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Book Publicity

Book Publicity For Authors

First, Research To Get The Best Publicity For Your Book

Marketing strategies have grown tremendously over the last decade as millions of print on demand books have come on to the market. The strategies have changed to accommodate demand, subject matter and quality of the books being self-published. So, the bottom line recommendation is to find the PR firm who offers the PR strategy that is best for your particular goals and objectives. Not all PR will work for all authors. For example, if you dream is to be on a major morning TV show, you would have to qualify to be a guest on the show as they will look at your website, previous media, topic area, credentials and other factors such as how relevant you would be to their viewers so working with a publicity firm whose understands how to build up authors to their highest potential given the factors they cannot control is extremely valuable to your publicity investment. No one wants to invest unwisely and without understanding how PR really works for each type of author might lead to choosing the wrong firm.

Get Your Expert Marketing With A PR Firm

It’s true working with proven, talented professionals will increase your results as they have the established media contacts and proven publicity strategy. But what should you always ask for? It’s a guarantee of performance. At Annie Jennings PR, we offer a guaranteed deliverable for our radio talk show campaigns that also come with thousands of dollars in free perks such as unlimited media training by an award-winning former news producer and booker of a major network radio station. Yes, you want that for yourself. You want the free perks that only Annie offers. You can be a savvy, confident and professional guest as Annie’s PR tea, makes sure you are prepared and ready to go before they put you on the air. Client love that Annie Jennings PR invests in them, while at the same time the client is investing in themselves.

Book Publicity With A Pay For Performance Publicity Campaign

Another benefit of working with our firm is that we offer our famous “Pay For Performance Publicity” program where authors, experts, speakers and companies can manage the quality and quantity of their publicity. Our firm works closely with those in this program to get the precise media placements that will help them build up their reputation, national expert status, their media bio and their ability to win the competition for new clients out in the real world. Annie has dozens of real stories from successful clients who started with nothing but potential and goals. Annie spotted their potential and developed the media strategy that led to them achieving their goals. Now, they have impressive and influential media assets they can leverage to reach new clients and earn new opportunity.

Work With A Book Publicity Specialist

It’s not a good idea to work with just any PR firm. Some are better than others. And many specialize in certain types of PR. So the idea is to match the quality and deliverables of the PR firm with your goals and objectives. Does the PR firm have a history of delivering the goals you want for yourself? Do they have the experience, the savvy and the rich media relationships that can make a big difference to your success? Also, keep in mind the media appreciates being pitched ideas and segments by publicity professionals because the pros know how to work with the media. By working with a top book publicity PR firm, you greatly increase your chances of marketing success. Be sure to visit our real stories page where you can listen to our real clients tell what it’s like to work with Annie Jennings PR. Annie has proof of concept that her firm can deliver outcomes. Are you a good match? Find out by speaking with our firm.

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Your Book Publicity Strategy Can Benefit You In Many Ways

Guess what? You don’t have to settle for book sales. Your publicity can benefit you in many more ways such as establishing influence, prestige and credibility in your area of expertise. This enhanced expert status reputation can lead to more opportunities coming to you. So keep in mind that getting publicity for your book can have more benefits than you think. Publicity should produce more than just a book sale. It should empower the author and that’s what our firm, Annie Jennings PR does for our clients. We empower you throughout the process of working with our firm. Client loves our model of booking the major shows in the big cities for their radio talk show campaign. They love our perks of free media training that other PR firms would charge thousands of dollars on top of the PR cost. We invest in you too as we are working with you.

Why Is Annie Jennings PR Different From The Rest?

When Annie first started her firm, she put the feeling in her heart and the passion she would bring to the industry into a few simple words. Annie is in business “for the betterment of all”. Now, for this to be the reality, your voice needs to be heard. And not just by a few but by as many people as possible. So, we created the #1 best selling radio talk show campaign where you are booked on the big radio shows (the 5,000 – 50,000 watt shows) in the big cites so you can reach the heart of the population – a massive audience with your message. To reach even more people for you, we also include bookings on the regional and nationally syndicated shows that have a profile that accepts your topic so the rest of America can hear your message.

What Else Does Annie Do For You?

We help you become a great guest. Confident. Savvy. Prepared. We offer your free unlimited media training for your radio campaign by a highly qualified radio industry professional who is a former award-winning producer and booker at a major network radio show in a major city. Now, he works with us and has for many years. Our media trainer is here to help you develop the interview skill set you will need to be a great guest on an unlimited basis. Most clients come to us not knowing why they are good and how their message can be developed to be in demand. But we do. Our media trainer will help you expand yourself so you can accomplish more. Clients love us for showing them their potential and then helping them live up to their potential. As one client said “Annie believed in me” and I trusted her so I hired her. And yes, this same author hired us more than once to just keep going as she was experiencing her dreams. She later told us, after much success with our firm, that other PR firms told her she was helpless and had nothing much to offer. But not Annie. Far from it. Many say Annie has the blink factor where she instantly knows you are good and how you can manifest your highest potential.

What Book Publicity Promotion Material Matters

The right book marketing tools are part of your overall success strategy. When pitching the media being prepared is the key as if they are interesting in working with you on a story or segment they will request more information. The time to prepare your materials, the basic ones at least, before any pitching begins. At our PR firm, we create the materials we need so that we are ready to go when the media is ready to go. The one important document we prepare for you is your professional bio and your media bio. We like that the media knows why you are a qualified guest, so the media can say yes to you. The media’s goal is always to book the best guest they can based on experience with prior media, expertise and credentials. If we don’t tell them all about your accomplished, credentials, media experience and how your message resonates with their audience who will? The thing with Annie’s PR firm is that she is always empowering you behind the scenes. You get the placements but never see the way she builds you up to your highest potential using all of your assets in such a way that her firm can secure the publicity placements you want for yourself. But you do know and ‘feel’ you are in the right hands.

A Key To Successful Book Publicity:

Being ready for the many PR opportunities that will come your way is an often overlooked key to success. Be confident that “if you build it, they will come” and update your website, keeping working on your social media and adding to your media bio before you even need these assets. Keep in mind that the media acts fast and they expect you to act fast as well should they decide they want you as a guest or for commentary. At this point, you won’t have the time to update your website and bio once the media starts clamoring for you. So do it now. Get ready. At our firm, we move very quickly to secure the media placements for our clients and we have everything needed already prepared for you. We know that any delay can result in the loss of the media opportunity as that usually means someone else moved faster. We are ready. We are ready for you.

Setting Goals For Your Book’s PR Strategy

This is hard to do because what other goal is there besides being a New Times Bestseller? Plenty. There are plenty of benefits to getting lots of good publicity for your book even though you may not become that NY Times bestseller. Sometimes it’s best to abandon a strategy that really can’t lead to the desired outcome. But one thing is certain, your book can be a tremendous asset to you in so many ways. A professional publicist knows how to create a strategy built around your publicity goals once you understand what is truly possible for you. At our firm, we help you identify your true goals and objectives and carefully mentor you so you can build towards your goals with each media placement. We are very strategic in our approach to the media so your media is always working for you creating more depth, more influence and credibility for you.

Work With #1 PR Firm, Annie Jennings PR

This is really your key to success – working with a top PR firm that has a tried and true publicity strategy that is cost effective for you. At Annie Jennings PR you are offered a performance guarantee on what is considered the #1 radio talk show campaign your money can buy (and your radio campaign comes with unlimited media training so you can be prepared, savvy and confident on the air). Our radio campaigns only secure interviews for you on the big shows in the top cities and on the regional/nationally syndicated shows. Wow. This is a big difference from any other PR firm in terms of the offer and the security of the performance guarantee. Others wonder how we can do this for our clients (as they can’t even get through to the media at this high level) but we know how to get through to the media and secure the placement for you. Annie Jennings PR is dedicated to offering our clients the most powerful and influential PR and we know how to expand and develop our clients so they can reach their highest levels of their potential. They love us for it.

Get Author Publicity Annie Jennings PR

Why Work With Book Publicity Professionals

Working with a the right public relations professional with an expertise in securing the outcomes you would like for yourself will save you time and money while creating opportunity sooner than if you try to do publicity yourself. There are many barriers to entry for authors trying to pitch themselves with the first being that it is very hard to actually reach a media contact and then once you do, what do you say? Authors pitching themselves may not know how to create the idea and present it to the media in 30 seconds or less. This is what a trained professional can do and what the media will be expecting. At our firm, we offer a performance guarantee for our radio campaign and our pay for placement publicity program for TV shows, print and online in a cost effective manner.

Hire The Best Book Publicity PR Firm

And why not work with the best? If you really want to succeed build a strong team around yourself that is hand selected to help you achieve your goals. Hire the firm with proven deliverables and can show you proof of concept. It’s doesn’t get much stronger than working with Annie Jennings PR as we are firm with highly established strategy to help each style of individual author. We know how to help you in a way that is meaningful to your growth and development.

Why Media Training Is Essential – Authors Will Need Radio, TV, Print & Online Media Training

At our firm, we offer unlimited media training as a free perk that comes with your radio talk show campaign. You will need to develop a media skill set that allows you to excel in the media. This is something an author can learn, should learn and needs to learn to be a great guest for not only the host of the show, but for the audience and for themselves. You need to know how to answer questions, how long the answer should take, how to engage your listeners and how to promote your book in the interview respectfully. All these media skills are easy to build by working with our professional media trainer. Annie Jennings PR wants you to have the experience of a lifetime while working with you. They love to see you happy and moving towards your goals with the personal satisfaction that you did it. You are out in the world making a difference.

Work With The #1 PR Firm, Annie Jennings PR Now

Why wait? Finding the right PR firm for you can take time. Why not schedule a time to speak with our firm to see if we are the right fit for you. We will only offer you a campaign if we feel we are a good match for your subject matter, goals and our skill set. Talk to you soon! Thanks, Annie!

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