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Real Client, Brian Fielkow, Featured In WSJ Print Edition! Life-Changing Media!

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Publicity In The Wall Street Journal
Here is a publicity story for you.

One day, an expert (perhaps just like you) signed up with our PR firm. His name is Brian Fielkow on Wednesday, March 8th, Brian was a featured expert in the Wall Street Journal print edition along with a photo. Life-changing for Brian as it doesn’t get any better than this for him in terms of exposure, clout,  influence and brand empowerment.

Brian worked with us for a while building up his media bio significantly. As you know we do not charge the traditional monthly retainers so time passing is not equated to money draining from your pocket month after month. Here at our firm, you pay for secured media events of course, but you do not pay simply for time passing.

No retainers mean that you can play the publicity game for as long as you want

With a ‘no retainer, performance-based publicity’ model, there is no cost for time simply passing you by month by month. Our PR firm keeps working for you consistency over time building strength and momentum around your brand making you stronger and more bookable every single day. You are not paying for these publicity efforts and benefits. they are happening behind the scenes. Remember, you pay only for secured media placements here at Annie Jennings PR.

So Brian was able to work with us for period of time before he earned the attention of one of the biggest media journalists in the business. And then one day, he was in the path of this journalist and a high-powered, major media opportunity. The Wall Street Journal article.

I want to emphasize “earn”. Brian earned this placement. He did the work. He put in the time. He was appreciative of all of our work on his behalf and was an excellent client. This in turn, encouraged us to keep pitching him so that we could be in the right place at the right time for him.

Getting media publicity is simply what we do.

Our PR firm has a strong and provable history of success in booking experts in influential media that includes TV, radio talk shows, online media and print media.

Brian was able to secure this media placement based on a couple of factors, not only is he a great client, easy to work and respectful of the process – a true gentleman – but he also just happens to work with one of the best publicists in the industry at our firm. She has a keen eye, meaningful connections to the media and a savvy, experienced, media friendly pitching style – all of which Brian was the recipient of and much to his benefit.

Brian’s Wall Street Journal feature story in the print edition (that included his photo) is life-changing for him and will bring him even more value to his brand and success for his business. But again, he was working with the right PR firm that knew how to get the job done for him and he earned his spot through his ongoing work with us.

Right place, right time happens IF you are working with the right publicity team

Our PR firm offers a performance-based publicity model with lots of testimonials from our clients that have created credibility, influence, clout and a significant competitive advantage for themselves with our bookings.

“After experiencing all of the successes our clients have achieved through our performance based model, I can’t imagine anyone ever getting involved in a monthly retainer deal,” says National Publicist, Annie Jennings and owner of Annie Jennings PR. “There are just so many drawbacks and reasons that it just does not work in the best interests of the client,” adds Annie.

“We are all about what’s best for the client.”

Talk to Annie Jennings PR about publicity for you too!

Feel free to let our firm know using the form or email below that you would like to talk about how you can benefit from our many years of experience and we can set up a call. I look forward to speaking with you.

Thanks, Annie
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