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Internet Campaigns & Online Media Build Strong Authority

Online Media Is The New SEO GOLD

For high ranking authority on the internet, one of the most sought after online strategies is to get publicity placement on major media online outlets that link back to your site, thereby, transferring authority.

Online Media Is Becoming As Big As National TV

The time is now for getting booked on major internet media and online media outlets. With the change in consumer to getting news and information from mainly traditional media such as TV, radio and print, appearing as the commenting expert online becomes a high powered influence and reputation builder for authors, speakers and experts.

This Is Huge – Getting Booked On An Online Columnist

The rush is on for these major online media outlets to secure the top talent to blog and/or publish columns on their sites. Don’t miss this window of opportunity. Annie Jennings PR has placed numerous clients as regular bloggers and columnists on the major high-profile sites with our clients experience major new opportunities from this increased and impressive visibility.

Highly Visible Sought After By Major Publishers

Plus, an added benefit on the increased visibility enjoyed by online experts is the social media following that builds around their brand. Next stop, publishers are attracted to you because you can command authority across the social media platforms. If you not started with major online media, start now. If you already have some stellar bookings, just keep going!

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Publicity Client Success Stories

Plenty Of Real Success Stories

Our real client landed a regular columnist opportunity for a mega site and was spotted by a major company in NYC who is flying him in for the business opportunity of a lifetime. Client reports that being associated as a thought leader for this well known, name brand site that garners the respect of the industry has wiped out his competitors. He now has the ultimate competitive advantage of having no competitors. When his clients call him, they want him and expect to hire him.

Real Publicity Story: JP Hansen Tells How Annie’s PR Landed Him A Ton Of New Business, A Book Agent (who previously had said no) And A Big Publisher!

J.P. Hansen tells how he achieved mega success in his career using publicity with Annie Jennings PR’s famous Ladder Strategy. J.P. is a career expert who has appeared on Fox News, CBS, ABC and NBC TV, radio shows across the country and in the L.A. Times, Fortune, AOL, CareerBuilder, CNN.com, and FoxBusiness.com. “I could not have done it without Annie. The success was dizzying.”

Real Publicity Story: How Annie Jennings PR Impressed Business CEO, Jim Alampi

One day, Jim Alampi hired national publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR, a PR firm specializing in building businesses. Soon thereafter, Jim had achieved the PR success that his business growth model needed to excel. Listen while he tells his insider success story. After speaking to Annie the only question Jim had was “how fast can we get started?”

Real Publicity Story: Col. Cedric Leighton Says It’s All About Leveraging Annie’s Talents

Col. Cedric Leighton came to Annie Jennings PR after he retired from 26 years of service in the United States Air Force. He is now an internationally respected expert on leadership, cyber security, foreign policy and military matters. Cedric tells how he leveraged Annie’s abilities to reach his objective. Cedric says, “in the consultancy world, it’s very important to have your reputation enhanced by your media presence. Annie has a great team of PR professionals who can get the job done”.

Online Media Is Growing Fast

As many people now use a variety of sources for their information, online access to news is certainly an important aspect of this growth. As technology advances, the media will certainly discover new ways to reach their audience. Online media is a sure-fire way to earn significant advertising revenues so the media has an interest in building up the best online experience the user can have. One way is adding more stories in the areas of the most traffic such as news, life, health, family etc. Our firm has seen a tremendous increase in demand for online media from our clients as they are able to include the media event in their bio, thus, adding strength and influence to your bio.

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Online Media Can Lead To Other Media Placements Of Value

That’s right, appearing in the major online media outlets positions you as a top level expert. The media always wants to book the most established, credentialed experts so having lots of media placements puts you in the running to be asked by other media to contribute to their articles and posts. So go ahead and get lots of online media placements as these can only help you become a nationally recognized contributor that other media trusts.

Online Success Starts With Annie Jennings PR

To be successful online, you need a connected, fast-paced PR company that can work at the speed of light. You want a PR firm that does not take retainers as this only slows down your success as the more time it takes to produce a media outcome the better for the PR firm and the worse for you. At Annie’s, the less time it takes to produce a media outcome for her clients, the better for her firm and the better for you. Notice the variety of Annie’s clients. She has a strategy for everyone. And offers a performance guarantee on her radio publicity campaigns and offers her famous pay for placement publicity model for TV media, print and online media. As many clients say in their real story testimonials, go for it. They could not have done it without Annie Jennings PR.

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