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Publicity On TV

Get Booked On TV For Exposure & National Expert Status

Want to jump ahead of your competitors? Want the ultimate competitive advantage for yourself or your business? Getting booked on TV creates national expert status, thought leader status and positions you or your company as an influencer.

Power Up Your Career With TV Publicity

“Getting booked on TV shows, both locally and nationally is an excellent way to be seen among your target audience as an expert in your field,” says Annie Jennings, media strategist, “if you want a tremendous competitive advantage, try appearing as the guest expert or analyst on TV shows that produce segments that match your area of expertise.”

Tips To Get Booked On TV

First, identify your topic areas of expertise and create sub-categories of expertise that fall into the issues in the news. Follow the news daily along with your target media and when a news story hits that ties into your topic area you can present yourself to the media as an expert. Be sure to get media training in advance so the second a story breaks, you are ready to appear on TV. One good motto for news experts is to always be ready because national news TV shows move quickly when reporting on breaking news issues

Client Testimonails For Appearing On TV Shows

“Working with Annie Jennings PR literally changed the course of my career.  After not having much success on my own, I am now the GO TO expert for CNN, FOX News, FOX Business, CNBC and many other networks”.

-Dani Babb, PhD, Breaking News Commentator

“It has been an honor and privilege working with my incredible team at Annie Jennings PR. My expectations for my National Media Campaign and my radio campaign have certainly been exceeded. I subsequently signed on for the national media and within a week or so I was booked on the FOX Business Network. A number of Washington DC TV interviews followed along with interviews for incredible print and online media exposure to include Forbes, Fortune, Black Enterprise,, USA Today, and Yahoo Finance. The team at Annie Jennings PR is comprised of consummate professionals and experts at getting prime placements for clients on TV, radio and in print. I highly recommend their services.”

– DaRayl Davis, Author of Economic Secrets of the New Retirement Environment

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