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Publicity Campaigns

Radio Talk Show Campaign, TV Publicity Campaign, Print & Online Campaigns

Authors, experts, speaker and firms can use the services of a PR firm to help them achieve their overall goals and objectives. At our firm, Annie Jennings PR, we use an empowerment strategy that takes the clients from whatever level they are when they sign on with us to their highest potential given the client’s credentials, topic area and other factors.

Radio Campaign is offered as a guaranteed deliverable campaign where promises are made as to the quality and location of the bookings. The campaign also comes with unlimited media training by a professional media training with tremendous experience. Once you speak with Annie you can decide which radio campaign option our firm offers that would work best for you.

Getting Booked On Radio Shows Is The Foundation Of Your Publicity Campaign

Why? Appearing as a guest on a radio show has numerous benefits to the client as they are starting to build up a persuasive, professional and influential media bio that shows that our clients are currently contributing to our society, via the media, in a meaningful way. Radio shows are the foundation for your media bio. The bigger the radio show, the better. The bigger the market for the show, the better for you as these shows carry more power and more clout. Our radio campaign is considered the #1 campaign in the industry as our clients only are booked on high impact, high listenership shows that broadcast to the heart of the market and also on the regional and nationally syndicated shows. These shows are the high wattage shows that reach the most amount of listeners for the marketing. Our firm only works in the top markets in the country and through our proprietary developmental strategy our professional PR team can get our clients ready to qualify for these major, in-demand, radio shows.

Publicity Campaigns For TV Show Bookings

And this campaign begins with radio. Why? Radio is a great training ground for developing a strong media skill set that you can apply to your pursuit of TV bookings. There is a catch 22 in TV and it’s that you need TV to get TV as the producer’s need proof positive that you are a qualified and talented guest that can be successful on the segment. This presents a bit of a challenge but nothing that our firm cannot handle. Annie Jennings offers bookings on local TV shows, regional TV shows and on the nationals. Once you speak with our firm we will be able to identify your potential for TV. As you may guess, the TV spots are in tremendous demand however, we love the competition and we go after the TV bookings for our clients with the intent of securing the booking.

Publicity Campaigns For Print & Online Media

Major print media in the national media or in your industry trade is quite influential and the online media can offer you a tremendous readership as well as a possible link back to your site. In this industry, we like to say that TV and radio follow print meaning that print can set the media stage for the day. Yes you want a diversified media bio that shows a competency at all levels of traditional media that include radio TV, print and online media.

Pay For Performance Publicity Campaigns

Annie Jennings PR offers her famous pay for performance PR campaigns for TV, print and online media. This campaign allows the client to work closely with a designated PR specialist in their area of expertise. Together, both the client and publicist create the strategy that will help bring the client closer to their goals and objectives. Publicist then target certain media that falls within the strategy. When you speak with Annie be sure to ask about this program to learn more.

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