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Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR books clients on big media

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Promoting Books

Everything You Need To Know To Market Your Book

Promoting books is easy if you know what to do. But with so many options creating a strategic promotion campaign is the core of your success. But what goes into the plan? Reaching out to your target market using publicity is the key. You can get media placements on radio talks shows, on TV shows, in brand name online media, traditional print and magazines.

Promoting Your Book With Marketing & Promotion Strategies, Tips & Ideas.

REACH MILLIONS PROMOTING YOUR BOOK: Marketing you books allows you to reach out to your target readers with your message. Do you want to reach millions of people with your message and your book's message and be heard across the nation? That's the idea to start with when thinking about your goals and objectives. Reaching as many people as you can. Being booked on top city radio talks shows is a fast and effective way to promote your book. A successful book marketing strategy has many elements and includes radio show, TV shows, print media and the prestigious online media. The more high quality media you can get, the better for your book promoting success.

PROMOTING BOOKS WITH BIG BOOK MARKETING STRATEGY: Do you dream of your book making it BIG in sales and with your target market? Do you want to know now? There is a promotional strategy the professionals use to promote books to your advantage. Traditional media is going strong in that with the onset of online media, many potential buyers of your book can see you online. We like to book our clients on the radio talk shows as the Contract only allows bookings on the big shows in the big cities with thousands of listeners. If the listeners like you and your interview, you could be on your way to a book sale. There are some many books available now being a guest on a radio show gives you the edge. Plus you are allowed to promote your book during the interview as well and Annie's PR firm offer you unlimited media training for radio so you can learn how to present your material within the time allowed, be a great guest, appeal to the audience and promote your book.

THIS IS PUBLICITY FOR PROMOTING BOOKS: That's what publicity and book promotion is all about. Reaching out in a myriad of ways. At first it can seem overwhelming but once your organize your strategy you can begin. You can implement your ideas each day as consistency over time is what gets and keeps the promotional ball rolling. That's what authors all over over the country are doing right now - sharing their message and experiencing the thrill of seeing their book, their message reach others and change lives. And they are doing it day by day, media placement by media placement, blog post by blog post. The trick is get booked on the media that allows you to mention the name of your book in the interview and radio talk shows allow you to do so. With Annie's unlimited media training you are on your way to being a successful guest!

PROMOTING BOOKS HELPS OTHERS: Let your heart be in the right place. Use your knowledge and experience to help others live better lives. Publicity and book promotion is about sharing your knowledge, helping others become more successful and being able to showcase your expertise, wisdom and experience in your book. With this in mind you can focus on what really matters in success. It's in what you can contribute. If you focus on book sales you can become stressed and disappointed at first as it takes time for the strategy to take hold. If you focus on what you can share to help others, you will never tire. At the end of the day, good things can start happening for you. At the end of the day, judge your success by how many people you have helped with your message and then the books sales can follow. Just enjoy the process. This is your change to live your book out-loud.

PROMOTING YOUR BOOK FOR TREMENDOUS SUCCESS: Here's the publicity tips, book promotion strategy and book marketing tips you need to be successful. Get ready for your media experience. If you are a guest on a radio show, prepare well and get media training. Always be the expert guest they are hoping to get. Work with a proven, high-quality #1PR firm to get your best outcome as they can prevent you from making the beginner mistakes that can hurt you. Next you leverage your major city radio shows into more PR. Annie Jennings PR knows how to do this for you as she has a PR strategy that is designed to do this for you and for all her clients

Promoting Your Book Publicity

I like this publicity tip and it have been proven to be true. It's this. Be seen and heard in all of the powerful media outlets including TV, radio, internet, newspapers and magazines. Staying visible creates national expert status for you and respect in your community creating a natural demand for your book. You can start preparing for your book launch well before your publication date. You can think about the core messaging of your book and develop commentary around these core issues. You can blog on many topics that can you use to build up a history of discussion on the issues central to your book's message. Many authors can be discouraged as everyone would love big sales, but in the end, with millions of books available it's a good idea to think about your book as just one of your marketing tools.

Promoting Books For Maximum Exposure

Yes, this is where a high-listenership and high-impact radio campaign comes into play. The idea is to expand yourself as an author and apply your knowledge and wisdom to the issues of interest to society today. Get booked on 5,000 - 50,000 watt radio shows in the top 35 radio markets in the country and you can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of listeners just by talking on the telephone. Radio is one of the smartest ways to launch a book and get maximum exposure. You are booked generally as a LIVE guest speaking to tens of thousands of listeners. Radio is book friendly in that, if you provide an interesting conversation for the radio show and the listeners, the hosts of the show are generally very happy to help you promote your book. They might even ask you the question "so tell us, how can people buy your book?" BINGO. Door opener to your prepared yet conversational closing. At our PR firm, we offer our radio talk show campaign clients unlimited media training to help them learn the skill set and etiquette of being a great guest and this is a significant benefit to the author - to feel confident and prepared.

Radio Talk Interview Shows For Promoting Books

We come back to radio as it is a media outlet not to be overlooked as it is so powerful for authors. Radio talk show interviews are conducted via telephone and is a great way to blanket the country with your message. Radio interviews are a fast track to reach your listeners with your message. Radio allows you the platform to promote your book within a meaningful conversation with the host. Radio shows are conversation based on socially relevant content although you can promote your book during the interview. As I mentioned earlier, radio is a fail safe to getting your book promotion going and moving fast. It's fun and very satisfying to the author to appear on the shows knowing they are not only helping others with their message but also have the chance to promote their book to an impressive number of listeners.


The radio talk show interview format is content rich yet you can promote your book, your website and your interests in the interview as well. Appearing as a guest on a radio talk show is a great way to help others. Be sure to create the triple win for maximum success - that is, the show is meaningful and content rich for the show itself, the audience and for yourself. The success strategy is to get booked on the high impact, high listenership shows in the top cities in the country. And to reach the heart of the market. The 5,000 - 50,000 watt shows in the big cities accomplish this for you and this is our company's specialty. We have over 20 years of experience booking the top radio shows and enjoy the respect of authors but also the media. When we bring in a guest, they are reviewed with an eye towards getting the guest booked on the show. Very nice for the author. Working with the right PR firm certainly gives the author quite an advantage.

#1 Most Powerful Radio Talk Show Campaign Your Money Can Buy

Discover how to get booked on radio talk show interviews in biggest cities in the country as well as the nationally syndicated radio talk shows that broadcast nationwide. Being booked as a guest on the bigger, more influential radio talk shows positions you favorable to be a candidate for other major media such as TV shows and the big online media outlets.

Annie Jennings PR Is A Powerful Media Booking Firm For Promoting Book

Why not be a #1 author in your field. Annie Jennings PR is a top media booking firm with outstanding experience and connections in booking the major influential media. Work with Annie for a fast-paced, successful book promotion campaign to promote a book quickly. Having worked with thousands of authors, experts, publishers and speakers you can be assured that you are working with established professional with a heavy hitter rolodex of contacts. Just visit our home page to listen to the real stories of our clients success in working us. They will tell you that they sold books, landed major consulting project and speaking events and more excellent opportunities opened up for them.

Promoting Books

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