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Book Marketing & Publicity Strategy That Can Build Your Business Too

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Book Marketing And PublicityHow Book Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow

A very popular business marketing strategy nowadays is for the CEO to write a book about their subject matter that showcases their area of expertise. A lot of people refer to a business having a book as the same as having a business card – just another touch point for the business to reach out into their community.

BOOK MARKETING & Publicity Strategy – Media Exposure Is Key

A book marketing strategy for maximum book promotion includes securing interviews on radio talk show interviews and interviews on TV shows. This helps get your name and the name of your business out in front of your customers or clients. You can also go for media placements online and in print. Just keep your name out there using all of the options available to you.

BOOK MARKETING & PR Strategy – Get Booked On Radio Shows

We like radio talk show appearances for their wide-spread exposure and because they are relatively easy to do. Why? The shows are phoners – meaning no travel, no make up or extra fees. Radio shows have a very friendly format that is conversational in nature. You and the host engage in a discussion of interest to their audience. The host usually will mention the name of your business and of course, you are free to mention how people can find out more about you in the interview as well. But first, offer a high quality conversation that is NOT sales based or you just get booted off the air as radio show time is not for advertising unless of course, you buy commercial time that would wrap around the interviews.

BOOK MARKETING & PR Strategy – Get Booked On TV Shows

We love when our clients want to get booked on their local TV shows. This is one of the most powerful strategies for business building in a local or regional area. You get the chance to get up close and personal with your potential clients and showcase your personality, knowledge and credentials.

BOOK MARKETING & Promotion Strategy – Be In The Newspapers

Generally each city, including the small local cities too, have a newspaper that serves their area. Why not promote yourself to the periodical so you can have a presence inside. You can contribute an article or offer up a commentary for an article already being written in your area of expertise. Local exposure in print is a good and often overlooked way of reaching out to your community.

BOOK MARKETING Strategy – Online Media Can Follow Print Too!

Everyone is online these days and traditional media continues to contract. Online is where it’s at. Our clients love the fast pace of an online placement in addition to other PR initiatives.

Annie Jennings PR is a national PR firm offering media booking services to authors, experts, speakers and businesses to help them increase their exposure and add clout and credibility to their media bio.  Annie offers one of the most powerful radio campaigns your money can buy with bookings on the big shows in the major cities. Plus, Annie offers the famous pay for performance publicity model where you are able to create a PR plan with your publicist and only pay for secured media placements.

“Clients love the pay for performance model of PR because it’s not that they don’t want to pay, they do. They just don’t want to pay for nothing. They want results. They want action. It’s not about the money,” says Annie.

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