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Annie Jennings of the National PR Firm, Annie Jennings PR, is a highly respected and accomplished National Publicist and Public Relations Professional who creates meaningful and valuable publicity, PR and marketing strategies that help her clients be heard in the world.

Annie’s team of professional publicists have booked thousands of interviews for clients. Annie has been an invited guest speaker at prestigious venues, colleges and associations, hosted hunderds of publicity podcasts and is the author of the acclaimed and highly ranked Top 10 marketing blog. You can read Annie’s blog posts here.

Annie offers her famous #1 radio talk show interview campaign that comes with free unlimited media training, a performance guarantee and bookings on the major, high-listenership radio shows that include the nationally syndicated networks that help clients share their message coast to coast. Annie’s radio campaigns create national expert status in many cases and provide brand awareness to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of radio show listeners. Annie team of public relations professionals work with the client to create socially relevant presentations and press releases to the media that tie into the trending interests and are authentic to the client’s brand.

No High Monthly Publicity Retainers. Annie’s PR Firm Offers Performance Guarantees, Major Media Outreach & Unlimited Media Training.

Annie Jennings PR agency offers products and services include the highly sought-after Performance Publicity Program. In this PR and marketing program clients are provided with publicity services such as bookings on TV shows in local, regional and/or national TV, prestigious influential online media placements. The program is based on performance.

Annie’s PR firm has experienced, professional publicists with a long term history of booking with the media. Each publicist specializes in a certain high-impact category of media. These areas include radio publicity campaigns, TV shows bookings in any city and major online big brand media that report high unique visitorships per month.

These publicists have booked over 25,000 media placements. That’s not even counting them all!

From book marketing, to author PR and branding, to creating national expert status, Annie Jennings PR has tremendous experience in booking the media and landing client placements.

The Annie Jennings PR firm’s media placements support the clients social media marketing and brand awareness programs. Annie is happy to discuss strategy on how to leverage media placements to increase their value to business growth and development, national expert status, brand empowerment and reputation management.

Many clients, after working with Annie’s PR Firm, provide the firm a podcast interview about their experience working with Annie’s professional team of publicists, how they leveraged their media placements and how working with Annie led to other opportunities such as speaking events, consulting jobs, higher fees and book deals from major publishers.  You can listen to the real stories of publicity success here.

With Annie’s PR Firm It’s About Performance.

Annie Jennings PR firm’s performance publicity program offers the client another choice over the high monthly retainer model that many of the PR firm’s use.  By working with Annie Jennings PR client only invest in media placements that are secured and delivered. Client do not pay for a publicist or a public relations professional for “trying” to book media placement. Annie believes the monthly retainer model does not provide the client with their best chance of success, however, that is, depending on the clients goals.

Annie’s Mission Is To Bring The World Together Through The Voices Of Us All.

The power of our radio publicity campaigns allow you to reach out across America, from interviews in big city interview to interviews on the nationally syndicated shows with your message. Appearing on radio talk shows provides you with media assets that you can leverage in your social media marketing and in other ways. You can leverage your interviews on social media as mentions, on your website and in your marketing strategy.

Getting booked as a guest on a radio tallk shows is a great way to build national expert status and brand awareness. You increase your credibility, add influence and clout to your media bio. You are seen as an expert in the media talking about issues that are important to both the listeners and society today.

You can accomplish all this simply by doing radio talk show interviews. Keep in mind that these radio show interviews are conducted via telephone making it so easy to blanket the USA with your message and be heard in big city markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and lots more.

Top #1 PR Firm Books The Major Media In Top Markets.

Years ago, Annie noticed a problem in the market place. No other book marketing or publicity firm was booking just the high-impact, high-listenership radio talk shows in the major cities. Highly accomplished, credentialed authors, experts and speakers were winding up on small radio shows in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of the night or even on the outskirts far outside the city. Annie knew they should be on the major radio shows in the big cities and/or on the national shows. This way, they can share their message with as many people as possible. The top market shows have significantly higher listenership that serves not only our client, but the audience as well. As a result, this powerful radio campaign also books clients on regional or nationally syndicated radio shows. This widespread high-impact booking strategy allows authors and experts to blanket the country quickly. They do  not have to be a guest on a lot of shows in the smaller cities or the outskirts of a major city. It’s a good use of time and opportunity and provides maximum return to our client. We let the trickle down theory do it’s work. And the national shows allow the client to be heard coast to coast and includes being heard in the smaller cities. The syndicated shows are high-powered as with one interview, the client can reach dozens or even hundreds of other stations across the country.

And it worked. Clients love the campaign and its impressive outreach.

Annie Jennings PR is a top radio talk show booking firm and offers her clients a performance guarantee. The performance guarantees means that Annie stands behind her promises. Numerous clients say “Annie does what she says she is going to do”.  Annie says that her clients love that they can count on getting value for themselves while working with Annie.

There is NO TRYING to get media. There is only performance at Annie Jennings PR.

Annie works with authors, experts and speakers. Authors can be self-published or traditionally published.

Annie Jennings is a respected publicity professional who has worked with thousands of clients securing over 25,000 media placements in about 10+ years. These placements are top quality to provide meaningful and valuable outreach for clients to help them reach their PR and marketing goals.

Annie Jennings PR has created publicity strategies that help clients be heard in the world and to help them build up powerful and influential media bios, create clout, influence and buzz. It’s a crowded world out there for authors, experts and speakers or consultants in that the internet has leveled certain advantages others have enjoy throughout the years. It’s important to stay ahead of the rest and be a top national expert recognized my the media to help keep your advantage.

Annie offers her famous #1 radio talk show publicity campaign that comes with free unlimited media training provided by an award-winning former news producer and booker with a major national network, a performance guarantee and media bookings on the major, high-impact radio shows in the major cities and markets that can include the nationally syndicated networks that help share your message coast to coast.

Performance publicity programs are offered for TV bookings, prestigious print and influential online media placements. Why pay expensive monthly retainers with performance publicity programs and help you reach your goals and manage your publicity money wisely? Our clients LOVE that we put our money where our mouth is and guarantee our media campaigns.

Get Author Publicity Annie Jennings PR

Thousands Of Authors Flock To Annie’s Top Publicity Firm.

Annie’s vision of offering a better PR experience for the author, expert, speaker or professional that includes a performance guarantee appealed to the marketplace.  In addition, Annie offers free unlimited media training with each radio talk show campaign. The media training is provided by a former news producer and booker for a national media outlet. Media training teaches you great guest skills, how to engage an audience and promote your book during the interview and lots more.

Annie offers free expert media training for TV placements so her clients are prepared, confident media savvy for their interview.

Clients want to invest in themselves. Our firm became the smart choice for those wishing high impact outcomes for their goals and objectives.

Many clients note that Annie and her firm are high energy and always on the move. That’s good for our clients as energy is contagious and productive.

Annie Jennings PR has a passion. A passion to help everyone who comes to her firm live their dreams out loud.

This passion for excellence resulted in Annie creating one of the most powerful publicity campaigns in the PR industry.  Annie believes that her clients can help change the world by sharing their messaging with as many people as possible. Her mission is to bring the world together through the voices of us all.

Authors Love Annie Jennings PR’s Performance Guarantee For Their Book Promotion & Publicity.

Client love Annie’s publicity firm for many reasons with one being that they offer bookings on the big radio shows in the major cities. The radio publicity campaign comes with a performance guarantee and unlimited media training by an award-winning radio professional with over 25 years of experience in the radio industry. This media trainer works closely with you so you can be a media savvy, skilled and confident guest.

Book Promotion Success Story

Annie Jennings PR Books The Biggest Radio Talk Shows Available To The Client.

Annie has tremendous experience, pioneering new publicity concepts to help others live their dreams and see their mission in motion.

Annie’s mission statement for her PR firm is that she works “for the betterment of all”. To be true to this mission and live this quest Annie has created some of the most powerful publicity strategies to help authors, experts and speakers get their influential messages out into the world to help others.

Annie has been a featured expert in the national media including Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, US Weekly, and been an invited speaker to NYU’s publishing program, The Harvard Club, ASJA and more.

Annie Works With Radio Talk Shows, TV Shows (local, regional and national), & Online Media

Should your publicity campaign include getting booked on radio talk shows, TV shows, in print and in online media outlets? Yes! And you need them all to reach as many people as possible and to build a collection and body of proof that you are an active contributing member of society as it exists today. The media wants relevant, qualified and talented experts who are also media savvy. Thanks to Annie’s unlimited media training and special eye towards mentoring you to your greatest potential you can be that guest.

Our Publicity Firm Mentors Our Clients.

Don’t know why the media would book you or care about you? It’s OK. Many of Annie’s clients come to her feeling the same way. They wonder why they matter in the world today. You may not know when they first speak with Annie, but guess what, Annie does. Many of Annie’s clients says “she knew that I was good way before I realized how good I was”. Each client comes to Annie with specific personality set and Annie works with you at the level that would serve you the most. At the end of the day, all she wants is you to get your chance at the brass ring and she will offer you the training, the bookings, the resources, the support of her entire PR team to make it happen for you.

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Annie Jennings PR Has Plenty Of Proof Of Concept Of Successful Campaigns!

Yes we do. Be sure to go back to the home page and click on the real stories tab or real story photo or go to Annie’s blog. You will see the real stories of clients who have come back to after their campaigns to tell you what it was like to work with our team.  Each client has their own story of how working with Annie served their goals, dreams and objectives.

Annie Jennings PR Has Strong & Impressive History Of Success.

Many authors, experts and speakers prefer to work with a marketing firm that has a strong history of success in the client’s area of expertise and subject matter. Many publicity firms specialize in various types of PR such as social media, blog tours, and traditional media (radio talk show interviews, TV bookings and placements in online media outlets).

Annie Jennings PR specializes in clients who wish to appear on the major traditional and online media such as top radio talk shows, major TV news networks, prestigious online media media offering high exposure and impressive unique monthly visitorship.

Our clients appeared on the national news programs as the invited guest contributor and in the national online  media as a contributor on the subject matter where the journalist would like to have a quote from a qualified expert. These online media placements are the high brand recognition factor are excellent to add power to your media bio.  Appearing in the media allows to you to contribute at the highest level of media. The Annie Jennings PR campaigns are designed for maximum outreach and impact. They are designed to create credibility, influence and clout for clients.

Annie Jennings PR Firm Works With Clients For Top Media Placements.

Working with the right company is the key to your success. You want the biggest, most powerful and most influential media for yourself. Publicity firms know the media outlets well. The understand the profile of the media outlet. They know in advance where you would be a good fit.

This knowledge saves you a lot of wasted time and money as you can go right to heart of the media opportunity for you. Keep in mind that publicity is a profession where knowledge of the media markets is critical to the needs of a client. This is one of the top reasons why to work with an accomplished media booking company that can prove their expertise in creating a strategy that allows you to meet your goals and objectives.

NYC Publicity Firms Know The National Media

Annie Jennings PR is a New York City area based PR firm that specializes in booking authors and experts on the media including radio talk show interviews, TV shows both nationally and in local cities across the U.S. Our clients appear in the business and finance media as well as features such as health, wellness, relationships and lots more.


Book Promotion Success Story

Annie Jennings PR Helps Authors Get Publicity & Book Marketing For Their Books

Millions of authors are self-publishing and looking for PR and marketing. The PR strategy idea is to connect with an established media booking publicity firm that has a history of booking the media that you think might work best for you.

For example, if you want the best radio talk show campaign your money can buy, you would work with a #1 radio show booking PR firm such as Annie Jennings PR. If you want to take social media by storm, get recommendations on the best social media publicity firms in the business and work with them.

Avoid start up firms as they may not have the connections or strategy to secure the outcomes you need. The rule of thumb for success is to work with an established public relations firms with a proven history booking the media. You want to know that being able to deliver the media bookings that can help you build your business, your career and create an influential media bio.

Publicity Builds Up An Influential Media BIO.

That’s right. Stacking your bio with prestigious and influential media placements in the most highly influential media will help you attact new opportunities. Authors, experts and firms in the height of their business cycle invest heavily in acquiring new knowledge, always improving themselves so they can provide the best services. This is the type of guest or expert the media wants to book on their show or to contribute to their articles.

Businesses or people winding down with no energy left to spare will not seek out media. Only the strong go after publicity.

This is why landing these media placements are important to you. They provide proof that you are in the height of your career. Most media will ask for the author, expert’s or speaker’s media bio so they can confirm the author is current in their contributions and has a good understanding of the issues important to society at this time.

DISCOVER The Publicity Firm That Gets Results – Annie Jennings PR.

The secret to success the big brands have learned is that you need to have the right people working on your behalf. These are the professionals in PR, publicity and marketing. Trying to get meaningful and influential media bookings with a novice PR firm is just about impossible. But the pros are all set up and ready to pitch. Avoid working with start up publicity firms. It takes time to create long lasting relationships with the media that are built on trust and a flawless history of working together.

Our publicists have tremendous experience and enjoy the respect of the media. They are professionals. The new publicity companies need a few more years of working successfully with the media to create the bond of trust needed for their clients’ success.

Author Book Promotion Publicity, Marketing & Branding Firms

Authors have a lot of book marketing firms to choose from but the trick is to find the right one. The right one has a long term history of success and offers a guarantee of performance. Annie’s firm does that for you. Her company offers a performance guarantee. Annie’s professional team of publicists can book the media and have decades of experience doing so with high energy and enthusiasm. They enjoy the attention and respect of the media. Plus, our publicists know in advance how you should position yourself for a successful booking and many new firms just don’t know how to do that as they lack the experience needed to pinpoint the segments that will be a big hit with the media.

Get Author Publicity Annie Jennings PR

Work With The Best Media Booking Firm To Optimize Success

Why not get booked on the biggest and most powerful media within your reach? Annie works to elevate you, using a highly successful strategy, to enable you to achieve your highest level of media success. Her firm mentors you so you can build up your brand along with your media bio to increase your social relevancy. The underlying secret to a successful PR strategy is to work with the best media booking firm for you and your goals. Publicity companies specialize in certain areas so hire the publicity firm that specializes in what you want to accomplish. Our publicists bring many years of high quality experience of working with the media and a variety of clients. Do we know publicity? Yes, we do!

Find out how you can get booked on radio talk show interviews in the top, most influential big cities and radio markets as well as the nationally syndicated radio talk interview shows and networks. Getting booked as a guest on radio talk shows is one of the most reliable publicity strategies you can use if your goal is to reach across the nation with your message. Some authors say the best part is that you can broadcast throughout the country via telephone. They say it is like walking into a speaking event that’s packed with people. Radio publicity allows you to share your message with millions, create national expert status and enjoy success!

Annie Jennings PR Offers Free Unlimited Media Training With Their Radio Talk Show Campaign.

We offer our radio talk show clients unlimited media training so you can learn the skill set needed to be a great guest on the air. Annie knows what the radio shows want. The shows want guests that can bring a big win to show and also to the listeners. Radio shows want to book guests with a proven ability to engage the audience and resonate well with the host.

At our firm, we offer our clients free unlimited media training by an award-winning former radio producer and booker with over 25 years of experience. Does it get any better than working with Annie? I think not.

Work With The Best – Annie Jennings PR Featured In Major Media

Annie Jennings, founder of the National Publicity Firm Annie Jennings PR, has innovated industry concepts that others use in their publicit strategy. Annie has been a featured expert in the national media including Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, US Weekly, and more. Annie Jennings has been an invited speaker to NYU’s publishing program, The Harvard Club, the American Society of Journalists and Authors and more.

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