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Publicity Story: So This Happened When He Tried To Poach One Of My Clients!

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Publicity Story: So This Happened When He Tried To Poach One Of My Clients!

Real Publicity Story

So, he calls up one of my clients.

Trying to get them to sign on with him.

Now, an Annie Jennings PR client is educated. We teach them how PR works and what deliverables are.

We show them how their money is working for them and can prove it.

We teach them what words to know and questions to ask if anyone else approaches them.

They know too much to be tricked into “I can give you twice as much for the same money.”

Oh yeah, they might be able to double the amount of “something” PR, but what markets would they be in? How big is the audience? How would these things position the client as an expert? How would the client leverage the PR into much bigger money making opportunities?

How could the offer of doubling allow them to compete against their toughest competitors and WIN?

So when my client asks these questions, he says “why are you being so picky?”

Moral of the story: Don’t try to poach an Annie Jennings PR client.

They know too much to fall for false promises, scams and shiny proposals packed with the word “try” and missing the word “guarantee”.

Annie’s radio talk show campaign comes with a guarantee of performance or you don’t pay.

And what does Annie hate more than losing and price gouging? She hates authors being taken advantage of with fast talkers and empty promises that wrap around the word “try”.

About Annie: Annie is a national publicity expert show specializes in helps authors, experts and speakers realize their full potential in the media. Why go as high up as you can? With Annie, she makes that kind of publicity possible for you. Come see us. Talk to us about your dreams, how you wish to make a difference in the world and build yourself up to compete better as well.

You can have it all! All heart, Annie

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