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Why Would Anyone Want To Be On A Radio Talk Show Interview?

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Radio Talk Show InterviewRadio talk show interviews for publicity, good? Yes, very!

As authors ask questions about what type of PR is the most beneficial to them, national publicity expert, Annie Jennings of the national PR firm, Annie Jennings PR discusses the benefits of getting booked on radio talk show interviews.

So what’s so good about being a radio talk show guest?

Lots of exposure. It’s like walking onto the stage with thousands upon thousands just waiting to hear your every word.

You get to promote your interests. At our firm, we love booking our clients on radio for the many benefits, including the fact that radio shows are promotion friendly. You do a great job for them, sharing interesting content to keep their listeners happy and coming back for more, and they are happy to help you promote your interests. This comes to mind. One of our experts did a terrific job as a guest on the show. He was prepared, interesting, life-changing actually. At the end of the interview the host said “so tell us all about your new book coming out and where people can buy it.” BINGO. Now, the guest has the stage to tell the show’s listeners all they need to know about buying their books.

Big radio talk shows in big cities across the country. It’s about leverage. These radio talk shows have tons of loyal listeners. As a guest you reach them with one interview. The bigger the shows, the more listeners, the more opportunity for you. The bigger the cities, the more listeners, the more opportunity for you. Now add them together – big shows in big cities and what do you get? Tremendous opportunity.

Some authors ask “but how will I know what to talk about?” With Annie’s team of PR professionals you get all the support you need in identifying and creating your most important messaging points. Next, you get unlimited media training to help you be a skilled and media savvy guest on the show.

So the question is not why would I want to be a guest on a radio shows . . .

The question to Annie is “how soon can I get booked on a big radio talk show interview in the biggest cities that accept the type of topics that match my area of expertise?”

Good question. Join the thousands of book authors, speakers and experts who have enjoyed tremendous success signing up for Annie’s radio talk show interview campaigns.

Annie’s famous radio talk show interview campaign offers the following:

  • Guaranteed deliverables (big shows, big markets – it’s in the contract).
  • Unlimited media training by an award-winning former producer and booker for a major 50,000 watt radio station.
  • Access to a news director who helps you develop your voice as it is relative to today’s society (that in itself is worth a fortune – to know why you matter in today’s world).
  • Everyone who works with you has a respected and deep-rooted relationship with the media.
  • Publicists with their own highly respected name brands plus the BIG name brand of Annie Jennings PR gives you extremely favorable positioning with the media. Our brand gives you credibility too.
  • Publicists who know what the media wants and how to book you on the biggest shows that match your topic.

As a publicist, Annie Jennings loves and appreciates all media. Anything that helps authors share their message has Annie’s respect. With this in mind, Annie has built what many consider to be the #1 radio talk show interview campaign in the industry that includes regional and/or nationally syndicated shows that can be heard on dozens to hundreds of stations.

Why not get one for yourself? Go with the big brand name of Annie Jennings PR.  Here is the sign up button. You can have it all! All heart, Annie

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