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Are you looking for a publicist for self published book marketing?


Self published marketing strategies are abundant and can be confusing as there are many ways to get your message out.

Once your book is published, this is the time for you to consider all of the book marketing services for self-published books and authors if you have not already done so. Many authors start to think about their PR strategy earlier than their actual publication date and get set up with publicity in advance, however the time to start active and meaningful self published book marketing is when your book is available for sale. You can get reviews and send out reading copies before your publication date, but once that date hits, it is all PR systems go!

There are many promotional outreach methods available to self-published authors that you can do yourself, such as social media sharing, starting a podcast and holding book author release parties and book signings.

Hire a top publicist for self-published book marketing success!

At a certain point, it’s time to hire a top self-published book and author publicist to help you achieve your highest levels of success and the ultimate goals for your book. With so many books available for sale at this time, many authors are unable to reach the media with their ideas and requests for coverage. Recently, Bowker.com reported that over 1.6 million self-published books hit the market in 2018 and that’s on top of 1.2 million self-published books in 2017. That’s a lot of self-published books with their authors all wanting what you want and that is publicity, media coverage and media outreach. A publicist who is established with an accomplished and impressive track record of booking not only self-published books but a successful track record of working with many authors is the way to go. At our firm, our publicity and promotion publicists who have many years of experience working with the media, have developed deep and meaningful connections that can help you land the media placements that are right for you.

How do you decide on the book marketing strategy that will work best for you?

Many authors want to know which marketing strategy is best. First, ask yourself a couple of questions to help streamline the PR that would help you achieve your goals. Here are some questions to ask:

Why did you write your book? Did you write your book to act as the proverbial business card and help you attract new business, new opportunities or speaking events?

Did you write your book to showcase your talent, expertise and knowledge of your field? Are you thinking that your book can help you close speaking and consulting deals? Did you want your book to act as promotional tool?

Why did you self-publish your book?

At the end of the day, what was it you were thinking when writing and self-publishing your book? What did you want to accomplish?

It’s ok to have more than one deliverable, in fact, at our firm, Annie Jennings PR, we are highly aware that your book can act as many forms of marketing and promotional support for you and your business model.

You book can help you achieve national expert status. Your book is a showcase of your ideas, thoughts, opinions and point of view.

Self-published book author marketing strategies to get your book out into the world!

At our PR firm, we offer self-published authors radio talk show interview campaigns, online media campaigns and access to TV appearances.

Radio is a great way to get started as it helps you in many areas. The radio shows are phoners, making it easy for you to tour the USA with telephone interviews and reach thousands upon thousands of listeners. I like to say that appearing on the radio as a guest is like walking into a major entertainment venue with every seat filled and all waiting to listen to you. The shows have a built in audience that you have immediate access to with your radio interview.

With a radio campaign, its does not matter if you are self-published or traditionally published. The show is not booking the book. They are speaking with the author about a socially relevant theme from their book that is a good match for their audience. The shows know who is listening and their interests. Their goal is to provide their audience with guests that would deliver a top quality conversation using professional media guest savvy as this keeps the listeners actively engaged in the conversation, hence the station.

To create the above experience for the author and the show, a top national publicist comes into play. We know how to do it. We know how to create powerful and meaningful conversations the shows and their audiences will love. Professional publicists know how to get their clients ready for the media. At Annie Jennings PR, we offer free unlimited media training to our radio talk show clients. We offer this to our clients at no charge so they can develop great guest skills; from engaging with the host and audience to promoting their book responsibly during the interview. Our free unlimited media training helps create confident, prepared and media ready guests.

Do you want to get booked on TV shows as part of your publicity strategy?

I would love to say no problem to this question, however with so many newly published authors, many want to get booked on TV. But a lot of strategy goes into getting booked on a TV show. The marketing strategy includes creating segments that match the profile of the shows and would be engaging to their audiences. This is where a professional publicist knows how to promote you and your book in a way that would entice the show to say YES to you.

Building a powerful media bio and history of publicity with big brand media.

Media begets media. The more media you get, the more media you qualify for in your publicity outreach strategy. Appearing on TV usually comes a little later in the promotion process, as there are only a handful of TV guest segments available per show. The producers have a responsibility to book the best guests they can for their show or network. And to do this, they take a very close look at the guest and their media bio. Our publicity strategy for you includes this knowledge and seeks to build up a strong and influential media bio for you that the TV producers would find beneficial. Also the TV media likes to review not only your media appearance history but your previous TV appearances as well, this would be a demo. They like to review your demo to decide if you are the right guest for the show. This is why we recommend our famous Ladder Strategy that helps you build your media up to the point where you would be in the qualifying rung for TV appearances.

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