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Now THIS Is How Annie Jennings PR Works For Your Career & Business Growth

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Real Publicity Success Story With Ken Mahoney, CEO

Publicity Success Story

Business CEO & Author, Ken Mahoney shares his mega PR success story. Annie Jennings PR specializes in business growth publicity to help clients obtain certain media assets that build up their brand beautifully. Annie’s clients enjoy a new level of accomplishment, credibility and influence that comes from getting  booked on the major media outlets as the expert. This strategy works so well that they are happy to share their experience on working with Annie Jennings PR for all to enjoy.

In this podcast, Ken Mahoney, licensed financial advisor, CEO of Mahoney Asset Management and author of five books including A GPS for Your Retirement, shares his experience in working with Annie Jennings PR. Ken has been featured regularly on CNBC, Fox Business News and ABC TV as a go to expert on retirement planning and investment strategy.

Listen now to to this action-packed, charismatic MP3 recording that will have you excited to start working with Annie Jennings PR. Ken shares how other PR firms could not bring him the bookings he needed for his business growth model. He turned to Annie Jennings PR. Shortly afterwards, Ken enjoyed TV bookings at the highest level of media and is now a regular guest expert on a major network.

Did Annie Jennings Publicity Bring Him To His Next Level? Absolutely.

National Publicity Firm CEO, Annie Jennings of Annie Jennings PR says “we book these mega business and career building media placements every day. In fact, we specialize in booking the highest powered media in the country.”

MP3 Reveals How Ken’s Publicity Strategy To Get Booked On TV Worked! Listen Here:

Now THIS Is How Annie Jennings PR Works For Your Career & Business Growth

Why did you decide to work with Annie Jennings PR for your publicity objectives?

For a number of years I was doing my own radio program, but as much as I tried, I couldn’t break into TV. It was frustrating. I would go to producers of various shows and send them my pitch and wouldn’t hear anything back from them. I was working with another PR firm who was on a monthly retainer. There were no deliverables, there was no guarantee.

How did Annie’s famous pay for performance publicity model play out for you?

I really like Annie’s approach with the Pay for Play. Her approach gets results. I couldn’t be any happier to break through as a “go-to” person on such shows as CNBC and Fox Business. It’s gotten to the point where I have to say no to offers based on my schedule, traveling and so forth. There has been a 180 degree turn in terms of working with Annie Jennings PR compared to other firms. I really thank them for helping me transition from writing books to breaking into TV.  I’m scheduled regularly to come back and the producers seem to like me. Plus, when guests cancel, National TV calls me.

Are you getting a lot of leverage out of working with Annie Jennings PR?

It has increased our company’s credibility and the awareness for our brand.  In our network, because of all our media, people are seeing us in a different way, referring their friends and family to us. More doors are being opened because of the TV exposure we have been getting.

How do you use these TV clips and media bookings to your advantage?

We leverage my appearances in so many ways. We send out E-blasts letting our followers know when I will be on different shows. Of course, we also post the video of my appearance so anyone can watch. Even if they are not able to catch the segment I find that just their KNOWING I was on the biggest shows in my industry has increased my reputation as a top expert tremendously. My clients and prospective clients love that the advisor they are working with is on CNBC as this speaks to my accomplishments and credibility.

What has been your experience working with our team?

It’s been great. I really wanted to break into TV.  I was never able to get into the national TV before working with Annie Jennings PR. My publicist at Annie Jennings PR, Sara, got a lot of great feedback.  She told me that producers liked me, they liked my energy and they wanted me back on the show! The producers trust my publicist and my publicist trusts me.  The shows know when they book Ken Mahoney, that I will be there 1 hour prior and be ready and prepared. There is a cycle of trust between Sara, the TV producer and myself. It’s really worked out well that way.

What else would you like to share with anyone who is thinking about working with Annie?

  • Definitely work with Annie Jennings!
  • I have been around the block. I own a whole bunch of companies. We know a lot of different people.  With other firms, you pay a retainer but no one can say here are your deliverables. Annie’s progam is simple. When you get booked you pay her.
  • I want pay to play. I want to incentivize. I want that!  This way, we are all working together on the same goal.
  • Give them a try, what’s not to try?  It’s much better than no deliverable attached to the retainer.

Get Publicity On Big TV Shows. Get Booked On TV Fast!

Annie Jennings PR is a national publicity firm that offers author publicity and expert bookings. Want to get booked on TV? If you are a finance or business expert, this PR firm can get the job done for you. Annie specializes in business growth media placements that help you and your firm gain a competitive advantage.

Want to get booked on TV and get high powered and influential publicity media placements that can really help you win new business? Please fill out this form to let Annie know of your interest.

Get Booked On TV MP3 Real Publicity Story – Listen Here:

Now THIS Is How Annie Jennings PR Works For Your Career & Business Growth

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