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  • Get your ultimate competitive advantage by securing major media publicity that you can leverage into power, money and prestige. Clients report excellent results in their ability to secure new opportunities and win new clients. They love working with us!

  • Our radio talk show campaigns are considered to be the most powerful radio campaign your money can buy with bookings on the high-impact, high-listenership radio shows in major markets with powerful brand name networks and famous hosts.

  • Radio talk show campaigns include unlimited media training and a performance guarantee. You will get booked on big radio shows in major cities. We guarantee it. Authors love our radio campaign as they can reach across the country fast and inexpensively via "phoners".

  • Our print and online media plan land our clients big media such as WSJ, NY Times, Success, Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes, FAST COMPANY, TIME Magazine & more. The online placements generally link back to your site, otherwise known as SEO GOLD, creating online authority that leads to more action on your website.
  • Many of our experts go on to secure significant media opportunities such as regular monthly columns in the most highly sought after media in the country. The more you are a contributor to our social issues, the bigger your brand and big brands sell books and attract new opportunity.

  • Our TV campaigns consistently land clients on FOX NEWS, CNN, CNBC, TODAY Show, network TV shows in major cities & more. Clients report that appearing on the top shows greatly increases their success and national expert status leading to lots of new and exciting opportunities.

  • With Annie's highly skilled PR team, clients land the big media that propels their influence, credibility and clout so they can stand out far above the others. Client like that appearing in major media creates trust and belief in their abilities that attracts new opportunities and is necessary for their competitive advantage.
  • Annie Jennings PR publicity clients report lots of new opportunities leading to outstanding success in so many areas. They say their big turning point was working with Annie. They say they could not have done it without Annie.

  • You can repurpose all of your media on your social media and your website. From posting your TV videos, radio show recordings and linking to your print and online media you can share impressive and valuable content sending social signals that you are at the height of your career.

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Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on the TODAY Show
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on FOX News
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on CNBC
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on CNN
Annie Jennings PR books clients on big media

  • "Annie Jennings PR does a wonderful job of grasping the essence of the story and finding exactly the right people."

    Peggy Noonan, USA WEEKEND Magazine

  • "Just FYI Annie Jennings - You are one of the few really great publicists. You get it...and that's important."

    Rich Walburg, Executive Producer 700 WLW Cincinnati, Ohio

  • "As usual you have come up with another great guest.... I have used more of your guests than any others. You're agency is excellent! It's obvious you enjoy your job and are very good at it! Kudos!

    Pat St. Claire, CNN Radio Network, Syndicated to 2000 Stations

  • "Annie Jennings PR is extremely helpful in every situation. They have a great deal of professionalism and always seem to deliver the perfect person."

    Lonnie Klein, National Producer

Publicity - Create A Competitive Advantage

Authors, Experts, Analysts Can Create The Ultimate Business Competitive Advantage Using Publicity & Marketing Strategy To Their Advantage

How To Create A Competitive Advantage In Your Target Market

Ignite Yourself & Your Business

Kick Up Your Marketing, Communications & Personal Branding Strategy

Is It As Easy As It Sounds?

Publicity Strategies For Competitive Advantage

Want to build a powerful brand that creates lots of prestige and power for you and your business? Publicity offers tremendous opportunity for you to up level your brand and compete more effectively.

SHOWCASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE: Expand your exposure to your target market and showcase your expertise, consistently over time. By up leveling your national expert status you will be able to impress and influence your target market and build up your brand.

BUILD UP COMPETITIVE BIO: Want the competitive edge? Build up your professional bio and enhance your reputation by being the quoted or commenting expert in the news, on the major online media sites, on radio talk shows and on both local and national TV shows. It's important to be socially relevant to the issues currently of interest in your area of expertise.

GET YOUR NAME MENTIONED IN PRINT, ONLINE AND BE A GUEST ON TV SHOWS: :It’s more important than ever for your clients, both the ones you have and the ones you are targeting, for your commentary to be seen in and heard on the media that is significant to your marketplace. How hard is it to get booked on TV shows? Authors tell our firm that they find it very difficult to first, get though to the booking producer and secondly, they are unsure of what to say when they get them on the phone. They are right. It is hard. And yes, it's difficult for an author without PR training to understand what the show they are targeting might be looking for in a guest and then present a carefully and targeted for the show segment idea. This is where the publicity professionals at Annie Jennings PR come in handy. Their vast experience allows them to create the correct segment that speaks to the show's audience as well as package the guest to they become a very good match for show's profile.

STAY VISIBLE, DON'T BE AFRAID TO INVEST IN YOURSELF: It's true that in any business competition is intense. You need an advantage. That advantage is being seen and heard out in the media as a leader in your field. Your company will achieve name brand advantage and be in the running for new business.

PUBLICITY INVESTMENT: Investing in yourself with media placements will earn you a lucrative return on investment. The more you are associated with name brand media the better return you will receive. But this is where knowing your PR firm and its strengths become important. Always work with the PR firm that allows you to target specific media that advance your goals and objectives. At our firm, we work individually with each client to create the correct PR strategy for them that allows them to achieve their optimal potential. Gone are the days where you pay a monthly retainer to a PR firm for them to do the best they can when you can hire Annie Jennings PR for campaigns that are guaranteed deliverable and/or fall under our pay for placement model that allows you to invest your publicity dollars where they can do you the most good. Experts who seek to rise to the top of their industry love this pay for performance model as they know to be a respected expert in their field they need placement in the biggest name brand media that matches their area of expertise.

SUCCESSFUL AUTHORS & EXPERTS DO THIS:They showcase their experience, wisdom, knowledge, credentials and expertise by appearing on radio talk shows, TV news and talk shows, in newspapers and magazines and/or on the major online news sites as the commenting or quoted expert. Next, they share the good news with their communities via their social media. The nice thing about landing media placements is that they can be re-purposed many times over giving you valuable content to stay active in your social account. We think that your level of social sharing factors into your search engine optimization rankings and should be part of every PR campaign. Yes, Annie's firm teaches you how to make the most of each placement as they prepare you to make the most of your publicity campaign.

REAL STORIES OF CLIENTS WHO USED PUBLICITY FOR SUCCESS AND NEW CLIENT STRATEGY: Listen to real publicity success stories of subject matter experts, authors, industry professionals and consultants on how PR booking have helped them with their success at publicity success stories.

INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADER: Annie Jennings PR is famous for her guaranteed deliverable radio talk show campaigns and the famous pay for performance publicity programs. Annie Jennings PR helps you identify your news worthy message to achieve your optimal potential.

Don't miss your chance to work with us as some people say "magic happens at Annie Jennings PR".

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