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What Does Social Media Have To Do With Publicity Strategy?

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Publicity Strategy For AuthorsYou would be surprised how social media can help your publicity strategy.

But first, let’s start at the beginning. I come across a lot of authors, experts and speakers who have not built up their social media and online presence. It’s ok and I understand as social media adds even more work to your busy day.

But you need it.

For publicity, be sure to have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube (for later, for TV)

The basic social media platforms I recommend having for sure are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The others can wait if needed. It is very good for you media-wise to show a history of contributing via social media. As for Youtube, it’s a great place to post your TV segments once you get to that level of PR.

Just the other day, a major media outlet asked for my client’s Twitter account. They wanted to look over his online presence and his body of work. Plus the media appreciates a well-rounded author or expert as it an indicator that the person is actively contributing and doing well in their careers. How to build your followers is another conversation but for now, if you do not have these set up, get them set up.

Active social media strengthens your publicity strategy

A thriving, up to date social presence shows that you are alive and well. I know it sounds funny but think about it for a second. Who would you trust more? Someone who has only 7 tweets to their name and maybe a follower or two? Or would you have a tendency to favor the one with thousands of tweets (take time to get to this point) and thousands of followers? You would most likely prefer the one who you feel you can trust more as being a savvy successful expert. The media can evaluate you the same way.

As a publicity strategy, what will you post or tweet or share on your social media?

Here’s where your publicity comes in. You’ll have plenty of content to share/post by repurposing your media events. You can post links to your interview if the show posts it on their site, you can tweet about an interesting question you were asked that morning on a radio show and then create a blog post on the topic and tweet the link to the post, share the post on Facebook and LinkedIn. Once you get to the level of TV appearances, you can purchase the video of you on the air and post on your Youtube. The possibilities go on and on as to the ways media can help you provide content to your social posts.

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