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NEW AUTHOR WEBSITE By Annie – Lauran Star Says “Now I Command Higher Fees That Represent My True Value!

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Real Website Success Story - Lauran Star
Thanks to the new speaker author website Annie’s creative development team made for me, I command higher speaking and consulting fees.

Annie’s specialty speaker author websites build credibility and influence that reflect her client’s insight, expertise and authority, allowing them to enjoy an intense and significant competitive advantage online.

Your new speaker author website can pay for itself by allowing you to earn the higher fees you know you are worth!

This is of course in addition to Annie’s guaranteed deliverables in booking her authors and speakers on radio talk shows, TV shows, major print media and name brand online media.

Create your dream speaker author website:  Here is another real story of success to give listeners an inside look into what it’s like to work with Annie Jennings PR to create your dream website.

Lauran Star wanted a more impressive and influential online image that could command higher speaker and consult fees: Lauran Star, Executive Coach and Professional Speaker, is the author of Your Power Pivot: Shifting the Paradigm of Work/Life Empowerment. Lauran came to Annie looking for her speaker and author website redesign to help her look more credible and land big time speaking gigs.

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NEW AUTHOR WEBSITE By Annie – Lauran Star Says “Now I Can Command Higher Fees That Represent My True Value!

Why did you choose Annie for your speaker author website redesign? Did Annie help create a vision for your brand?

Beyond having the tools to create a website, Annie shared my vision as well as understood me – the client – and what my brand needed to look like. My site is now an embodiment of who I am, giving potential clients the confidence to hire me.

How has the new website added to your prestige, influence and clout? Has it allowed you to look more credible online to land speaking gigs?

I had the influence – the new website provided a polished view of Lauran Star on the internet. It also helped me get my fee for speaking engagements, no questions asked.

So it’s helped you make more money?

Yes. With the old site, I would quote a fee and then be negotiated down. Now I command fees that truly represent the value I provide. Thanks to the new site, I am getting paid what I know I’m worth.

Given that the site gives you a competitive advantage, how are you leveraging it into new business?

First of all, the new website is beautiful. I use it as my central hub – everyone goes there to get to me. I am launching videos, books, blogs, podcasts – EVERYTHING is on my new site.

How has this new website served you in ways that your old website could not have done? What are the big differences?

You cannot compare the two. I thought my old site was fine. But after talking to Annie I realized how much I was leaving on the table. The new site has helped me focus in on my topics, my audience, it has advanced me and my business to where I should have been years ago.

What was it like to work with Meridith, the web designer and creative team? How did the experience compare with other web designers?

Meridith is a rock star! She was like the Wizard of Oz. All knowing and orchestrating everything from behind the curtain. She was incredibly patient and really listened. No other web designers I’ve worked with listened to me the way she did. And she worked FAST. Today, one year later, I still feel like Meridith is in my corner.

If someone is on the fence about using Annie Jennings PR to build their new speaker author website, what would you say?

Get off the fence! If you want your business to go further – whether you are an author or speaker – Annie can help you get there. I’ve already recommended others who are also happy with the work, and I will continue to do so.

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NEW AUTHOR WEBSITE By Annie – Lauran Star Says “Now I Can Command Higher Fees That Represent My True Value!

Do you want to upscale your online presence? A new website by Annie helps you create a tremendous competitive and pricing advantage.

As Annie’s client Lauran Star says now she can command the speaking and consulting fees that truly reflect her value. Her old site kept her small and under-valued to her target audience, not letting her compete for the best opportunities in her area of expertise. Get your new speaker and author website today and visit this link to let Annie know of your interest.

Do you want a more powerful competitive advantage? Get your new site here:

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