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Listen to our real story podcasts where actual clients tell what it was like for them to work with Annie Jennings PR!

Publicity Story: Annie’s PR Strategy Skyrockets Andrew To The Top, Here’s How!

Andrew Wittman, a marine veteran, former police officer and federal agent says, “I achieved massive success with Annie. It’s only within the last two years that I have done anything different – and that is that I signed on with Annie Jennings PR. Now I am about to hit critical mass. My media profile is so big now I can’t even keep up with it. It’s just every day something new! The media I have received is really a big deal. It’s the big brand name media as well. All of my media just opened the door to a big publishing house. It would never have happened without the strategy that Annie uses for her clients. It’s literally insane to not work with Anne Jennings PR.

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Now THIS Is How Annie Jennings PR Works For Your Career & Business Growth

Ken Mahoney hired Annie Jennings PR to do what no other PR firm had been able to do – get him booked on big NATIONAL TV. Annie did it FAST and now he’s landed a regular spot on a HUGE Financial TV Show. Ken says “work with Annie” if you really want the action.

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Real Publicity Story “I Could Not Have Been As Successful Without Annie!”

Author, Dr. Steve Ruskin, signed on for an 18 radio interview campaign and was heard on over 650 stations! He also appeared in USA TODAY, Newsweek, CNET, Slate.com, CBS and FOX TV – all booked by Annie.

Dr. Ruskin says, “I was prepared for the costs of doing business using PR but was not prepared for how great you guys were. I am pleased I went with Annie Jennings PR and got more than I feel that I paid for – much more actually. Bottom line the investment with Annie was very much worth it. Everyone had my best interests at heart with this publicity campaign and I don’t think I would have been quite as successful as I was without you. In fact, I definitely could not have been! Thank you!”

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Real Publicity Story, Client Says “I Am Getting Higher Fees Already!”

Anna Conrad, JD was on board for an 8 radio interview campaign and was heard on over 300 stations across the country. Anna says, “I never expected such tremendous exposure. My experience with Annie was fabulous and exceeded my expectations. The media training was invaluable. My main goal was to increase my credibility to increase my speaking fees eventually – but higher fees came much sooner than expected! The radio campaign has already paid off!

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Real Publicity Story: “Annie Is The Only Publicist Who Guarantees Her Contracts!”

Jennifer Longmore, B.A.S.W., M.Ed, Founder of Soul Journeys and author of many books, including 365 Wisdom Bombs, 88 Universal Laws and Heal Your Money Story says, “I have had PR conversations in the past with other PR firms who want to start the conversation with ‘I cannot guarantee anything for you’. That is not a good feeling especially when these firms are asking for a $6,000 retainer. That’s a big investment when you really do not know what you are going to get for your investment.

I knew I needed to search for a new publicist and Annie’s name came up. I spoke with Annie. She was amazing. Right away I knew she knew what she was talking about.Annie was willing to make guarantees. She really listened to me. I felt supported. As soon as we started, it all happened right away. Other PR firms make a lot of promises they are not able to keep but with Annie I saw meaningful and valuable deliverables right away.”

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Real Publicity Story: Ryan Says “My Phone Is Constantly Ringing Now With New Client Opportunity!”

Ryan Gilliam, Business Coach, Entrepreneur and self-made Millennial Millionaire says, “I feel like I came into this as someone very accomplished in the business world and able to do some really cool things. But I never got my name out there. I never went out and waved a banner that said look at me, so I did not have the credibility that some of my competitors had because they had been in the media. Before working with Annie Jennings PR, I was never able to break through and get my name out into the world. Since working with Annie, my phone is constantly ringing with people hearing about me and wanting to know more about my firm.”

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Publicity Story: “We Unanimously Chose Annie After Searching The USA”

Richard Shane PhD, Behavioral Sleep Therapist and creator of the Sleep Easily method says, “our in-house team, both our business manager and our senior advisor, did extensive research nationwide to find PR firms. They interviewed a number of them and then the team unanimously chose Annie Jennings as the publicity firm we had the most confidence in. The thing that made me sign with Annie was her track record, testimonials and simply talking with her. My first contact with Annie was a team meeting where she presented the scope of what her PR team would do and I was very impressed.

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Publicity Story: “Annie Is A Powerhouse Of Honor & Integrity. I Have Always Wanted To Work With Her!”

Andrew Wittman, a marine veteran, former police officer and federal agent says of Annie, “I’ve wanted to work with her for a number of years, because of her character, not just her reputation. Annie operates her firm based on who she is. Annie is a powerhouse of honor, integrity and always under-promises and over-delivers. That is who she actually is not just her how she tries to be seen. I love the pay for play so it’s all performance based. It’s about character with her. Her whole firm is like that. They are like a family that always has your back . When I say she over-delivers, she does. She knows she is going to produce. And her firm did. I was with another PR firm once and they took my money and I never heard from them again.

Dr. Edelstein Says He Was Hooked On Annie From The Beginning!

Dr. Edelstein says that he was hooked on Annie from the very beginning. “When you speak to Annie you will feel a big difference. They understand my dream and I knew they were going to help me. Annie’s publicity team is the team I had hoped to find but never thought I would.

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Vladimire Calixte Says “If You Want Your Book Out There, You Have To Go With Annie Jennings!”

Author and Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Vladimire Calixte, shares her story below and says, “Annie came highly recommended as one of the top publicists in the county. My publisher, that I am working with, told me that she had other authors that had great success working with Annie. If you want your book out there and you want to motivate the masses you have to go with Annie Jennings!”

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Race & Labor Relations Expert & Author Jason Greer Says, “They Opened Doors For Me That I Could Not Open For Myself”

As a result of working with Annie Jennings PR, Race & Labor Relations Expert, Jason Greer, has become the “Go To” Diversity Expert for WTOP Radio in Washington DC and a trusted source in the latest race and labor relations news for media across the country, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and FOX News Radio. “Annie made this happen for me. There is no going back after working with Annie.”

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Attorney & Author Cecil C. Kuhne Says, “Annie’s Radio Campaign Was Flawless”

Cecil says the Annie Jennings PR firm was tremendous to work with and I was very impressed with their professional approach, their promptness and their thoroughness. I can’t compliment them enough. Working with Annie was a terrific experience. The radio talk show campaign was flawless in it’s execution.

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Publicity Story: Author Says “When I Have A New Book, I Only Call Annie Jennings PR!”

Dr. Willie Jolley co-author, with his wife, Dee-Taylor Jolley, M.Ed, of Make Love, Make Money, Make It Last: 10 Secrets to Shape a Great Marriage says, “As always, Annie’s PR firm did what they said they were going to do. I have been telling others for years that you can blow a lot of money with these other PR companies that do not give you any guarantees – no commitment. They say they’ll do their best. Well yeah right, that’s not how the world works. The world does not work for people who say “well, I’ll try to build your house or I’ll try to get you that car”. You gotta deliver. That’s what Annie Jennings PR does. They say they are going to get you interviews, that’s what they do.

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Col. Cedric Leighton Says It’s All About Leveraging Annie’s Talents

Col. Cedric Leighton came to Annie Jennings PR after he retired from 26 years of service in the United States Air Force. He is now an internationally respected expert on leadership, cyber security, foreign policy and military matters. Cedric tells how he leveraged Annie’s abilities to reach his objective. Cedric says, “in the consultancy world, it’s very important to have your reputation enhanced by your media presence. Annie has a great team of PR professionals who can get the job done”.

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Andrea Sittig-Rolf Says Working With Annie’s PR Firm Is Just This Beautiful Relationship

Andrea first heard of Annie Jennings PR at a publicity event where everyone was talking about Annie. Have you heard of Annie Jennings PR? they kept asking Andrea. Annie offers guaranteed deliverables, big guaranteed radio and pay for performance PR services. The next day she had Annie on the phone. Annie got her three major media thought leader placements within a month for a fraction of the price that other firms charge who don’t guarantee anything. “Working with Annie is just this beautiful relationship. I use my big media placements to get my fees. When I tell my clients my daily rate they expect it. No questions asked. I am suddenly perceived as a star.

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Publicity Story: “Annie Gave Us Tremendous Energy That Fueled All Of Our Marketing!”

Vietnam Veteran & Retired Attorney, Howard L. Hibbard, says, “Aside, from being heard on over 550 radio shows with just 18 bookings, the best that came out of it is that Annie Jennings PR helped us UP our game. Annie Jennings prepared us to become better professionals and to be more confident. Annie gave us tremendous energy along with lots of fun. Working with Annie was an exhilarating experience. This energy that she creates is feeding everything else we are doing with our marketing initiatives. Amazing.”

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Real Publicity Story: It’s Best To Invest In Yourself With Annie Jennings PR

Fred Cuellar, author of The Buffer Zone Diet: It’s Not Just What You Eat, It’s When You Eat, has this to say about anyone thinking of signing up with Annie, “It’s best to manage your money and invest in yourself. You want a relationship with Annie Jennings PR. I wanted results. I am getting something in return via working with Annie that has meaning and value to me.

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Book Promotion Story: “Annie Was The Only PR Firm That Guaranteed BIG Bookings!”

Robin L. Silverman, author of Feathers: 50 Things You Can Do in 50 Seconds or Less to Lighten Up and Set Yourself Free, was looking at three different agencies but in the end chose Annie. “Annie’s energy sweeps you up and her passion for her authors is evident, but most of all, the thing that clinched it for me was the fact that the placements are guaranteed. No other public relations firm would guarantee me any results. Only Annie Jennings.

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How Annie Jennings PR Impressed Business CEO, Jim Alampi

One day, Jim Alampi hired national publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR, a PR firm specializing in building businesses. Soon thereafter, Jim had achieved the PR success that his business growth model needed to excel. Listen while he tells his insider success story. After speaking to Annie the only question Jim had was “how fast can we get started?”

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Publicity Story: “Annie Is At The Top Of Her Game, Sheer Competence, Unparalleled Excellence!”

Author, Dr. Howard Edington, appeared on over 350 stations in the USA with his 18 radio talk show interview campaign. He was booked on major shows in major cities. Dr. Edington appeared on iHeart Media, Radio America, Armed Forces Radio Network and interviewed with top national hosts including Lars Larson.

Dr. Edington says, “what stood out for me in working with Annie Jennings PR was sheer COMPETENCE. The ability this PR firm has is unparalleled. What they did for me was truly extraordinary. Once I started working with Annie I never looked back. It was spectacular!

I would say that without any hesitation, Annie and her team are at the top of their game. They are extraordinarily talented, committed and gifted. I would not look anywhere else. I would start with Annie Jennings and I would end with Annie Jennings.

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Real Publicity Story “Every Penny I Have Spent With Annie Has Been Worth It!”

Lauren Bloom, author of the e-book Elegant Ethical Solutions and the award-winning book The Art Of The Apology, is a regular contributor to TheStreet.com and has appeared on the CBS Evening News, TODAY Show, FOX Business News, Good Morning Maryland, ESPN, SKY News London and more.

“Working with Annie’s PR team has given me a high profile media bio and now people call me from all over the world for advice. And that’s how you do it. That’s how you leverage your publicity into new clients.”

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Real Book Marketing Story: “I Chose Annie Because I Trusted Her & She Saw My Tremendous Potential”

Annie Jennings PR interviews Katherine Agranovich, PhD on her experience in working with Annie’s radio talk show booking team. Katherine took advantage of Annie’s #1 radio talk show campaign and reports she loved working with the team and did not want it to stop. So, she signed up for another round of radio talk shows.“The main reason I decided to work with Annie was that I trusted her and believed that she believed in me.”

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Real Publicity Story “Annie Has The Best Book Promotion Firm I Have Ever Worked With!”

Enrolled Agent Eva Rosenberg MBA (aka “TaxMama”) author of the book from McGraw-Hill, Small Business Taxes Made Easy says, “I have been doing radio either as a paid speaker or an author and I have to say that Annie’s team is one of the best I have ever worked with. They will work around your schedule, book you on radio talk shows with a large audience and they will teach you how to capitalize on your book, your information and whatever it is you are trying to market. It is well worth the time to work with Annie. Plus, even though my publisher only paid for 10 bookings, I got a lot more than that. I was heard on over 1000 radio shows!

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How Real Story Author Zelda Hayes Says Working With Annie Was The Pivital Point In Her Career (she signed up lots of new clients)!

Author Zelda Hayes got booked on radio talk shows that leveraged her exposure to not only promote her book but to get new clients. Before working with Annie, Zelda says that people were not taking her seriously, she wasn’t selling books or growing her social media. While working with Annie, Zelda says her book sales took off, her Instagram and Facebook followers increased tremendously and lot of new qualified clients signed up with her. Now Zelda has reached a whole new stage of confidence, credibility and influence. Zelda also says that no longer are people just referring to her as just another life coach.

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Publicity Real Story, Author Says “Annie Exudes Confidence, She Knows She Can Do It!”

JoJo Dries, Workplace Speaker & Author of The Lotus: How I Beat the Patriarchy says, “I think what struck me the most in that first conversation with Annie was that she was able to communicate my message back to me. This immediately told me that she was a professional that could get my message across. There are a lot of flashy PR firms out there that want to send you a lot of graphs and charts and this and that, but Annie was not flashy. She was very matter of fact, this is what we are going to do, this is how we are going to do it and we have the connections. She exuded confidence. She handled it LIKE A BOSS.

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Real PR Story: “Make Sure You Are Ready For Annie, She Will Exceed Expectations!”

Alana and Jared Mitchell share their experience working with Annie Jennings PR. Alana is a licensed esthetician and creator of Alana Mitchell Skincare. Jared says, “When I think about working with #AnnieJenningsPR, I think about a company that under promises and over performs. We have been hiring agencies in PR and marketing for over 13 years. We all know the tale – these other firms will generally sell at you hard. But with Annie it was different. Within 10 minutes of speaking to Annie I knew this was the firm we were going to hire!

Alana adds, “Sara, Annie’s Performance Publicity Specialist, hustles. It’s rare to find a company that hustles. Sara was firing big media placements at us right away. We had to literally tell Sara to slow down as we are selling through so many products that we are spending all of our energy on just keeping our products in stock. I guarantee you all, that working with Annie had a major part in our increase in sales.

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Real Publicity Story: “Annie Gave Me Confidence! This PR Firm Delivers!”

Dr. Elizabeth Primamore, English Professor and author of Shady Women: Three Short Plays says, “Working with Annie Jennings PR was just a terrific experience. I felt I was very well prepared for the radio interviews. The publicity staff was very available. They always responded. The publicists were on top of what I was doing. I felt very supported. I felt like I was part of the team. That we were all in it together. It wasn’t just me who wanted to succeed. I felt like all of us wanted my campaign to be a success. Annie Jennings PR was behind me all the way. Annie and her publicists wanted me to succeed as much as I wanted to succeed. That energy empowered the experience – it was very empowering – to work in that environment with the firm.”

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Real Publicity: “Annie Has A Powerful Reputation In The Media, Her Reputation Became My Reputation!”

Behaviorist, Linda Williams MSW, says, “Annie is the only one who would promise a guarantee. You are not going to find another PR person that is going to give you a genuine guarantee. Annie knows what she is talking about. She has a powerful reputation. Her reputation is your reputation. I got that with Annie. I got powerful leverage with Annie. She’s going to deliver even more than she promises.

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Publicity Real Story: “I Don’t Think Annie Has Any Competition. Great Prices. Loads Of Perks”

Dr. Joan Ifland, Food Addiction Expert and author of ‘Processed Food Addiction: Foundations, Assessment, and Recovery’. During her national radio talk show interview campaign, Dr. Joan was heard on over 1,000 stations in some of the top markets in the country including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, San Diego and many others, although she signed up with our firm for only 18 radio interviews.

The public relations industry is full of people who just do not know they are doing. I have no idea why anyone would go anywhere else other than Annie Jennings PR. I don’t want to run down the industry, but it’s full of people who talk, talk, talk . . . They just want to sell you on their programs. And then they don’t deliver. But they can’t deliver. They may want to deliver, but they are just not capable. I don’t want to take chance with anyone else. I don’t want to take a chance. I don’t need to take a chance with anyone else. Annie has reduced my risk to ZERO. With Annie Jennings there is no risk.

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Publicity Story: “Annie Is The Only PR Firm Who Offers Guarantees!”

Gregg Ward, a Certified Management Consultant working with Fortune 500 companies and author of The Respectful Leader, has experienced tremendous success under Annie’s guaranteed pay for placement publicity and marketing program where he’s been booked with Fox News Channel, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, TheStreet.com and heard coast to coast by millions on Westwood One’s Jim Bohannon Show and that is just to name a few!

“What sealed the deal is that I have had prior experience with my first book with Annie Jennings PR. Sara was the publicist who helped me about 10 years ago and it went so well that I said let’s do it again. I knew that Annie was going to come through for me and boy, she did.

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Publisher’s Real Story: “Why I Refer All My Authors To Annie Jennings PR”

“The referrals I send to Annie tell me that she is wonderful to work with and I have also worked with her myself. Annie is the person who got me booked on OPRAH and The TODAY Show. There is no question that she is creative and tenacious. She is going to deliver. Working with Annie is a very powerful experience because the results are so strong. As a publisher now, I want my clients to succeed and with Annie they do!”

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Real Publicity Success Story: Author Says Annie Is “Most Amazing PR Firm I Have Ever Worked With”!

Real story client, Dr. Peter Sacco, thought who better than Annie Jennings to help him promote his books properly with commitment and excellence. Peter says he “found working with Annie to be absolutely phenomenal. They worked fast and got me booked on the big influential shows. I can’t say enough about the great service in fact, Annie’s firm is the best PR firm I have ever worked with and I have worked with a few. And her personality? I want to be around someone so upbeat and incredible as Annie. Totally LOVE HER!”

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With Annie, Be Careful What You Wish For, She Will Get You There!

Dr. Will Aguila (aka Dr. A), author of Why I Don’t Lose Weight, shares his experience with finding Annie, hiring her publicity firm and enjoying the PR successes that followed very quickly (from getting booked on high impact radio talk shows, being the quoted expert in major print magazines and online media to appearing on many morning TV shows). He says Annie has a tremendous history of success and once he spoke with her he knew she had mastered the publicity process. Annie fights for you. Dr. Aguila says,“let me tell you, with Annie, be careful what you wish for – she will get you there!”

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NEW AUTHOR WEBSITE By Annie – Lauran Star Says “Now I Command Higher Fees That Represent My True Value!”

Real story client, Lauran Star, says in the past she “would quote a speaking or consulting fee and then be negotiated down. Now with the new website Annie created for me I command fees that truly represent the value I provide. Thanks to the new site, I am getting paid what I know I’m worth.” Lauran says that the new site Annie’s team designed for her has advanced her and her business to where she should have been years ago. Is it time for your new site packed with design power and influence? Annie can help you get there!”

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Publicity Story: Angie Says “Every Promise Was Kept Or Exceeded. Campaign Was Perfect!”

Lifestyle & Pop Culture Writer, Angie Cavallari, author of Trailer Trash: An 80s Memoir says, “For me, Annie Jennings PR had a performance guarantee that they were going to get the right audience, the right show for me and they did deliver on that. Every deliverable was met and was exceeded.Working with Annie Jennings PR was hands down, the most zero stress in marketing I have ever dealt with period.

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