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Radio Publicity, Radio Campaign – Get Booked On Radio

#1 Radio Publicity Campaign In The Publicity Industry

Annie Jennings PR Radio CampaignsAll Of The Radio Campaigns Are Guaranteed Deliverables. Annie Jennings PR Does NOT Charge For Trying To Get You Booked On Radio, ONLY FOR GETTING BOOKINGS ON RADIO. Clients Love This!

Annie Jennings PR Books Many Of The #1 Radio Shows On High Impact, High Listenership Radio Shows & Nationally Syndicated Show That Sweep The USA


High Powered Listeners RADIO CAMPAIGN – Get Booked On High Impact, High Listenership Radio Shows With Famous Hosts


FAMOUS AUTHOR RADIO PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN: The famous Annie Jennings PR radio campaign books high impact shows including the major player shows in top, most highly populated cities in the country as well as Nationally Syndicated Shows.


Radio Shows booked for this top ranked, national radio campaign includes #1 WBAL Baltimore, #1 KOA Denver, #1 WLW Cincinnati, #1 WCBS New York City, High Impact KNX Los Angeles, #1 KEX Portland, FOX News Radio, The Bill Cunningham Show (#1 50,000 Watt radio station, Bill is a TOP 100 Talk Show Host), The Jim Bohannon Show (Nationally Syndicated to 325 radio stations via WESTWOOD ONE RADIO NETWORK), America In The Morning (Nationally Syndicated to 400 radio stations).


Get booked on the major radio shows to get publicity on radio shows in the top cities and major radio markets in the country. Reach across America using the nationally syndicated radio shows using the famous Annie Jennings PR radio campaign.


This is a great time to show up and be counted in the national conversation.  You can showcase your expertise and rise to the top by commenting on the issues facing our society on big, high powered radio shows with celebrity hosts. While other authors and experts are just sitting back waiting for the recession storm to pass, you become known as an expert voice that matters, an expert that is part of the solution.  NOW is your chance to create outstanding thought leader status, national expert status and a huge business advantage.

Your competitors are doing it. Getting lots of big name radio shows on your bio helps create authority status in your industry and for you book as well.


Want to reach out across with country without ever leaving your home or office? You answer is scheduling a radio talk show phoner interview campaign. The radio shows will call you for the interview making it very easy for you to blanket the national with your message. A radio campaign is a powerful way to launch your book. The shows are live, you have an audience and you can promote your book during the interview.

Author Testimonial For Working With Annie Jennings PR

“After several phone conversations with Annie, I finally decided to hire her, and to date I’ve gotten back 3 times my investment! Not only did she honor our agreement, she over performed! I was guaranteed 10 radio interviews in the Top 35 markets, but I actually had 19 + interviews in the Top 35 markets plus 2 others! Her professionalism, honesty, and values are a rarity today, as unethical business practices are rampant in so many industries. Thank you Annie Jennings PR– you’re in a CLASS BY YOURSELF!”

— Author Reecy Aresty, Author Of “Getting Into College And Paying For It”

Radio Publicity, Author Radio Tour, Get Booked On Radio Tips

Have An Opinion – It’s Good For The Radio Show’s Ratings: Producers and radio show hosts are always on the lookout for guests who can discuss the hottest and most current topics in the news.   Stay on top of the news and know the issues and angles of the news stories the networks are covering.

Know How Your Area Of Expertise Ties Into Breaking News As Many Radio Interview Wrap Around The News. Be sure to read all of the magazines, newspapers and/or online media sites that pertain to your topic area. It’s important for your overall communications strategy to have your finger on the pulse of your industry.

Keep A Running List Of Topics You Can Discuss To Be Ready For Lots Of Radio Interviews: Know your news topics. What’s happening in the world that’s likely to be discussed on the shows. How can you comment? Keep your eye on the news and start collecting stories that tie into your overall message. Your goal is to develop a strong history of knowledge in as many relevant areas as possible.

Get Author Publicity Annie Jennings PR

Radio Campaign, Author Radio Tour, Get Booked On Radio

Annie Jennings PR books radio interviews on radio shows in the top, most influential markets and on nationally syndicated shows and networks. You are able to access high impact, high listenership radio talk interview shows that allow you to share your message, create national expert status and enjoy outstanding success in your PR and marketing initiatives.


You are hand-pitched to the perfect shows for you and your topic. Your radio campaign includes stations in the top Major Markets or on Nationally or Regionally Syndicated Shows or Networks ONLY. Any shows offered to you outside of the profile of the campaign (even #1 shows) are FREE to you and offered as value-added and with our compliments.  It is important to note that the famous Annie Jennings PR campaign does NOT include radio bookings on the following:

•        No college radio shows

•        No internet radio shows

•        No overnight radio shows

•        No low listenership radio shows

•        No radio shows in the middle of nowhere


Annie Jennings PR only books radio talk interview shows in the Top 35 or Top 45 markets that are considered major player shows in the market. These shows have heavy listenership and are high ranking shows in their market.


Annie Jennings PR books radio interviews on the Regional & Nationally Syndicated radio shows that reach numerous markets with just one interview. Nationally syndicated shows offer tremendous exposure and ability to blanket the country with your message. These shows are extremely powerful.


All radio campaigns have a guaranteed deliverable. That means that Annie Jennings PR guarantees the radio shows will be booked according to the contract provisions. The famous Annie Jennings PR radio campaign includes professional media training – one hour media training session kicks off your radio campaign

Your radio publicity campaign media trainer conducts a practice radio interview just like you can expect on your real interviews

Ongoing media training support for the length of the radio publicity campaign

Message creation and content strategy development for your radio publicity campaign

Advance headliner status radio publicity campaign booking strategy that gets you booked on the bigger shows in the big cities

Access to the Radio Publicity Campaign 24/7 news division

Creation of socially relevant and cutting edge news hooks for your radio publicity campaign topics

Professional, highly skilled, media savvy radio bookers with mega experience work with you on your radio publicity campaign

Get booked fast. Get the #1 radio publicity campaign in the industry only offered by Annie Jennings PR.


BIG BOOKINGS today for our happy radio publicity clients! Dr. Gregg landed #1, 50,000 watt talk show in Portland (talking about the infamous Charlie Sheen).

Congrats to radio publicity client, Stephen C. working w us from England. Stephen is talking on the Royal Wedding & got the #1, 50,000 watt CBS show in Minneapolis!

HAPPY CLIENT Steve B. first radio publicity booking with is the Nationally Syndicated radio show to 100 stations. Steve’s message is life lessons we learn from gardening!

What does new client, Kita S. say about her choice of working with Annie? “You are only as strong as your team.  I choose Annie!”

And what did another client say to Annie: “You are the only one I want to work with; you have tremendous energy. You are terrific!”

NEW CLIENT w mega credentials said he wasted a lot of time & money with retainer PR. “I want Annie & her famous pay for play publicity!”

HAPPY CLIENT Judith O! Judith just got booked on FAMOUS NATIONAL Radio Show that goes to over 340 Stations!  HUGE Celebrity host LOVED our radio pitch!

All of Annie’s famous radio campaigns include UNLIMITED MEDIA TRAINING with our talented, mega experienced and very nice media trainer.

NEW CLIENT says while speaking to Annie for the first time: “I really like what I am hearing. You so very different from the rest!”

NEW CLIENT says: “I’ve spoken to a lot of radio publicists & I have never heard anyone talk about publicity like Annie. Impressive!”

SO HAPPY for our client, Ray M. who is a Iwo Jima war vet (he was there!). Ray is 83 years old, rich with insight & BOOKED ON BIG SHOW!

MORE GOOD NEWS for our radio show client, Iwo Jima war vet. 83 year old Ray M. got booked on HUGE WESTWOOD ONE SHOW, 600 stations. Nice!

HAPPY CLIENT: Stephen C., a delightful English gentleman, is doing radio interviews on Royal Wedding straight from England! Got BIG radio show!

HAPPY CLIENT: Julia V, who specializes in boomers designing fabulous lives after retirement gets another IMPRESSIVE booking on National Radio show!

BIG CITY RADIO CAMPAIGN FOR AUTHORS & EXPERTS: Find out how you can get booked on radio interviews in the top, most influential markets and shows in the major markets and nationally syndicated shows and networks. Share your message with people everywhere, create national expert status and enjoy success!


#1 WBAL Radio Show Baltimore

#1 KOA Radio Show Denver

#1 WLW Radio Show Cincinnati

Day Break USA Radio Show – Nationally Syndicated News Magazine

#1 WCBS Radio Show New York City

#1 KEX Radio Show Portland

FOX NEWS RADIO Show – Nationally Syndicated on FOX NEWS RADIO

The Bill Cunningham Show (#1 50,000 Watt radio station, Bill is a TOP 100 Talk Show Host)

The Jim Bohannon Radio Show (Nationally Syndicated to 325 radio stations via WESTWOOD ONE RADIO NETWORK)

America In The Morning Radio Show (Nationally Syndicated to 400 radio stations)

#1 KMOX St. Louis

Get Author Publicity Annie Jennings PR