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The Media Loves Working With Annie Jennings

  • "Just FYI - You are one of the few really great publicists. You get it...and that's important."

    Rich Walburg, Executive Producer 700 WLW Cincinnati, Ohio
  • "FABULOUS GUEST! Thank you. LOVE YOU. You always give me great stuff!"

    Kristin Decker, Producer, WGN Radio Chicago
  • "Stacy you are THE BEST, HANDS DOWN!!! Thank you!"

    Mark Grimaldi, producer of the Nationally Syndicated Leslie Marshall Show
  • "You are amazing!!! Seriously, I love booking with you. Never a hassle, always easy, always available. I truly appreciate that. You guys are wonderful! Thanks again for everything."

    Shelley Duffy, KDKA-AM & WZPT-FM, CBS Radio Pittsburgh
  • "It went great this morning – Kathy was wonderful! And it is our pleasure to host the great guests you give us, Thank you so much. You guys are the best! Have a great weekend!"

    Kate Malloy, Producer FOX News Radio Network
  • "I have had such a great experience working with Annie Jennings PR. Her staff has consistently provided me with some of the best guests I have ever had on the radio shows we produce. Thanks for your fantastic response under the intense time pressures and demands of booking guests at nearly the speed of light."

    David Ruben, Executive Producer, Talk Radio Network
    Nationally Syndicated To Hundreds Of Stations
  • "Thanks again! You guys always come through with the BEST guests!"

    Susan Henry, National Producer, Montel Across America
  • "In radio, it’s all about talent, attitude, and commitment. Radio booker, Stacy from Annie Jennings PR, is that triple threat. Securing good guests, prepping them, and making sure they deliver is what she does with an upbeat flare."

    Russ Morley, Radio Producer
  • “I can always count on Annie Jennings PR. If I need a relevant and experienced guest for my show or if I need a last minute guest they ALWAYS come through! Annie Jennings PR has saved my show several times and is always so gracious. YOU ARE THE BEST!”

    Suzi Marsh, Host/Producer, WSB-FM Atlanta
  • "Thanks for your prompt reply and for providing me with everything I need before I even asked for it. If only every publicist/PR person that I deal with were so, but then you wouldn't standout as exemplary then. :-)"

    Richard Ives, Producer, WRLN Radio, Miami
  • "During the week you mentioned that you and I have known each other for very nearly ten years. There's a reason that our relationship has lasted. Quite simply Tiger, YOU ROCK!!!! You understand the kinds of pressure and time constraints we deal with on a weekly basis and when I mention a request to you, I can be assured that it will get your total attention.

    That, means all the difference in this business. The fact that you realize it and act accordingly goes a long way toward easing my mind. I hope that I have been expressing my appreciation enough. If I haven't, let me say once again: You are the best!"

    Producer Pete, Radio Show Producer
  • "Annie Jennings PR is extremely helpful in every situation. Annie has a
    great deal of professionalism and always seem to deliver
    the perfect person."

    Lonnie Klein, National TV Producer
  • "Annie Jennings PR is an excellent PR company. They have assisted me in
    finding high quality experts very quickly. I am grateful for their assistance."

    Avril LaCour, NYC TV Producer
  • "I love working with Annie Jennings PR. They always provide me with a
    news angle that works for the show. Some publicists just call and say "interview my author because they wrote a book". Annie Jennings PR gives me the news angle we need. We work with her and her book authors on a regular basis."

    John Clemmons, Former National News Director
    USA Radio Network, 1187 Stations
  • "Annie Jennings PR is the most professional group of people I have worked with."

    Irina Burgener, Voice Of America Network
    97 Million Audience, 200 Countries
  • "Annie Jennings PR is the best publicist that I have ever worked with! They truly understand what a producer wants in a guest and always seem to have the perfect author or expert for the show. They are true professionals."

    Jason Kauffman, Producer, KDKA Radio, Pittsburgh, PA
    #1 Talk Station, High Arbitron
  • "Annie Jennings is loyal, honest, has a great heart and makes working a joy! Her authors and experts are top of the line and among the best in the publicity industry. I have worked with her for over 15 years!"

    Paul Scott Adamo, National TV Producer & Celebrity Booker
  • "Annie Jennings is one of the best book and media expert publicists I have ever worked with. Her experts are always packaged to perfection!"

    Carol Schneider, National Radio Producer
  • "It is always a pleasure to work with Stacy and all the publicists at Annie Jennings PR. Your press material and meticulous preparation makes my job a breeze. You really are "Our Tiger!" "Grrr"!

    Frank Foster, National Radio Show Host
  • "If you wish you can use my show as reference to the outstanding job you guys are doing in coming up with my last minute deadlines. Thanks again."

    Chuck Wilder, Radio Producer
  • "You always a do an awesome job, are always timely and responsive and we appreciate all the help with scheduling the program!

    Joel Foster, Radio Show, Atlanta

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