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Book Promotion Strategies
Your Top 5 PR Questions Answered


What is the mindset of a successful book promotion campaign?

successful book promotion campaignThe first thing to realize is that there are a lot of moving parts in a book promotion strategy. Some of the media outreach and promotion strategies include getting booked in the traditional media such as on radio talk show interviews as the guest, on TV shows in local markets across the USA and in online media outlets considered to be of high impact. Each media opportunity brings a valuable deliverable to the author. The mindset of a successful campaign for the author is when the author realizes that there is a lot of work to be done, however they can make it fun and most of all manageable with a strategy designed to be implemented over time.

There is no need to feel overwhelmed, anxious or fearful that there are too many other authors just being published, or recently published, that are also starting their marketing campaigns. Authors worry that with all of the competition they will fall short of their goals. This is because some authors want publicity and exposure for book sales only and don’t see the bigger picture.

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Can all authors be successful?

author book promotion successFirst, ask this question, what is it that the author wishes to accomplish? Once the author decides on their goals and objectives for their book they can create a PR strategy that aligns with their goals.

Every media outlet has a profile of the types of guests they book, the subjects they cover, and the issues they discuss. They know the demographics of their audience. A media outlet’s primary goal is to create a loyal following. To do so, they must align their content with the interests of their audience. This is one of the main reasons “blasting” the media, contacting any and all media without tailoring your approach, is annoying. When so many authors approach them for media coverage who are not a good match for them, the authors who are a good match get hurt and lost in the shuffle. The producers, hosts, journalists, editors and writers simply cannot go through each email and review every pitch.

The goals are to identify the outcome you would like to achieve with your book and identify media outlets that would be a good match for you. The trick is to show up where you and your book’s subject matter will be welcomed.

Does the author need a website for their book?

website for publicityGood preparation is the key to success. The author would first create an author website or a book website that is designed efficiently to contain all of the information about the book that would be needed should a member of a media outlet visit your site for more information. Great, you have peaked the media’s interest! So give them what they are looking for when they come to your site.

Create a simple to navigate site that showcases not only the book, but also the author. Your site should include the following navigation pages: an about the author page that includes a well-developed bio noting your credentials as they relate to the subject matter in your book, an about the book page that includes a summary along with the benefits to the reader, a topic page with some developed ideas with questions and answers so the media can get an idea of your style and range, a media page that will eventually include your media accomplishments and speaking topics if you are a speaker, a blog page to showcase your ideas as well as a contact me page.

Here’s a special note for your contact page. Set it up so you are immediately notified if someone fills out the form. The media has no way of knowing how promptly you will respond so they will move onto their next choice to achieve their goal. The best bet is to include a direct phone number so the media can give you a quick call. This way, if the media placement is a good match for you, you can lock in the opportunity for yourself. Once you publish your book and start promoting, think of yourself as always being “on call” and media ready.

What is the book promotion wheel and how is it optimized?

What is a book promotion wheelAt our firm, we encourage our authors to think of their book promotion strategy as a wheel. Much like a bicycle wheel with many spokes. Each spoke would be a method of outreach designed with a specific outcome in mind. Your spokes can include creating an author website, appearing on radio talk shows as a guest, being a quoted expert with a book mention in an online article, your social media, book parties, workshops, speaking events, book signings, creating expert status, guest blogging or creating a podcast, just to name a few.

With all of the ways to get book promotion, it can seem like a lot to do. The purpose of the wheel analogy is to simplify the strategy for you.

Now, you can choose a spoke to optimize and focus on just that spoke for now. Remember, you will be building up over time and as long as you are moving forward each day in your strategy, you are adding to your overall potential. You’ll want to avoid burnout by moving too fast. Just choose a spoke and work on it.

How can authors leverage their book promotion successes?

Leverage Your Book Promotion SuccessAuthors are able to share their media success with their community by using their social media, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, your media page on your author website, in fact, you can leverage it just about everywhere! Getting booked in the media is a big deal. Getting your book mentioned or your commentary published in a major online media site is significant to your growth and development as an author. First, get the media placements using a publicity strategy that targets the media that is right for you, and secondly, once you secure the media for yourself, share it with everyone you know responsibly using a strategy that is just right, not too much. Just enough.

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