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Reach Your Public Relations Dreams With Annie Jennings PR FirmAnnie Jennings PR Public Relations Firm

Annie Jennings PR FirmThe right PR firm for you: When choosing a PR firm, it is important to find the right match for your goals and objectives. Many PR firms specialize in certain areas. The strategy that works well is to closely match your goals and objectives with a PR firm that has booking talent and a successful booking history in your area of expertise. This is critical to your success.  Annie Jennings PR firm specializes in booking the major radio talk shows in the top ranked markets across America and on the regional and nationally syndicated radio shows. Annie Jennings PR books news experts on topics of socially relevancy on local news and major TV networks.

Annie advises this strategy to create an effective media team: “I recommend hiring firms who have an exact specialty in the area you are looking to master. Such as, if you want extensive and high impact radio talk show exposure hire a PR firm such as ours that specializes in booking the major radio interview shows in the big cities. If you would like to have a strong SEO strategy hire the SEO firm with a provable history of success. Use the same principle for your social media strategy. Hire a firm that can show you a history of success and case studies of their work. This way, you put together a team of experts all working in their expertise.”

Hire experience: Annie adds, “there is risk in hiring a new startup company in any area of publicity as it takes time to build up a professional team that has the right knowledge, experience and in the case of media, the right targeted media contacts. Our firm has tremendous experience in working with the media. Our professional publicists enjoy meaningful relationships that are valued by both the media and our firm. In fact, one major media outlet emailed us to let us know how much they appreciated working with us by asking, “can your firm train every other PR firm?” You see, in our many years of working with the media we honed our skills in providing the media with exactly the type of guest, expert, segment or story idea that would work for them. And they appreciate us for working with them in this way.”

Reminder: Seek out the PR firm with a specialty in your desired outcome. If you are seeking reputation management, crisis communications, corporate communications, author publicity or expert commentary in the media, select the PR firm with the experience that matches your objectives. Many times this means hiring more than one PR agency to build an effective team “with all your bases covered” as it relates to your goals and desired outcomes.

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Experienced Public Relations Firm Annie Jennings PRExperience matters: There are many PR firms with new firms “popping up” each day it seems. Once again, it’s good to be careful not to work with a PR firm that does not have a history of success or the rich, long-term media relationships that the media respects.

Professional public relations firms know how to work with the media in a way that works to move the client forward in the booking process. Our firm, Annie Jennings PR, knows each producer, journalist and/or booker and knows how to work with them successfully. This is a talent that comes from working with the media over the course of many years and not something that can be learned overnight. This is the advantage that a publicity firm with many years of experience has over the new ‘pop up’ firms.

With Annie Jennings PR, we are always about what is best for the client. We care that their publicity strategy serves their goals, objectives and desired outcomes. We have a premier booking strategy in place that is respected by the media that has led to our clients being able to access the media in a way that supports their media outreach strategy. Clients enjoy enhanced reputation management via their presence in the media as a contributing expert or personality on socially relevant issues facing our nation.

Annie Jennings PR focuses on booking the high impact media for our clients.

Get Big Media Placements Annie Jennings PRGet high impact media: Annie Jennings PR is a national public relations firm that specializes in booking authors, experts and speakers on both local city TV shows, the syndicated and national TV shows and networks, high unique visitorship online media outlets and top ranked radio talk shows. Our clients are booked across the board. Annie Jennings PR has booked over 25,000 media placements for our clients on high impact media.

Annie says “it is our goal to secure the most powerful media placements available to our clients given their area of expertise and the profiles of the media outlets. It is our vast knowledge and reputation in the media that allows us to continually book the right client, at the right time with the right media outlet.”

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Real client publicity testimonial: “Working with Annie Jennings PR literally changed the course of my career.  After not having much success on my own, I am now the GO TO expert for CNN, FOX News, FOX Business, CNBC, TODAY SHOW, Los Angeles Times, Smart Money and many other networks”.


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The public relations firm with performance publicity – NO RETAINERS.

Guaranteed Deliverable Publicity With Annie Jennings PRGet performance publicity and guaranteed deliverables: Annie Jennings PR is the creator of the highly sought-after public relations strategy called performance publicity. Performance publicity is designed to provide specific outcomes for clients that match their goals and objectives. Many of our clients want to uplevel their exposure, credibility and influence via media exposure. They want to create national expert status or thought leader status for themselves. Getting publicity is important to them to help elevate their firm’s reputation and attract new clients.

History of success – over 25,000 media placements booked: Annie Jennings PR has a provable history of succcess in helping clients achieve their media goals. Please visit our real client publicity stories page to read and listen to our real clients tell what it was like for them to work with our PR firm.

Performance guarantee: The Annie Jennings PR public relations firm offers a guaranteed deliverable for our top market radio talk show campaigns. Annie offers her performance publicity program for media such as placements in online venues, TV shows and print. Our firm does not charge expensive monthly retainers where the client may not be happy with the outcomes they receive. Plus the retainer models are only for a definitive period of time, usually about three months. Sometimes successful PR strategies take time to unfold given the other stories in the news or trending conversations that are in demand. So with other firms, when your retainer contract is over, it’s over. With Annie, it’s not over in three months. Time is your friend at Annie Jennings PR.

NO RETAINERS – Annie’s public relations agency has NO RETAINERS!

No Retainer PR Publicity Performance Annie Jennings PRJust performance: “Our PR firm does not charge retainers. I love this model. It was created with my passion for helping the world by helping others share their valuable messages. Sometimes the high monthly retainers other firms charge are so high that the price keeps many authors and experts from sharing their message via media exposure,” says Annie Jennings. “We believe that every message should have a chance to be heard. This is just one of the reasons we created publicity strategies designed for the client to be heard out in the world and not be shut out due to price.”

Time is on your side: Performance publicity has another advantage. You are not held to just working with a PR firm for just a few months. Retainer firms charge a monthly fee for several months or up to one year in some cases. However, their fee covers “trying” to get clients booked in the media – not from securing media placements that are meaningful and valuable for their client.

This is why it is important to ask this question: What is in it for me, the client? What are my goals and objectives and how can this PR firm help me? There will be answers. And you may find a great fit by asking these questions. Also, you may save yourself a lot of time, wasted opportunity and money by asking these questions.

Annie Jennings PR enjoys a significant advantage over other monthly retainer style firms as there is no time pressure to secure media placements. With that said, many of our clients start experiencing success quickly, allowing us to further leverage their success into more media placements.

Key to success: Savvy media clients, who have experienced working with other PR firms, say that Annie’s publicity performance model has been key to their success as it allowed them to secure targeted and appropriate media for their growth and development.

PR agency has worked with thousands of clients.

Annie Jennings PR Worked With Thousands Of AuthorsProven history of success: The highly acclaimed and in-demand public relations firm, Annie Jennings PR specializes in providing authors with the publicity and marketing outreach they need to share their message across the country. With a proven history of success in working with thousands of authors, experts and speakers, Annie Jennings PR knows what is needed to make your entire publicity experience a great one for you.

Annie will ask you about your publicity strategy, goals and objectives. She develops a time-tested and proven media strategy to help you achieve these goals.

The famous Annie Jennings PR radio campaign with performance guarantee and unlimited media training.

Reach across the USA: Get the famous radio talk show interview campaign that authors, experts and speakers love as it gives them access across the USA via telephone and acts as an excellent foundation for more media as well. Annie’s radio talk show campaigns offer clients the chance to reach out nationwide with their message easily and cost effectively. The radio shows generally call you for the interview and their audience is standing by ready to listen to your message.

Get booked on major shows in top cities: Annie Jennings PR specializes in booking the high impact, high listenership shows in each city. These are the top ranked radio markets in the country. Annie Jennings PR books clients who have a message that matches the show’s booking criteria, on the regional and nationally syndicated shows that broadcast to dozens or to hundreds of stations in their network.

Annie loves this: We love booking the nationally syndicated shows for our clients as with one telephone radio interview, our clients get tremendous exposure coast to coast. The syndicated shows are very nice for clients who wish to spread their message nationwide without travel or the costs associated with traveling the USA. The significant advantage with radio is that you can tour the country via telephone. Radio interviews are conducted via “phoners”.

Radio Publicity Annie Jennings PR FirmYou get unlimited radio media training from a professional: Your radio talk show campaign offers unlimited media training from an award-winning former news producer and booker with over 25 years of experience in the radio industry. You’ll learn the skill set of being a great guest with all the trimmings, from the etiquette of being a guest on the show to how to provide content rich conversation to how to promote your book during the radio interview. You will be a savvy guest, prepared for the interview and confident in your content.

With Annie Jennings PR, you can count on being prepared and ready for your media bookings. You will gain tremendous confidence in your abilities and messaging. Plus, you’ll have lots of fun being a guest on the shows knowing you have reached many people with your message.

You can promote your interests during the radio show: One of the best things about signing up for a radio campaign is that you are able to tour the country via telephone and the format of the shows allows you to promote your book and/or your interests during the interview. Your unlimited media training teaches you the skill set of knowing when and how to promote yourself during the shows.

Annie Jennings public relations firm in demand.

Annie Jennings PR Top Publicity ExpertAnnie Jennings PR at the Harvard Club: Annie Jennings of the national media relations firm, Annie Jennings PR, has presented for The Harvard Club in Boston, has been an invited guest lecturer for NYU’s Publishing Program and for the American Society Of Journalists & Authors. Annie Jennings PR has provided over 500 publicity and marketing speaking and teleseminar events for consistent standing room only audiences. Her events reach hundreds of thousands of authors, experts and speakers who wish to learn the latest and most effective form of publicity to help them create a personalized and powerful public relations strategy. Annie Jennings is a top PR and marketing expert with her knowledge sought out by professionals and organizations everywhere.

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FAST COMPANY says this about public relations expert, Annie Jennings:

“Annie Jennings PR is the place to go to learn how to become a best selling author.”

JOURNALISTS RAVE about Annie Jennings PR

Journalists rave about Annie’s unique and outstanding ability to provide them with the perfect expert FAST!  “Annie Jennings does a wonderful job of grasping the essence of the story and finding exactly the right people,” says Peggy Noonan, USA WEEKEND Magazine Journalist.

Radio talk show producers rave about Annie’s pubic relations firm

“Just FYI- You are one of the few really great publicists. You get it…and that’s important.”
– Rich Walburg, Former Executive Producer, 700 WLW Cincinnati, Ohio

Annie Jennings public relations firm works with prestigious national media

Annie Jennings PR is a publicity firm that works with lots of national media including CNN, FOX News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, TODAY Show, TIME Magazine, US News & World Report, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, The Street,, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, Woman’s Day, First For Women, Ladies Home Journal, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post much more. The key to success is to know the profile of the media outlet and how our clients can qualify for inclusion in them. Every media outlet has a profile. They know their demographics. The goal is to expand a client’s messaging so that a client can authentically address and provide value to the issues and conversarions of interest to a specific media outlet.

How to hire the best public relations firm for your PR goals.

The famous Annie Jennings PR firm has extensive publicity, marketing and PR industry experience. Annie herself has been a presenter for the Harvard Club of Boston, The American Society Of Journalists And Authors (ASJA) and presented as a guest lecturer for NYU’s Publishing Program. Annie Jennings has worked with numerous major publishers from New York to San Francisco, popular celebrities and icons, highly credentialed authors and experts and prestigious organizations.

Annie Jennings PR public relations firm in the media.

Annie Jennings has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, The, US Weekly,, and more. With over 20+ years of high quality, mega media booking experience, Annie Jennings PR has booked thousands of guests and worked with major publishers across the nation. Her knowledge and perspective is a valuable asset to anyone wishing to know more about various publicity topics.

Annie’s public relations firm has worked with top authors, experts, speakers and organizations.

Previous clients include: Maya Angelou, Robin Strasser, Michael Jackson, Chris Rock, Big Brother Reality Show, Don Miguel Ruiz MD (Bestseller The Four Agreements), Dr. Joy Browne (NYC Radio Show Host), Dr. Mehmet Oz, F. Lee Bailey, Dr. Andrew Weil, Louise Hay, Dr. Michael Roizen, Andrew Breitbart (Hollywood Interrupted), Jackie Stallone, Roseanne Barr, Mickey Hart (Legendary Drummer Of The Grateful Dead), Gloria Gaynor, Sylvia Browne, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, John Gray, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Marianne Williamson, Susan Jeffers, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Bestseller, Chicken Soup For The Soul), James Van Praagh, Brian Weiss MD (Bestseller, Many Lives, Many Masters), Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dannion Brinkley, George Anderson, Betty Eadie (Bestseller, Embraced By The Light), James Redfield (Bestseller, The Celestine Prophecy), Gary Null, Laura Day, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Davy Jones (The Monkeys), Carolyn Myss, Ivan Misner, Joseph Dispenza (Bestseller, The Way Of The Traveler) Dr. Barry Sears (Bestseller, The Zone), Shakti Gawain, John Bradshaw, Ivana Trump, Sean David Morton, Uri Geller, Debbie Ford, Arielle Ford, Char Margolis, Rosemary Altea, Dr. Jean Houston, Iyanla Vanzant, Thomas Moore, Dan Millman (Bestseller The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior), Dr. Dennis Waitley, Les Brown, Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider (Bestseller The Rules) and lots more!

Annie’s public relations firm works with major publishers.

Hay House, Entrepreneur Press, Health Communications, Wiley, McGraw-Hill Professional, MHEducation, ABA Publishing, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, New World Library, Hazelden Publishing, Newmarket Press, Rodale Books, AMACOM Books, Cardinal Publishers, Square One Publishers, Penguin Publishing, Randam House, Career Press, St. Martin’s Press, HarperCollins San Francisco, Sourcebooks, Avalon Travel, Thomas Nelson, Bantam, Trafford, Ten Speed Press and more.

Annie’s public relations firm has clients across the USA.

Annie Jennings PR works with clients in any markets in the United States including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Washington DC, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Seattle, Tampa, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Phoenix, Miami, Denver, Sacramento, Orlando, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Portland, Denver, Baltimore, Indianapolis, San Diego, Hartford, Charlotte NC, Raleigh, Nashville, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Columbus, Greenville, West Palm Beach, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Jacksonville, New Orleans & cities across the USA.

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Annie’s public relations firm has created valuable publicity strategies.

Annie’s advanced publicity strategies are in high demand by authors, experts, speakers, self-publishers and traditional publishers. Don’t miss your chance to find out how authors and experts are using publicity and book marketing strategies from the top public relations firm in the nation for maximum gain. Here are some of Annie’s real stories of public relations successes:

• Annie’s publicity client created the ultimate competitive advantage for himself – NO COMPETITORS! When new clients call him, they want him and only him!

• Annie’s PR client earned a whopping 80,000% ROI (return on investment)

• Another one of Annie’s publicity clients was quickly over-whelmed with so much success that he had to turn away 40 clients.

• Another PR client turned Annie’s BIG CITY radio talk show campaign into $100,000 of income (more actually! NEW CLIENTS!

• Another public relations client sold over 25,000 books and TRIPLED his speaking fees to $20,000 per event (and now reports that his speaking gigs increased so much that he can now proudly announce he has sold 50,000+ books).

• Another publicity client was spotted in a top notch online media placement as a regular contributor and was contacted by a big NYC firm who is flying him in for the opportunity of a lifetime.

• Another PR client’s publicity dream was to be on The TODAY Show and with Annie’s publicity strategy, she got booked!

Hear these real publicity and author PR stories in the client’s own words here – real publicity success story link.

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