure to include Forbes, Fortune, Black Enterprise,, USA Today, and Yahoo Finance. The team at Annie Jennings PR is comprised of consummate professionals and experts at getting prime placements for clients on TV, radio and in print. I highly recommend their services.”

    DaRayl Davis, Author of Economic Secrets of the New Retirement Environment
  • "Annie, I wanted to thank you for the outstanding service and support that you have provided for me. I told Bookmasters that YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! and to put you and your team right at the top their PR list."

    Dr. Petra Beck, Author
  • “Media must connect with knowledge at a lightening pace in order to be relevant. Annie Jennings PR is able to quickly match the needs of the media with the right expert at the right moment and produce explosive results. Yesterday afternoon, she had an AP journalist who needed a specific expertise. Within 20 minutes, I was on the phone with the journalist. By that evening, there was an article in the International Herald Tribune. By the following day, the article appeared in FORBES, USA Today, News Day, Baltimore Sun, Business Week, Chicago Tribune, Public Radio, Yahoo News, MSNBC NEWS! AJPR delivers – in a huge way!”

    Steve Curnutte, Expert
  • "Thanks to Annie Jennings PR, we received considerably more Halloween publicity than in previous years. Their proactive approach secured placements on major television such as The TODAY SHOW and major national radio programs, advised us on content and leveraged their extensive contacts."

    Lillian Vernon, Lillian Vernon Corporation
  • "I want to thank you for getting me placed on CNN last night. One of my goals in working with Annie Jennings PR was to get on CNN and you made it happen! It has been a joy and a pleasure to work with you. I love your energy, professionalism and the support you gave to me as I was preparing for my first CNN interview on short notice. You are a dream maker. Thanks for making my dream come true!"

    Martha Fields, Author of Roadmap To Success
  • "We are all very pleased to see Joe's wisdom in print across the country. He has long deserved the recognition that you and your company are generating. Joe's been booked in Associated Press, Washington Post, Kiplinger's, Men's Health, FOX Business, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, The Street, and much more."

    Office Staff of Joseph A. Leonard
    Coastal Investment Advisors
  • Annie is personable and connected. If you have talent and expertise, she can produce and you only pay for results. If you knew her, you would love her energy and enthusiasm. If you're looking to get 'out there' call her up right now and make the commitment.”

    Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG
  • "Annie & Stacy were AMAZING guests on my show, definitely one of my BEST teleconferences ever! It was so informative, jam-packed with information that can propel my guests into action. If this does not propel them forward in a "million dollar manner" in their respective fields, then they are hopeless! You are both so knowledgeable and had our attention in the first 30 seconds. KUDOS Ladies! Annie you and I will be talking next month about my radio campaign!

    Susan Flowers, PhD
  • "Thanks for booking me on FOX Business! It should be up on my site soon. It was great to hear your voice yesterday. I was thrilled to find out I was doing everything you asked of me. I consider this a partnership...and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for all your help."

    Margo Berman, Author, National Speaker
  • "Everyone at Annie Jennings PR is terrific, results oriented, customer centric people. There is no other PR firm like Annie Jennings PR and none that I would ever use again now that I have seen the results your company produces such as Entrepreneur Magazine and you can quote me on that!"

    Jerry Acuff, DELTA POINT, Inc
  • “The placements you were able to provide were a key turning point in my journey to have my first book published. The placements in national newspapers, ENTREPRENEUR, and REDBOOK made me appear instantly more credible. People are instantly willing to talk to me once I tell them about the national high profile media in which my career advice has appeared. I know that without these placements, and the wonderful exposure I've had through your efforts, that I would not have gotten the fabulous agent I have today. And I wouldn't have publishers fighting over my book -- every first time author's dream! But, I received even more. I've learned so much from Annie and have begun to look at my business in a whole new way: growing it from a solid platform instead of sitting back and hoping for clients to find me. My business has already begun to grow and my client base is increasing. Much more than I ever hoped for from a PR firm. And much more caring and quality customer service than exists today in most businesses. Thank you!

    Cynthia Shapiro, Career Strategist
  • "When I have something to say, the only person to whom I consider turning is Annie Jennings."

    Warren Farrell, PhD, Author of Why Men Are The Way They Are
  • Anne Jennings is a very special, positively charged dynamo of pragmatic insights, mass empowerment, coupled with a sparkling personality.

    Carla Winter, Author
  • "Thank You so much for being on my radio show today. You are absolutely terrific! I got another 5 Star rating and my lines were totally full. I received so many positive comments on both of you. We must do this again Ladies!"

    Sharon Capehart, Positively Women
  • "As a first time author and media novice, I was clueless as to how to get out the message about my book. I turned to Annie Jennings PR and what a difference! Annie Jennings PR arranged for me to appear on over 10 radio shows as well as assisting me with talking points and other preparation all along the way. Stacy (Annie's Radio Director) is the consummate professional and dedicated herself to helping me grow as a personality and an author. I not only have a PR firm but a lifelong ally. Thanks again for everything!"

    Michael Tate Barkley, Bain & Barkley
  • "My first day with Annie and her team I appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, the # 1 TV News Cable Show in America. I have worked with many PR people who were good but no one was able to book me on an International show like Annie. My book has made several bestseller lists and I just sold the movie rights because of the hard work of Annie Jennings PR!!"

    Salome Thomas-EL, Author of "I Choose to Stay"
  • "I felt like I was conducting my business in the dark. Even though I was doing everything you’re “supposed” to do to market, I wasn’t getting any press attention for my coaching services. I saw an email for Annie Jennings’ “Pay for Placement” service and figured, why not?

    The results have been remarkable! With the help of Annie and her wonderful staff, I’ve gotten several prominent media placements and my name is really getting out there.

    Working with Annie Jennings PR means I get to cut through all the fluff and get right down to it. Her staff is insightful, enthusiastic, focused and thoroughly delightful to work with. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to get a jump on the competition!"

    Joan Schramm, The Workplace Solutions Expert
  • All heart” is what you have been to me, Annie. You practice what you preach. I asked you to critique a brief (one-page letter) pitch I’d written for radio. Other public relations “experts” refused to give me a bit of their time and expertise for such a critique. But not you; you gave. Upon your suggestion, I then went to your website where I listened to a recording titled How To Build A Platform. There one of your eighteen “platform spokes” is the advice that the listener give generously of what we know. You did that for me. I’m grateful. Believe this, Annie: When it’s time for me to hire a pro, I’m coming to you! It’s in my best interest to do so."

    Rick Gelinas
  • "Recently, the staff at Annie Jennings PR was able to place me in a TIME Magazine Article. Within just a few weeks of that placement I was on CNNFN's "Your Money" with Ali Veshi, and today a producer from NBC called. I will be heading to New York to do an interview on the Today Show for their "Forever Young" segment. I can hardly believe it! Annie Jennings PR staff has been fantastic. They are now in charge of the promotion of my book "Aging Answers", and I have been interviewing on the radio non-stop for almost 2 weeks.  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Recently someone emailed me asking me what I thought of Annie Jennings PR- and I told her- hands down, the best contacts and the best placements EVER!"

    Valerie VanBooven RN, BSN, CMC, The Long Term Care Expert
  • "Without you I would just be another therapist lost in the crowd. Thank you for seeing my talents and helping me to put them to service and good use. I am immensely grateful and happy about the opportunities you bring me."        

    Laurie Moore, author of Creative Intimacy

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