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Create An Author Or Expert BIO That Tells The Media What They Need To Know In A Nutshell & Learn What Does Not Belong In Your Media Bio



Follow these simple steps to creating a powerful media bio designed to get you booked on the media of your dreams. Annie Jennings PR is a major provider of experts to the media and the PR visionary who has led the industry to all new levels of performance.



1.  Your author expert media bio should always begin with your credentials, academic achievements, professional and academic affiliations.

2.  If you are the author of books, papers, and/or studies note those next along with the names of the papers and studies and where they appear etc so the media can document them.



3.  List your areas of expertise as an author and professional, your book topic and socal relevance.



4.  List the years you have been active in these areas and your fields especially the areas covered in your book. Be sure to list your topics and subtopics in your media bio as well.



5.  It is important for book authors and media expert to list any involvement in any association, achievements or awards you have received in your field.



6.  List media appearances TV or radio and quotes in magazines in newspapers. If you were the quoted expert in any media outlet be sure to mention the name of the media outlet and the book featured on the show, article, magazine, newspaper or internet site.



7.  What does not belong in a bio: your personal family history, personal triumphs or tragedies unless they are tied into your area of expertise, your birth place. You can include the location where you currently reside or practice as this can be important if the media would like to book you for a radio or TV segment.



8.  Your information has to be absolutely accurate, up to date, and easily verifiable as the media has resources to check out your information.



9.  Be sure the author expert bio on your website is exactly the same and consistent with the bio that you are presenting to the media. You can always offer an expanded version on your website. However, you should not be inconsistent with your bio. You can certainly have other info on your website but the bio must remain consistent with the one you present to the media.



10.  The purpose of a professional bio for use in the media is to give them a snapshot of your expertise and your author expert platform so they can determine if you qualify as the expert for the segment or article they have in mind. The topic of your book is important but your media bio and platform will lead the way for you.



11.  In addition to your media book author expert bio, have a professional .jpeg of yourself in your professional capacity and jpeg of your book cover ready to email to the media upon request.



12.  Demo tapes are requested by the media.  The media likes to see the author or expert in action to be sure they meet the requirements for an on-camera interview. Have professional quality demo dvd's ready to be sent to the media and of course, better yet, include a video link on your site so the media can check you out without waiting for your demo to be sent overnight. As you send your demo out to the media, be sure to restock. The media moves fast and needs the info immediately and cannot wait for copies to be made or complied etc.

Additional tip: When responding to one of the famous Annie Jennings PR Media Alerts, if you don’t quite fit exactly what we are looking for, let us know how you tie in and maybe we can develop a different segment for you.  Keep in mind the media does not change the segment because of the focus of the expert—they want the expert to fit the segment. We can always find you another segment more applicable to your exact of expertise!


Create A Media Website Packed With Your Publicity Info: You are encouraged to develop a separate website for the media.  This website should have contact info, your bio, your picture, your book (but not presented in a sales way), articles you have written, developed segment ideas that include talking points and a list of questions you would like to asked along with your intro. 


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