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Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR Publicity Client on TV
Annie Jennings PR books clients on big media

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Marketing A Book, Author Publicity, Expert On TV

Marketing A Book Tips & Strategies, Author Publicity Services & How To Be An Expert On TV

Many authors and experts continue to search for successful marketing plans and author publicity strategies from being a guest on a radio talk show to being booked as an expert on TV shows. These are top level media opportunities that are hard to access. Our best advice is to work with a professional publicity expert who had deep ties within the industry and enjoys a strong name brand within the media industry.

Using Marketing A Book Strategies To Get The Edge

Don't have a substantial marketing and branding spending budget but want to edge out your competitors? The good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to accomplish your goal. Writing a book that showcases your knowledge helps a great deal. Many author will provide signed copies of their book as a marketing tool and find that this strategy works well to keep them in front of their target market.

Get Author Publicity Services

People love reading books and obtaining knowledge so as an expert trying to get more marketing bang for your buck, try writing a book to help you access more clients. A word of warning is to avoid the temptation to put too much advertising in the book as this might damage your credibility.

Use Publicity To Help Brand Yourself

Numerous authors and experts use media to help them brand themselves. So why not you too? Branding is essential to marketing. Make sure you are seen and heard in your target clients business space as someone who is smart, strong and making a different. Get booked on radio talk show interviews and TV shows as a commenting expert.. Stay current about the issues can conversations currently going on in your industry so you are up to date and ready for the media that connects with you.

What's Your ROI?

Know what your clients will receive from doing business with you. Know their ROI as it relates to strengthening their business model. If you services allows them to compete at a higher level and without your service, their sales would drop, I would say that should create a loyal client for you.

Marketing Strategy For Books & Creating Expert Status

Annie Jennings PR is a top national PR firm with a high established brand in both the book author world and in the world of media. The media consistently books this firms clients as they know that with Annie's professional PR team preparing the author/guest expert, the guest will be excellent. Annie Jennings PR perfects your style, conversation and entire presentation to the media.

Author Marketing Tips

BE SOCIALLY RELEVANT: What is being a socially relevant expert and author? An author or expert who is able to apply their experience, education, credentials, wisdom and knowledge to issues that are important to society today. How do you know what the issues are? Follow the news daily, read newspapers, magazines, follow websites such as or or and become familiar with where the news is with your topic area. This gives you a good idea of your starting points.

Author Marketing

AUTHOR BOOK MARKETING, EXPERTISE EXPANSION, BLOGGING IS THE KEY: The perfect format for becoming a socially relevant expert is to create a blog. It's formal enough so that you will give it your best shot but not intimidating so you don't do it at all. Get started forming an opinion about the news in your area of expertise and write your reaction and commentary about the issues on your blog. You will get the chance to learn how to form and opinion and express your opinion in short sentences that are known in the publicity and media industry as sound bites. Keep your content fresh, relevant and based in the news of the day. The media wants to stay next level and cutting edge in their reporting so keep your commentary on what is happening right now.

Author Publicity,Promoting A Book

AUTHOR EXPERT BLOGGING TIPS: Many people wonder how often they should blog. Blogging everyday is a great start but certainly when there is a news event where you can offer insight and commentary. You want to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening right now in your industry so as soon as the news breaks, get blogging. This way, you will know exactly what is happening in the stories you are following.

Author Publicity

CUTTING EDGE FOR BOOK AUTHORS SEEKING PUBLICITY DOES IT BEST: Authors and experts don't forget to give your newest, most cutting edge commentary about the issues. After blogging for a few weeks, this skill set, of being next level, will start to happen naturally. You'll be able to spot the new angle, the fresh commentary, the logical next set of conversation points pertaining to the story. As the story progresses, you will develop a rich history of knowledge that will start to set you apart from your competitors and that's good for you. Now, you are able to give better and more meaningful commentary on the issues which leads to more insight into the challenges in your industry. People will naturally be interested in your books too.

Author Marketing, Book Publicity Secrets

BOOK AUTHORS SHOULD BE AN ORIGINAL THINKER. The more authors and experts study the issues and then blog or comment about it, the more your comments will be fresh and original. The media wants YOUR perspective and remember, you are applying your knowledge credentials experience and wisdom to the issues under discussion. The more you do it, the easier it is to create appropriate and solid commentary quickly. Start to think in terms of solutions - such as, if I had to solve this problem how would I do it? Try to think of new solutions to old problems. The spark of creativity is fueled by your "blogging" foundation. Trust the process. It works and its great for book sales too as your readers have had a chance to sample your ability as an author.

Marketing A Book, Author Publicity, Expert On TV

Publicity Strategy, Book Trailers, Author Videos

Book Promotion, Book Marketing & Book PR

Publicity Strategy

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