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Promote Your Book, Market A Book On Radio Shows, Radio Talk Show Media Campaigns

Promote Your Book Using The Most Powerful Radio Campaign – Top Shows In Major Cites. Nationally Syndicated Shows Too!

Get Your Competitive Edge

Getting booked on major media, including radio talk shows and TV shows helps you build up a powerful and influential bio so you can enjoy the competitive edge.

Radio is generally a live event where you are a guest on a show with a live audience listening. It is the fastest way to get to thousands, tens of thousands or more of listeners. One of the advantages of appearing as a guest on a radio show is that the shows are usually “phoners” meaning you can conduct the interview over the telephone.

Radio Publicity Gets You Up Close & Personal

One of the best things about radio interviews is that you can have a meaningful conversation with the host while the audiences listens. You are able to showcase your knowledge and make a positive impression on your listeners. You are able to promote your book during the interview and if the audience liked your conversation you can get a book sale.

Get Media Training To Be A Great Guest

Don’t go on the air without media training to learn the skill set of how to be an engaging and conversational guest. Plus, with media training, you’ll learn the finer points of banter, how to have a interesting ‘give and take’ experience with the host. Many times an author might be not be comfortable promoting their book during the interview but media training helps you with just the words to say to promote your book and when to say them. You’ll appear confident and media savvy.

Get Author Publicity Annie Jennings PR

Free Unlimited Media Training

Annie offers free unlimited media training with each radio campaign to help you become a prepared, comfortable and confident guest. Many of our clients enjoy a fast-paced increase in their media skill set with just a short amount of time with our professional and award-winning media trainer.

High-Impact, High-Listenership Radio Bookings For Book Promotion & Max Exposure

Our radio campaign clients are passionate about getting their message out to the world. Appearing as a guest on a radio talk show is a great way to share your message with tens of thousands or more of listeners. Being prepared to use your time on the air wisely by learning all you can about sharing your message with media training.

Annie always says that guests are not born with a media skill set however, they can learn how to be a great radio guest quickly and discover the fun and thrill of saying what they want to say and experiencing the end result of writing their book of telling others about it.

Appearing as a guest on a radio show is like walking into a room packed with attendees just waiting to listen to your every word. It’s similar to a speaking event. In the interview, you can showcase your expertise and mention the name of your book. Media training teaches you how to build up a rapport with your audience and share your book information at the right time.

Performance Guarantee Comes With Your Radio Campaign – Get Best Book Promotion

Annie TOP MARKETS radio campaigns offer bookings on these shows described above and offers a performance guarantee.

As one of our clients recently said “I have never seen any other PR firm guarantee their work except Annie Jennings PR. The others make promises but at the end of the day, these promised did not materialize.

Annie’s radio talk show campaigns offers a performance guarantee meaning you get booked on the profile of shows Annie promises or Annie accepts responsibility and offers you pro-rated refund. “Our clients LOVE that I am will to stand behind my offer,” says Annie Jennings. “However we have produced thousands of radio campaigns and have always met our booking goals.”

Mention Your Website In Your Radio Show Interview – Annie Offers FREE Media Training With Each Radio Talk Show Campaign

Another big win is that you can drive visitors to your site as well for more information. It works well to have a follow up about the interview on your site such as a free book chapter or .PDF that you can promote on the show.

Work With Annie Jennings PR, Top PR Firm For Radio Bookings, TV, Print and Online Media

Annie Jennings PR is famous for her vision and insight and for her pay for performance publicity programs and expert status credibility building programs.

BLINK FACTOR: Annie Jennings is well known for her BLINK FACTOR where she instantly knows why you are good and why you deserve your success. Annie Jennings PR helps you identify your newsworthy message to achieve your optimal potential, goals and dreams.

Our clients enjoy the fun, thrill and fulfillment of sharing their message nationwide and helping others. Of course, our authors always enjoy another big opportunity to mention the name of the their book and showcase their expertise, experience and knowledge about their topic.

Annie’s firm offers free unlimited media training with an award-winning former radio producer and booker to help you learn the skill set you need to be a great guest.

Let Annie know of your radio campaign interest here.

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