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  • Get your ultimate competitive advantage by securing major media publicity that you can leverage into power, money and prestige. Clients report excellent results in their ability to secure new opportunities and win new clients. They love working with us!

  • Our radio talk show campaigns are considered to be the most powerful radio campaign your money can buy with bookings on the high-impact, high-listenership radio shows in major markets with powerful brand name networks and famous hosts.

  • Radio talk show campaigns include unlimited media training and a performance guarantee. You will get booked on big radio shows in major cities. We guarantee it. Authors love our radio campaign as they can reach across the country fast and inexpensively via "phoners".

  • Our print and online media plan land our clients big media such as WSJ, NY Times, Success, Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes, FAST COMPANY, TIME Magazine & more. The online placements generally link back to your site, otherwise known as SEO GOLD, creating online authority that leads to more action on your website.
  • Many of our experts go on to secure significant media opportunities such as regular monthly columns in the most highly sought after media in the country. The more you are a contributor to our social issues, the bigger your brand and big brands sell books and attract new opportunity.

  • Our TV campaigns consistently land clients on FOX NEWS, CNN, CNBC, TODAY Show, network TV shows in major cities & more. Clients report that appearing on the top shows greatly increases their success and national expert status leading to lots of new and exciting opportunities.

  • With Annie's highly skilled PR team, clients land the big media that propels their influence, credibility and clout so they can stand out far above the others. Client like that appearing in major media creates trust and belief in their abilities that attracts new opportunities and is necessary for their competitive advantage.
  • Annie Jennings PR publicity clients report lots of new opportunities leading to outstanding success in so many areas. They say their big turning point was working with Annie. They say they could not have done it without Annie.

  • You can repurpose all of your media on your social media and your website. From posting your TV videos, radio show recordings and linking to your print and online media you can share impressive and valuable content sending social signals that you are at the height of your career.

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Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR books clients on big media

  • "Annie Jennings PR does a wonderful job of grasping the essence of the story and finding exactly the right people."

    Peggy Noonan, USA WEEKEND Magazine

  • "Just FYI Annie Jennings - You are one of the few really great publicists. You get it...and that's important."

    Rich Walburg, Executive Producer 700 WLW Cincinnati, Ohio

  • "As usual you have come up with another great guest.... I have used more of your guests than any others. You're agency is excellent! It's obvious you enjoy your job and are very good at it! Kudos!

    Pat St. Claire, CNN Radio Network, Syndicated to 2000 Stations

  • "Annie Jennings PR is extremely helpful in every situation. They have a great deal of professionalism and always seem to deliver the perfect person."

    Lonnie Klein, National Producer

Radio Campaign

Radio Campaign - Get Booked On Radio Talk Shows With America's #1 Radio Publicist & Radio Publicity Firm

Get Author Radio Talk Show Publicity Campaign:

Annie Jennings PR offers America's #1 most powerful & influential radio talk show publicity campaign that gets you booked on major radio shows in the top markets in the USA.

You'll get booked on the high impact, high listenership radio talk shows in the highest impact markets. Radio is perfect for your author publicity and author book marketing.

Radio Campaign Offer A Tremendous Advantage To You:

Appearing as a guest on a radio show is easy to do, as the shows are done via the telephone so there are no expensive travel costs, very low stress, no make up or special wardrobe. There is just you, the station, the listeners all standing by ready to go reach thousands of listeners with a phone call. Nice, right? It sure is when consider that Annie Jennings PR offers bookings only on the big shows in the major cities as well as the regional and nationally syndicated radio shows and networks.

Publicity Client Success Stories

Radio Testimonial From Publisher: Marjorie Conte of New World Library says "we have experienced a jump in sales of certain titles into the tens of thousands after a radio interview campaign scheduled by Annie Jennings PR. I would not consider launching a campaign without including her services."

Real Publicity Story: Ryan Says “My Phone Is Constantly Ringing Now With New Client Opportunity!”

Ryan Gilliam, Business Coach, Entrepreneur and self-made Millennial Millionaire says, "I feel like I came into this as someone very accomplished in the business world and able to do some really cool things. But I never got my name out there. I never went out and waved a banner that said look at me, so I did not have the credibility that some of my competitors had because they had been in the media. Before working with Annie Jennings PR, I was never able to break through and get my name out into the world. Since working with Annie, my phone is constantly ringing with people hearing about me and wanting to know more about my firm."

Real Book Radio Campaign Success Story: “I Chose Annie Because I Trusted Her & She Saw My Tremendous Potential”

Katherine Agranovich, PhD took advantage of Annie’s #1 radio talk show campaign and reports she loved working with the team and did not want it to stop. So, she signed up for another round of radio talk shows. "The main reason I decided to work with Annie was that I trusted her- and believed that she believed in me.”

Real Publicity Radio Campaign Success Story: Author Says Annie Is “Most Amazing PR Firm I Have Ever Worked With”!

Dr. Peter Sacco thought who better than Annie Jennings to help him promote his books properly with commitment and excellence. Peter says he "found working with Annie to be absolutely phenomenal. They worked fast and got me booked on the big influential shows. I can't say enough about the great service in fact, Annie's firm is the best PR firm I have ever worked with and I have worked with a few. And her personality? I want to be around someone so upbeat and incredible as Annie. Totally LOVE HER!"

Real Publicity Campaign Success Story: Peter Edelstein M.D. Says He Was Hooked On Annie From The Beginning!

Dr. Edelstein says that he was hooked on Annie from the very beginning. "When you speak to Annie you will feel a big difference. They understand my dream and I knew they were going to help me. Annie's publicity team is the team I had hoped to find but never thought I would."

Real Radio Campaign Success Story: Bob Allison Says Annie’s Big HEART Won Him Over, “She Really Cares”!

As a result of working with Annie’s publicity team, Bob Allison, author of the book Saved by the Prince of Peace: Dungeon to Sky, became a ‘go to’ addiction expert, appearing on SiriusXM, CBS Radio, iHeart Media, NPR and numerous national shows, to spread his message of hope!

Annie's Radio Campaign Clients Get Unlimited Media Training From Award-Winning Industry Pro

Annie offers her radio campaign clients lots of perks including unlimited media training with an award winning former news producer and booker from a major network radio show in a top market. Our talented and compassionate media trainer helps you learn the skill set you will use on the air to be a talented, savvy, prepared and confident guest on the show. No worries. Seriously no worries. You get unlimited media training - as much as you need to feel that you are ready to go out to the country over the radio and do a terrific job for yourself, the show and the listeners.

Remember, the professional Annie Jennings PR booking team knows radio like the back of their hands. Everyone you work with in our radio division has from ten - fifteen - twenty years of experience working in our radio booking division and brings tremendous experience to you. You certainly will not be making any amateur mistakes or entry level embarrassing faux pas as this division is savvy and watches over you carefully.

Get Author Publicity Annie Jennings PR

Radio Campaign Bookers Have High Quality Media Relationships With Producers & Hosts

Our radio booking team has deep and meaningful contacts with the producers and hosts - especially of the big shows in the major markets. They like us. They respect our firm. We provide timely, prepared and impressive guests and it all starts with first, sign up with us and second, with you working with our media trainer and our staff.

Many of our clients say they didn't know how good there were as a guest until Annie's team mentored them to their highest potential. And they wanted that all along - someone to have enough skill, vision and passion to make them great. And that's what Annie's publicity team is all about - commitment to making you great.

So What Happens After You Sign Up For Your Radio Campaign?

Well, after we go through a few steps of learning all about you, you will start your media training where you can even get practice interview to add to your confidence level. Next, you will get booked only on top high powered radio shows, high impact radio shows and high listenership radio shows in major markets. This is a guarantee. Your radio campaign comes with a performance guarantee so you feel that you are investing in yourself and you have Annie's word (with the promises in the Contract) backing you up.

Radio Campaign - Good For Author PR & Marketing Your book

Experience extensive outreach and exposure of your message, just from having a one on one conversation with the radio show host,however you have thousands of listeners. Annie Jennings books the high impact, high listenership shows in major cities in the USA. We like the radio shows for book promotion you are able to build up a relationship with your listeners via a meaningful and relevant conversation and tell them about your book. Annie's media trainer helps you learn this skill set - how to promote your book during the interview at the right time, responsible and respectfully. And why shouldn't the audience know how to find out more about you? You have built a relationship with the listeners during the interview so it's only follows that will want to know more about you and your message including your book.

Get Booked On Radio Campaign With Interviews Famous Hosts

With Annie's radio campaign you can access nationally syndicated shows with famous name brand hosts that propel your expert status (as you are known by the company your keep) that reach a widespread audience across America. In this way, appearing on the top radio shows is an accelerator for your brand and the more you can build your brand the better your competition factor. It's no secret the clients buy brands because they are brands for a reason - they are trusted and have stood the test of time. With businesses popping up everyday and going out of business everyday, hiring an established respected brand protects you and empowers your outcomes. Annie Jennings PR is a high powered, #1 brand in the PR industry. Her campaigns are stellar and based on years of commitment to being the best PR firm plus Annie herself is an established brand in the media with just about everyone knowing her name. And this is good. For you.

Professional Radio Interview & Radio Campaign Bookers

You'll work with the most highly skilled radio bookers in the nation. They are absolutely #1 in creating your messaging as it relates to society's interest today. Because of the vast experience of your publicity team, your segment design will reflect brilliant messaging in demand. Annie's team can create these segments that get booked because they know what was covered, how it was covered and how it is likely to be covered in the future. We create segments that have media demand. All of your segment strategy and media materials are created by a highly skilled, media savvy PR team that famous itself for booking the #1 most powerful radio campaign in the entire PR industry.

Radio Campaign Talk Show Guest Unlimited Media Training

Back in the day, before Annie offers thousands of dollars worth of media training free as part of the campaign, other PR firm charged thousands of dollars for the same experienced. But then Annie came along and decide to include your media training with a top award-winning radio professional as part of your campaign. You pay nothing more. Annie absorbs the cost of this perk. And why not, she wants you to be the best, to be prepared, confident and life-changing on the air. You'll experience expert media training with our award winning major news producer who provides you with the skills you need to be a excellent and influential guest. The unlimited media training is included in all radio campaigns as well as on-going media training support for your entire campaign. Yes, your media trainer, your radio division and Annie herself is with you every step of the way. Clients love the dedication of the firm to their betterment.

Radio Campaign Talk Show Publicity News Division

Annie has a state of the art, 24/7 news division watching the happenings all over the world. The focus of our 24/7 news division is to create socially relevant conversations to the issues of interest and under discussion in the media. Our state of the art news division identifies the stories in the news where you can offer the perfect commentary and helps you create your exact message. If you don't know what everyone is talking about, how can anyone create pitches the media wants to book. Annie knows. She makes sure its her business to know where you messaging will fit in next. Nobody does radio better than Annie Jennings PR.

Radio Talk Show Publicity Campaign Is A Guaranteed Deliverable

Your radio campaign comes with a performance guarantee. That's right. We deliver on our promises. It's in the Contract. Remember, you are getting the most powerful radio campaign in the industry with bookings that broadcast to the heart of the market and/or are on the regional or nationally syndicated shows and network that reach across the country. While our firm respects call media, our clients come to us for the high impact, high listenership radio show bookings. With this in mind we just book the top shows and don't book clients on college stations, internet stations, overnight shows (unless they are the handful of big ones), no shows in the middle of nowhere, no shows on the outskirts of any market and no low listenership shows. Just the major radio shows in the top cites and syndicated shows. You come to our PR firm for the best and that's what you get - performance guarantees.

Get Author Publicity Annie Jennings PR

Get The #1 Radio Talk Show Publicity Campaign

Never forget that by working Annie you just can't do any better. You are getting the most major shows in the top markets that accept your interview topic as Annie is considered to be one of the best radio bookers in the industry. Her established and professional radio booking team has the knowledge and relationships to bring you to your highest level of achievement in the radio talk show sector. Your Annie Jennings PR radio campaign includes only the bigger shows in the top-ranked markets and on regional or nationally syndicated shows only. These shows offer you a tremendous advantage of not only being heard by the heart of the market but also of building your brand. Plus, the added free perk of you getting unlimited media training (that other firms charge thousands of dollars for) is included in the radio campaign deliverables. Nice. Clients love the media training as they develop confidence and pride in their abilities and in turn, do a great job on the show.

RADIO CAMPAIGN: Expansion of Your Message

On radio interviews you have more opportunity to showcase your knowledge, wisdom and experience on various issues because you have enough time for discussion. Radio interviews vary in length and these lengths are set according to the profile of the station however, interviews usually are about ten minutes – fifteen minutes long but can go up to thirty minutes or even one hour, again depending on the profile of the show. Keep in mind that ten - fifteen minutes is plenty of time to answer about eight to ten questions and build a relationship with the listener as well as showcase your expertise.

Your Radio Campaign Reaches Target Markets Quickly

Radio offers immediate access to your audience. There is no waiting for a print article to publish or a mention in an online article to publish. There is no waiting for a TV show to say yes. There is just lots of action fast. For those who like instant gratification, radio is for you. Radio is usually live without a long lead time with regard to booking the show. Radio can jumpstart your media outreach in that you can get going FAST. Radio works well for authors, experts, publishers and anyone who has a message to share, wants to create buzz, introduce a new concept or share a qualified opinion and of course, build up a strong media bio for yourself or your firm. The Annie Jennings PR radio campaign is a brand builder too as you are associated with the name brand shows other media knows to be of high quality. Consider radio campaigns to be a safety net for your publicity outreach as there is no way you won't get booked so you can be assured that you will reach listeners with your book promotion.

Radio Publicity Creates a Relationship with Listeners

Up close and personal is the name of the game in radio, it’s you and the listener. Even though there may be thousands of listeners, it still feels more like “one on one”. This helps you engage the listener and bond with them. Your audience can get to know who you are as a personality and as an expert or author. Engaging in a conversation that is meaningful, gives you the change to build trust and a relationship is born. Want the #1 radio campaign in the industry? Be sure to let us know as we can get you booked. Some of clients report that they were called for other opportunities as a result of being heard on the radio show. You never know what can happen when thousands hear you on the shows.

Get The #1 Radio Talk Show Campaign

Radio interviews take place over the phone so there is no make up, hair or travel involved making radio a lot easier and affordable to do than traveling to a certain city or to a studio for a TV segment. Additionally, you get to try out your commentary to see how it works for you in the fast-paced, content rich style of radio. Plus, with your unlimited media training that comes with your Annie Jennings PR campaign, you learn the skill set of answering questions live and presenting your commentary in a short, high energy, engaging yet comprehensive way that helps prepare you for other media such as your local, regional and national TV.

Another good point to note is that you get the chance to experience different style hosts who approach the same topic in their own way. This experience will make you a better commentator. You can also try out various answers to the same questions in either a short nutshell format or a longer answer if the show is allowing you more time.

Radio is also less pressure than TV because you can have your notes, your segway statements and your promotional commentary right in front of you whereas in TV you are “live and on the air”. The experience you get on radio will pay off when you are “live and on the air” on TV.

Radio Campaign Shows Allow You To Promote Your Interests, Business & Website - Get Booked On Radio

Radio interviews allow you to promote yourself, your website and your book or interests after you have packed your interview with content and provided a top notch experience for the host and listener. Remember, radio is not about promotion, it’s about sharing your insight and views with the host and listener however, radio initiates action. Listeners can buy your book, go to your website or contact you. If you have done a great job for the host, that is, delivered a blockbuster, edge of your seat interview, the host will reward you by promoting you or offering you the opportunity to promote yourself. However keep in mind that Annie's radio campaign comes with unlimited media training so you will learn how to promotion yourself respectfully and appropriately on the shows.


Get #1 radio campaign for book authors, promotion and marketing. You can mention your book in the radio interviews. With Annie Jennings PR, you can get booked on radio interviews in the top, most influential markets and shows in the major markets and nationally syndicated shows and networks. You can share your message with people everywhere, create national expert status and enjoy success!

You are hand-pitched to the perfect shows for you and your topic. Your radio campaign Includes stations in the HOT Major Markets or on Nationally or Regionally Syndicated Shows or Networks only. Any shows offered to you outside of the profile of the campaign (even #1 shows) are FREE to you and offered as value-added and with our compliments. Get booked quickly.

Get Author Publicity Annie Jennings PR

Get booked fast. Get the #1 radio campaign in the industry only offered by Annie Jennings PR.

Dear Annie,

As a first-time published author, I was very unsure of what I needed to do to help promote my book, “Defeating Depression: The Calm and Sense Way to Find Happiness and Satisfaction,” but I knew I HAD to do SOMETHING!

In my search as to “HOW” to promote my book, I came across your website.  In a “sea” of Public Relations agencies, I found your’s and your smile!  That initially spoke to me!  (The fact that we are both New Jersians was a bonus!).  Your smile said to me, “This is a REAL person who cares!” and was I right about that!

You responded to me PERSONALLY and QUICKLY and when we spoke, I immediately felt that I had made the right choice!  Your true interest and honesty made my decision to work with you and your staff an easy one!

Stacy and Jason were just as friendly and interested, and I quickly felt as if “family” were working for me!  The radio interviews scheduled for me came quickly, and carefully!  Great stations, great time slots and insightful “pitching” helped the FIRST RUN OF MY BOOK SELL OUT!  That RARELY happens with first-time authors, and I am sure that without Annie Jennings, PR, it would not have happened for me!  You guys found GREAT NEWS STORIES for me to discuss on-the-air, and found the PERFECT TIMES and AUDIENCES for me to speak to!

I am more than grateful for ALL OF YOUR PERSONALIZED CARE and that is why I decided to continue working with you after my initial contract was well-exceeded!! 

If anyone is REAL about fulfilling their dreams, your agency is the RIGHT and ONLY one to go with because you are ALL REAL PEOPLE with REAL CARE and DEDICATION!!!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!  I look forward to a long-lasting “family” relationship with you all!

-Leo J. Battenhausen, MA, MSW, LCSW, LCADC

RADIO TALK SHOW PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN TESTIMONIAL: We have experienced a jump in sales of certain titles into the tens of thousands after a radio interview campaign scheduled by Annie Jennings PR. I would not consider launching a campaign without including her services."

-Marjorie Conte, New World Library Publishers

The Most Powerful Radio Campaign In The Industry!


Radio Campaign
Get Booked On #1 Powerful
High Listenership Radio Stations

Get Booked In HOTTEST Radio Markets
Our PR Team Puts You Into The Radio
Shows Of Your Dreams

We Match You With The Highest Powered Shows



GET THE #1 RADIO CAMPAIGN - AUTHOR RADIO PR, AUTHOR RADIO SHOW PUBLICITY: Reach millions with your message with your radio campaign.

Showcase your knowledge and expertise on big radio shows booked for your radio campaign

Build up a strong and influential media bio and empower your brand using radio campaigns.

Launch your professional national expert status and thought leader status using your impressive and influential radio campaign.

Get booked on major radio shows in top cities & national syndicated radio shows that reach hundreds and thousands of stations across the country. Radio is good for your outreach, brand, bio and reputation as a socially relevant contributing expert on the top of their game.


RADIO PUBLICITY STRATEGY: A high powered publicity strategy designed for maximum outreach to your audience and to build your brand and influence includes securing interviews on major radio shows. Radio shows are powerful venues for publicity, promotion, credibility building, creating national expert status as well as provide thought leader status. Plus a radio campaign with Annie Jennings PR is a guaranteed deliverable meaning you can count on the campaign to produce the appearances for you. Whereas other PR such as print, TV and online is all on spec, radio is the one PR venue you can count on. The bigger and more powerful the show, the better for you.

ACCESS MILLIONS OF LISTENERS WITH RADIO CAMPAIGN: Radio interviews in top cities across the country allows you to access millions of people easily (and by telephone too).

NATIONALLY SYNDICATED RADIO SHOWS: These shows reach across the nation and offer tremendous exposure for the guest. They are great for sharing your message for book promotion and market and for establishing your brand. Self published books welcome. Interviews in the Top 35 & Top 45 markets and nationally syndicated shows (that broadcast to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of stations) are very powerful and can bring you the exposure you would like to have for your book promotion. Many radio talk shows exist that broadcast to your target market or local market as well and are a great place to begin.

RADIO CAMPAIGNS ARE TOPIC DRIVEN: The shows allow you to mention your book and website. This is a nice way for authors to get lots of widespread book publicity easily as the shows are phoners meaning your conversation with the show is over the telephone, yet heard by all their listeners. Nice and easy. Radio campaign are one of the best ways to create a safety net within your PR strategy. Nothing else is a given but the Annie Jennings PR radio campaign that comes with a guarantee of performance and Annie's PR team has produced these campaigns for many years and all successfully.

RADIO CAMPAIGN STRATEGY BENEFIT: One of the desirable benefits radio interviews is that the interview usually focuses on your area of expertise and is an excellent showcase of your education, experience, wisdom and insight on the issue under discussion. You also more influence over the content of the interview as radio is a conversation that flows from one comment to the next allowing you the time to make your point. The Annie Jennings PR radio campaign comes with unlimited media training so you are prepared and confident by the time you are a live guest on the show. Clients come to Annie unsure of where the fit in PR-wise and quickly embrace radio for themselves and love that Annie's team mentors them every step of the way. They come to us entry level and quickly move up the ladder to professional.

YOU CAN BE PROMOTIONAL ON RADIO SHOWS: This is very good for your book marketing and book publicity. The radio format allow you to mention your company and message several times, your contact information and buying info including your website. However, promotion is done responsibly on these radio shows so be sure to learn advanced radio interview strategy so you do not sound like an infomercial and can make the most out of the interview.

Get Author Publicity Annie Jennings PR

RADIO CAMPAIGN TESTIMONIAL FROM MAJOR PUBLISHER: "We have experienced a jump in sales of certain titles into the tens of thousands after a radio interview campaign scheduled by Annie Jennings PR. I would not consider launching a campaign without including her services."

- Marjorie Conte, New World Library

Get The Most Powerful Radio Campaign In The Industry
Widespread, National Exposure For Your Book Or Message 
We Carefully Match You With Targeted Radio Shows

Associated Press Radio Network
Nationally Syndicated
Thousands Of Stations

Jim Bohannon Radio Show
Westwood One Radio Network
Nationally Syndicated To 350 Stations

America Tonight
Nationally Syndicated To 80 Stations
This Morning
Nationally Syndicated To 250 Stations

The Lars Larson Radio Show
Nationally Syndicated To 185 Stations

Issues Today
Nationally Syndicated to 70 Shows

Morning News
Nationally Syndicated To 150 Stations
Millions In Listenership
NYC WCBS 50,000 W Top Station
LA KNX 50,000 W, High Listenership
Chicago WGN, 50,000 W, #1
Philadelphia KYW, 50,000 W #1
American Urban Radio Network
Nationally Syndicated To 474 Stations
Business Talk Radio
Nationally Syndicated To 50 stations

Dallas WBAP, 50,000 W #1
NYC WOR, 50,000 W Top Station
San Fran KGO, 50,000 W #1
Detroit WJR, 50,000 W #1
Baltimore WBAL, 50,000 W #1

Marketplace Radio Show
Public Radio International, NPR
Nationally Syndicated To 300 stations
Business, Personal Finance
Major News & Issues Talk Show

Issues Today Radio
Nationally Syndicated To 70 Stations

Radio Success Journal
Nationally Syndicated To 100 Stations

Miami WLRN NPR Radio Station
Philadelphia WHYY NPR Radio Station

National Public Radio - NPR
Nationally Syndicated To 500 Stations
Washington DC WTOP, High Listenership #1 News
Boston WBZ, 50,000 Watts #1

Bev Smith Radio Show
Nationally Syndicated To 38 stations

Sacramento Radio KFBK, 50,000 W #1 News
Denver KOA, 50,000 W #1
Cleveland WTAM, 50,000 W #1

Frankie Boyer Show
Nationally Syndicated To 20 stations

Radio Health Journal Mediatracks
Nationally Syndicated Radio To 350 Stations
Viewpoints Mediatracks National Radio
Nationally Syndicated To 355 stations

Cincinnati WLW, 50,000 W #1
St. Louis KMOX, 50,000 W #1
Portland KXL, 50,000 W #1
Charlotte WBT, 50,000 W #1

Conversations Radio Show
Seattle 50,000 Watts

Radio Broadcasting Network
Simulcast To 4 Major FM Seattle Stations

America In The Morning, Westwood One Radio Network
Nationally Syndicated To 250 Stations
Business of Success Radio Show
Business Talk Radio
Nationally Syndicated To 50 Radio Stations

Small Business Advocate
Heavy Hundred Famous Host
#1 Small Biz Show, 40 Markets

Leslie Marshall Show
Nationally Syndicated To 160 Stations

Talk Of Connecticut
Syndicated To 280 Stations
The Mancow Radio Show
Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show

Danielle Lin Radio Show
Nationally Syndicated To 18 Stations

Doug Stephan Radio Show
Radio America Network
Nationally Syndicated To 265 Stations


Radio Publicity Testimonial: “I wanted you to know that after my interview this morning with Craig my fulfillment center has been flooded with calls for “Fat and Furious”!They sold over 60 books within the first hour. This is my goal...phones ringing off hooks and books flying out the door!”

-Loree Taylor Jordan, Author of “Fat and Furious”

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