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Publicity Strategy Mistake Your Competitors Hope You Make

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Publicity strategy tip for the day – you don’t need a book for publicity, for marketing or even for branding power.

It is simply not necessary.

Yet, I see so many people put their publicity strategy on hold while they get their book ready.

But why is this publicity strategy a mistake?

The answer depends on your marketing model. What is it that you would like your book to achieve for you? What role will your book play in your publicity strategy?

Here are some of the reasons we have noticed that people want to write books:

  • They have always dreamed of being an author
  • They are writing a fiction book
  • They are writing a book to earn income from book sales
  • They are writing a book because they want to build themselves up as an expert so they can compete in this ravenously competitive environment we call the business world

Ok, let’s take a closer look at bullet number four above.  If this is you, that is, you are writing a book thinking it will help you be more successful, that is a common belief, however not necessarily true. A book is only a part of your marketing strategy and not the entire strategy.

There is a way to integrate your publicity strategy of writing a book without the mistake.

Waiting for your book to come out to build up your success potential only amounts to waiting. Waiting gives your competitors more power.

As one of the top PR firms in the industry with our clients blanketing the media everyday on TV, print, radio talk shows and online media, we can say that having a book or not having a book makes no difference in getting the media opportunities for the author, expert or speaker.

Annie says “I was talking to a consultant the other day who mentioned he wanted to start the branding for his new firm in about one year because that is when he’ll launch the consulting company. I noted that he currently had no brand at all – was not known as an expert at the moment in his area of expertise, and he did not even a website.”

As savvy publicity readers, what can you say about the publicity strategy of waiting a year before he starts building his brand (but at the same time he starts his new business)?

It’s a mistake. Especially in the consulting business. People buy brands. And putting off your brand-building strategy only hurts you in the end.

“Always be building your brand,” says Annie. “Make hiring you a simple and best choice.”

At the end of the day, wrapping your branding efforts around a book release is a marketing mistake. And it’s one your competitors happily hope yo make. It gives them more traction and more time to solidify a top spot in your industry.

What is a successful publicity strategy regardless of having a book?

Our most successful clients are always getting the quotes, appearances and commentary with the media and they continuously reap the rewards because it is easy for their new clients to do business with a trusted expert.

For an Annie Jennings PR client, getting to YES in business deals and other opportunities just keeps getting easier.

Keep your national brand building over time, as it does not happen overnight, that’s for sure.

“I think publicity strategy should always be in play for anyone with a business, as you can’t let your market get away from you,” adds Annie. “Of course, publishing a book is another client touch point but is only one of your assets to use for competitive power. I think books give the reader insight into your knowledge, critical thinking, experience and power and are a good asset to have, but again, waiting for the book to be published before you start brand building does not work to your advantage.”

So, get started with your publicity strategy regardless of whether your book is ready or not. Again, a book is simply not necessary to build up a big influential brand. But you can always write a book once you become a big brand – now that’s a good strategy!

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