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Why Print Publicity?

A Print Campaign Adds To Your Powerful Publicity Exposure

Over the years many well known print and online media outlets have built up tremendous power and influence. For authors and experts, having their name appear in one of the top newspapers or highly circulated magazines associates them with strong, powerful and well branded media names that have an impact and mega reputation in our society and are influential in your new client attraction strategy.

Print media of this nature supports your credibility, adds lots of influential power to your media bio and overall platform and earns you the position as a national expert and thought leader in your field. The thinking is, that if a major respected media outlet has chosen you to offer insight and expert commentary then the inferred message is that you are one of the major experts in your field.

Print Campaigns Can Offer More Exposure In The Online Version

Yes, that's correct, many of the stories you read in USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal, NEWSWEEK and just about any of the traditional print media etc. will also appear in their online addition and this means added exposure and outreach for you as you will appear in both editions. Our clients love print as it helps them reach a target audience they may not reach otherwise. Add in the possible online media that can accompany print and you have valuable media assets that can be leveraged into more opportunity. Want to build significant expert status? Be sure to include a print campaign in your publicity strategy.

Print Has A Tangible Factor – Creates Impression & Influence In Reader

Reaching out in all forms, being everywhere at all times, allows you to touch your market in the way that allows them to understand and respond. Some people like to “hear” your message, others like to “see” you on TV and other like to “read” your commentary in the newspaper or magazine they are holding in their hand. If you are the commenting or contributing expert in the story that the reader is very interested in that has captured their attention, you increase the chances that your audience will buy your book if you have one or perhaps contact you for speaking or consulting. Print can lead to lots of other media opportunities too.

Other Media – TV Shows and Radio Talk Shows– Can Pick Up Your Print Media

If a major news organization breaks a story where you can be the contributing experts, other media can pick up the story, including your contribution the article. This expands your exposure and can be significant additional exposure. The media covers socially relevant issues in our society right now so as an expert you want to be seen at the top, leading the story. A firm such as Annie Jennings PR consistently works with the most major media outlets. Why not get started as high to the top as you can? Media assets work in your favor as you are climbing up media assets as they position you for even more media demand.

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