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Now This Is The Ultimate Compliment For Annie’s PR Firm . . .

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I love radio book promotion

Wow! The media refers clients to our PR firm.

Yes, that’s what is happening at Annie Jennings PR.

To us, it means that we are doing publicity right to the point where the media recognizes that their friends, family and associates are in good hands with our PR firm.

It’s the ultimate compliment.

And they should be confident in us.  Annie Jennings PR has a rich booking history and stellar reputation. The media experiences our work first hand, up close and personal.  Our firm has built strong relationships with the media and respectfully works with them. We give them what they need to say YES to our clients and they like our consistent professionalism.

“The best thing about our radio campaign is everything – it’s true! We offer the guarantee of performance, the unlimited media training with an award winning producer and access to the major radio talk shows in the top markets in the USA,” says Annie. “Way back in 1997, we decided to be the #1 booking firm in radio and only offer the high-impact, high-listenership bookings that include the nationally syndicated radio programs that blanket the country. And we guarantee that we can do it.”

Clients are impressed that Annie’s PR firm can offer a guarantee of performance.

“I am willing to back up my promises with the guaranteed deliverable,” says Annie. “We are that good.”

Annie Jennings PR has provided publicity services to thousands of authors, experts and speakers who benefit from Annie’s unique ability to create compelling media hooks that gets her clients booked. Annie’s team of publicity pros all enjoy tremendous name brand recognition with the media and the Annie Jennings PR brand itself carries a promise to the media – that the guest will be just right for the opportunity.

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