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How Smart Money Spends On Publicity

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Smart Money Spends Publicity
Ever wonder how the smart money buys publicity services?

How do they do publicity so right?

Many authors, experts and speakers tell me they are plenty “busy, busy, busy” but with very little return on their efforts.  At the end of the day, they feel like stopping the madness of spinning their wheels for nothing but an empty wallet and lots of excuses why nothing has happened for them.

Let’s look at what the smart PR money does for publicity

  • Identify what they want to achieve (if you don’t know where you are going . . . )
  • Hire PR deliverables that align with their goals (leave the little stuff for the other guys)
  • Show up ready for success (actively engage in the pursuit of having it all)
  • Leverage their media (they don’t just let it sit there)
  • Hire Annie Jennings PR (because Annie makes it all happen)

Yes, they hire Annie Jennings PR and here’s why

Annie has advanced PR strategies rooted in “what’s in it for the client?” Where do they want to go with their PR initiative? Straight to the top. Ok. Annie Jennings PR has a strategy for that.

Annie offers “guaranteed deliverable publicity”, that is, you get what you sign up for. It’s in the Contract. And she offers pay for performance PR plans.

Smart money gets this important aspect of her publicity plans. They are results driven. There are no high monthly retainers where the emphasis can be on the process not the result. At Annie’s you get laser targeted development and pitching of the clients to the exact person who can say YES to the desired media outcome.

Just what the smart money ordered

Having worked with thousands of authors, experts and speakers, Annie Jennings PR uses an #AnniesGotASecret formula to bring them to their optimal levels of success using publicity. The client takes it from there.

You see, the smart money hires Annie’s publicity team to deliver. To deliver outcomes. Specific outcomes.

Outcomes they certainly leverage into a competitive advantage. And then they win. Yes, they win new opportunities, new clients and new chances to get out there in the real world and go after their dreams.

And that’s how the smart money does publicity

“One thing I have noticed about smart money is that they are not afraid of success,” says Annie of the national PR firm, Annie Jennings PR. “They are eager for name brand media placements and not afraid of investing in themselves.” They don’t buy fancy proposals with the word TRY used as cover for a possible ‘no results’ outcome.

#AnniesGotASecret. Well, not really a secret. Anyone can get these kinds of major media radio, TV, online and print media placements for their clients, if only they knew how.

Annie’s team has tremendous experience. Take Stacy for example. She’s one of the best radio bookers in the industry and what about Sara, your pay for performance publicist at Annie’s? Well, all you can say about Sara is that she has media friends in really high places. Your news director and personal media trainer, Jason? He was an award-winning news producer and booker for one of the biggest radio stations in the country. And what can we say about Annie herself? Well, many say she has the blink factor where she instantly knows how get you booked but many say “Annie will get you what you want. She will fight for you”.  Imagine that, working with someone who goes to the mat for you. But does it with intelligence, savvy, her big brand name and a deep understanding of how the media works.

How do you fail with this publicity team behind you?

You don’t. Not if you are smart money. You are investing. Using a publicity firm with a proven set of deliverables with a rich history of success.

One of our clients said that Annie is simply a means to an end. A resource you hire to get what you want.

Notice he did not say you hire Annie to “TRY to get what you want”? He said “to get what you want.”

As you speak to Annie you will notice a difference. She cares. She gets who you are and how to work with you successfully. She has a strategy for just about every situation.

“Each author, expert or speaker is different,” says Annie. “And each client requires a certain strategy. Not cookie cutter. Not the same thing for every one. But personalized, specialty publicity strategy employed where the clients just glide along happy as a clam.”

But that’s how it should be. Easy on the client. Lucrative for the client. And that’s how it is at Annie’s publicity firm.

From radio talk show bookings to getting booked on TV, to being placed in major online opportunities to being seen as a contributing expert in print, Annie offers it all under a pay for performance or a guaranteed deliverable model.

And that’s how the smart money does publicity

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