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Author Publicity

Selecting the optimal Book Promotion campaign for your new book can be confusing with so many options. At our firm, Annie Jennings PR, we specialize in booking authors for their book marketing needs on traditional media that includes bookings on TV shows, radio talk shows, online major media and in print.


Book Promotion

Book promotion strategies that work very well for authors are ones where you can reach your target market and let them sample your talent. Non-fiction authors have the ability to tie in the topic of their book with socially relevant issues of interest to society. These authors can appear in the media as experts. Once the authors establish their expertise book sales can increase due to the established credibility of the author.

Book Marketing

To optimize your author publicity, know how your expertise ties into the news and issues facing our society. An author or expert who is able to apply their experience, education, credentials, wisdom and knowledge to issues that are important to society today are in demand in the media. Each day following the stories making headlines and start to comment on the stories via your blog. As mentioned an appearance on the major media is very good for books and also for exposure for your expertise (building up your credibility)

Be A Blogger

The perfect format for becoming a socially relevant expert is to create a blog. A blog helps you get started forming an opinion about the news in your area of expertise. You can then write your reaction and commentary about the issues on your blog. Keep your content fresh sound bite format, relevant to the issues and based in the news of the day. This way, when the media calls you for your expert commentary, you are ready. Of course appearing in the media increases your credibility, influence and clout and can lead to more book sales.


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Annie Jennings PR specializes in booking the major media using a strategy that lands our clients impressive and influential media placements. Our firm offers guaranteed deliverable book promotion publicity packages as well as our famous pay for placement publicity programs. Authors and experts love working with Annie Jennings PR and appreciate the firm's knowledge, skill and experience in securing media placements on the highest media.

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