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What does it take to match yourself up with the right mega #1 Publicity Firm for your PR goals?

Sometimes it takes a try or two to find a match with a PR firm. Many of our clients, that include authors, experts, publishing houses and speakers, have worked with other publicity firms but they did not like the results they received from their campaigns. They wanted more for themselves.

Hire the best PR firm for your publicity goals

Although this situation could have been avoided by asking the #1 question all potential clients should ask (“what’s in it for me?”) as the answer usually will tell you if you have found your match.

Take Ken’s experience. He knew he wanted to be on TV. The big national shows. Why? It would be mega for his career. But he worked with two other PR firms before he found our company. The other firms were not able to develop a strategy that would lead to Ken being booked on the major national shows.

The right PR firm makes a difference between success and no bookings

In looking back, this client realized that he did not have the right fit with the other publicity firms. Their booking strengths and strong influential media relationships were elsewhere – not spot on in the direction he wanted to go with his career. Luckily Ken did not give up. He realized he did not connect with just the right PR firm for his goals. Once Ken started to work we our firm, Annie Jennings PR, we started building him up to where he would qualify for his ultimate objective. We worked our strategy. Ken approved.

From no publicity bookings to being a regular guest on a National TV

Now, Ken is a regular on a top national finance program and appears on other major TV shows as his area of expertise is needed. He reports rapid business growth and being a regular gives him the ulitmate competitive business advantage. The other publicists did not know how to get him to the top. Annie Jennings PR did. Because that’s where we specialize. That’s our strong suit. So at the end of the day it’s a simple question to your PR firm about where it is they have the most booking success can save you money, time and opportunity.

Ask your PR firm about their booking strengths when looking for publicity

We like our PR strategy. It is personal to the author, speaker, expert and/or CEO. Your initial call with me starts off with the question, “what would you like to accomplish?”. Once I know where you want to go, I can determine if we are the right fit. If so, onward!

Pay for play PR is the name of the game for many of the big experts

Ken also loved that he did not have to plunk down another expensive monthly retainer. Ken was offered our pay for performance contract. He only wanted the bigger, more life-changing media placements, The nature of our pay for performance PR agreement is that Ken would only pay for secured media events that actually take place. Ken would never have to pay for another PR firm for (the forbidden word at our firm) “trying” only to get a NO or “sorry, no one was interested in booing you”. He would only pay our agreed upon publicity fee if we were successful in booking him according to our preset target media strategy.

Some other PR firms say it takes courage to offer pay for play PR. Annie says it’s takes talent. Booking talent, knowledge of the shows and a commitment to be #1 in publicity.

So now Ken has been a regular for a couple of years on his targeted TV show that is exactly right for his business growth model. You can listen to Ken’s story on our real stories of success page on our site where he tells you in his own words how it all happened for him. Here is the link:

Don’t give up on your publicity goals if at first you don’t succeed

The moral of the story is not to give up. Your next PR experience can be a lot better. If Ken had given up when the first two PR firms did not work out, he would never have achieved his goals. He trying to solve the problem. He was just with the wrong PR firm for his goals, that’s all.

So he hired Annie Jennings PR to achieve his publicity goals

He was not afraid to try again and of course, the pay for performance publicity model appealed to him. No wasted money this time around!

Would you like to give it another try? I think at this point I have heard it all so nothing will surprise me. But I think everything can be fixed. Some people call me “the fixer” which could be true. I can just see your potential and I know the media so well that I can tell in advance if our PR firm can make things work out for you. I don’t make offers where I do not have an advantage. And our radio talk show campaign is a guaranteed deliverable that comes with a performance guarantee. You are booked on the high-impact, high-listenership radio talk shows in the major cities in the US and on the regional and nationally syndicated radio shows as well. All of these promises are in the contract.

Annie can offer the pay for play guarantee because she can book. Her PR firm can book.

And they are willing to stand behind their PR offer. Others wonder how we can know in advance that we can offer a performance guarantee and Annie says “any good PR firm should know their abilities and know the booking preferences of the shows well enough to determine who is likely to get booked on the show in advance. The good thing about only being paid if we are successful in our booking the client is that we really looked at how the booking process works because we are not able to get a NO. We only want the YES’s, so we quickly learned how it actually works to get the client booked on the media. And not just any media, but the strong, meaningful media that is helpful to the client. They want the high-powered media”.

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