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Get publicity on the radio by getting booked on radio shows in the top cities in the country.

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“Getting booked on radio is a powerful strategy for launching your new book or sharing your message,” says Annie Jennings, whose firm, Annie Jennings PR, has created the most powerful radio campaign and radio show book marketing campaign your money can buy. “Most people want to know what the return on investment (ROI) for a author, expert or book marketing radio campaign can be for them. Although the outcome differs for each author and each book, here is how radio worked for our client, author and expert, Reecy Aresty.


RADIO CAMPAIGN TESTIMONIAL: “After several phone conversations with Annie, I finally decided to hire her, and to date I’ve gotten back 3 times my investment! Not only did she honor our agreement, she over performed! I was guaranteed 10 radio interviews in the Top 35 markets, but I actually had 19 + interviews in the Top 35 markets plus 2 others! Her professionalism, honesty, and values are a rarity today, as unethical business practices are rampant in so many industries.

Thank you Annie – you’re in a CLASS BY YOURSELF!

-Reecy Aresty, Author Of “Getting Into College And Paying For It”


Radio Booking Tips Include Create Conversation Points On The Issues In The News

Radio shows ask that you have an opinion based in credentials, opinions and observations. It’s good to have an opinion and be able to back it up with a history of knowledge. Stick to what you know to be true, but a great radio guest will always be expanding their ability to comment on a variety of news and features stories that radio shows will likely be covering.

When Booked On Radio Anticipate Questions

Keep in mind that the radio show host can ask you anything. It’s good to be a radio guest that is prepared in advance with answers. To get prepared in advance allows you to have time to craft strong messages and not be caught unprepared.  A good radio guest has up to minute opinions and commentary.

Flaunt Your Credentials & Accomplishments

Radio guests should be ready to tell the audience why they are good, why they know their topic and subject matter. Know why you are good and don’t be afraid to say you are good on the radio show. The audience appreciates knowing your credentials and expertise along with your experience. When you feel confident that you know what you are talking about it does not feel odd to talk about yourself in a positive way.

Get Booked On Radio & Make A List Of Your Accomplishments

Awards, accomplishments, speaking engagements and contributions to your area of expertise are all very important to your overall media bio as they create a snapshot of who you are for the radio producer or host.

It’s OK To Promote Your Book During The Radio Interview

Be a professional radio guest at all times and pack your interview with content and value. This way, the radio host just might do your promo for you by mentioning your book and mentioned your website or how listeners can purchase your book. When you deliver a great radio show for the host, the host will deliver for you.

Great Radio Guests Are Prepared

Radio publicity asks that you be available for interviews when they call. Keep in mind that you should clear your schedule whenever a radio producer offers you an interview date. Great radio guests are able to say YES to an interview quickly and avoid the back and forth as if it is too much trouble to book you, the radio producer may have to schedule another radio show guest in your place.

BIG CITY RADIO CAMPAIGN: Get booked on radio talk interviews in the top, most influential markets and shows in the major markets and nationally syndicated shows and networks. Share your message with millions, create national expert status and enjoy success!

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GET BOOKED ON RADIO, Radio Campaign, Radio PR, Book Marketing On Radio Shows

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