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  • Get your ultimate competitive advantage by securing major media publicity that you can leverage into power, money and prestige. Clients report excellent results in their ability to secure new opportunities and win new clients. They love working with us!

  • Our radio talk show campaigns are considered to be the most powerful radio campaign your money can buy with bookings on the high-impact, high-listenership radio shows in major markets with powerful brand name networks and famous hosts.

  • Radio talk show campaigns include unlimited media training and a performance guarantee. You will get booked on big radio shows in major cities. We guarantee it. Authors love our radio campaign as they can reach across the country fast and inexpensively via "phoners".

  • Our print and online media plan land our clients big media such as WSJ, NY Times, Success, Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes, FAST COMPANY, TIME Magazine & more. The online placements generally link back to your site, otherwise known as SEO GOLD, creating online authority that leads to more action on your website.
  • Many of our experts go on to secure significant media opportunities such as regular monthly columns in the most highly sought after media in the country. The more you are a contributor to our social issues, the bigger your brand and big brands sell books and attract new opportunity.

  • Our TV campaigns consistently land clients on FOX NEWS, CNN, CNBC, TODAY Show, network TV shows in major cities & more. Clients report that appearing on the top shows greatly increases their success and national expert status leading to lots of new and exciting opportunities.

  • With Annie's highly skilled PR team, clients land the big media that propels their influence, credibility and clout so they can stand out far above the others. Client like that appearing in major media creates trust and belief in their abilities that attracts new opportunities and is necessary for their competitive advantage.
  • Annie Jennings PR publicity clients report lots of new opportunities leading to outstanding success in so many areas. They say their big turning point was working with Annie. They say they could not have done it without Annie.

  • You can repurpose all of your media on your social media and your website. From posting your TV videos, radio show recordings and linking to your print and online media you can share impressive and valuable content sending social signals that you are at the height of your career.

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Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR books clients on big media

  • "Annie Jennings PR does a wonderful job of grasping the essence of the story and finding exactly the right people."

    Peggy Noonan, USA WEEKEND Magazine

  • "Just FYI Annie Jennings - You are one of the few really great publicists. You get it...and that's important."

    Rich Walburg, Executive Producer 700 WLW Cincinnati, Ohio

  • "As usual you have come up with another great guest.... I have used more of your guests than any others. You're agency is excellent! It's obvious you enjoy your job and are very good at it! Kudos!

    Pat St. Claire, CNN Radio Network, Syndicated to 2000 Stations

  • "Annie Jennings PR is extremely helpful in every situation. They have a great deal of professionalism and always seem to deliver the perfect person."

    Lonnie Klein, National Producer

Publicity On TV

Get Booked On TV For Exposure & National Expert Status

Want to jump ahead of your competitors? Want the ultimate competitive advantage for yourself or your business? Getting booked on TV creates national expert status, thought leader status and positions you or your company as an influencer.

Power Up Your Career With TV Publicity

"Getting booked on TV shows, both locally and nationally is an excellent way to be seen among your target audience as an expert in your field," says Annie Jennings, media strategist, "if you want a tremendous competitive advantage, try appearing as the guest expert or analyst on TV shows that produce segments that match your area of expertise."

Tips To Get Booked On TV

First, identify your topic areas of expertise and create sub-categories of expertise that fall into the issues in the news. Follow the news daily along with your target media and when a news story hits that ties into your topic area you can present yourself to the media as an expert. Be sure to get media training in advance so the second a story breaks, you are ready to appear on TV. One good motto for news experts is to always be ready because national news TV shows move quickly when reporting on breaking news issues

Client Testimonails For Appearing On TV Shows

"Working with Annie Jennings PR literally changed the course of my career.  After not having much success on my own, I am now the GO TO expert for CNN, FOX News, FOX Business, CNBC and many other networks".

-Dani Babb, PhD, Breaking News Commentator

“It has been an honor and privilege working with my incredible team at Annie Jennings PR. My expectations for my National Media Campaign and my radio campaign have certainly been exceeded. I subsequently signed on for the national media and within a week or so I was booked on the FOX Business Network. A number of Washington DC TV interviews followed along with interviews for incredible print and online media exposure to include Forbes, Fortune, Black Enterprise,, USA Today, and Yahoo Finance. The team at Annie Jennings PR is comprised of consummate professionals and experts at getting prime placements for clients on TV, radio and in print. I highly recommend their services.”

- DaRayl Davis, Author of Economic Secrets of the New Retirement Environment

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Publicity On TV, Get TV Publicity, Get Booked On TV

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