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Dear Annie,

As a first-time published author, I was very unsure of what I needed to do to help promote my book, “Defeating Depression: The Calm and Sense Way to Find Happiness and Satisfaction,” but I knew I HAD to do SOMETHING!

In my search as to “HOW” to promote my book, I came across your website.  In a “sea” of Public Relations agencies, I found your’s and your smile!  That initially spoke to me!  (The fact that we are both New Jersians was a bonus!).  Your smile said to me, “This is a REAL person who cares!” and was I right about that! 

You responded to me PERSONALLY and QUICKLY and when we spoke, I immediately felt that I had made the right choice!  Your true interest and honesty made my decision to work with you and your staff an easy one! 

Stacy and Jason were just as friendly and interested, and I quickly felt as if “family” were working for me!  The radio interviews scheduled for me came quickly, and carefully!  Great stations, great time slots and insightful “pitching” helped the FIRST RUN OF MY BOOK SELL OUT!  That RARELY happens with first-time authors, and I am sure that without Annie Jennings, PR, it would not have happened for me!  You guys found GREAT NEWS STORIES for me to discuss on-the-air, and found the PERFECT TIMES and AUDIENCES for me to speak to!

I am more than grateful for ALL OF YOUR PERSONALIZED CARE and that is why I decided to continue working with you after my initial contract was well-exceeded!! 

If anyone is REAL about fulfilling their dreams, your agency is the RIGHT and ONLY one to go with because you are ALL REAL PEOPLE with REAL CARE and DEDICATION!!!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!  I look forward to a long-lasting “family” relationship with you all!

Leo J. Battenhausen, MA, MSW, LCSW

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